Nvidia teasing “super secret” announcement on October 21st

According to PC Perspective’s events updates, Nvidia will be holding a “super secret” live stream on October 21st. It appears that the GPU manufacturer is ready to respond to AMD’s recent initiatives at GPU 14.

While specifics aren’t available as yet, this may have some connection with the Montreal event, where NVIDIA is seemingly planning to launch a new gaming product. However, interestingly, the latest GeForce drivers have added support for an unannounced Tesla K40 chip, which may instead turn out to be the GPU scheduled for reveal at the event.

Stay tuned for further updates on Nvidia’s announcement.

Muhammad Ali Bari

Editor and PR Manager at GearNuke

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  • hl3

    HL3 anounced

  • PROlific666

    I like PCPER. They are my favorite outlet for PC news. But they have been under alot of fire for being nvidia biased for their reporting on AMD crossfire issues. Every site I go to shows this screenshot is shown… Why is pcper the only one that was informed about this event. Idk… it wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for the surrounding context but.. oh well. I’ll still continue listening. It just seems odd that their screenshot alone is on every tech forum and website. Its like they are nvidias PR and advertising department…

  • Aqbar

    Hail the terrorist site!

  • John Joe Silver

    calling something “Super Secret” and plastering it on a website isn’t the best way to keep something secret ha