The Order 1886: Check Out Some New Screens From Taipei Game Show And A Live Demo From Dev

The Order 1886 was recently shown at Taipei Game Show and Ru Weerasuriya was personally attending the event to show the game. He talked about the development of The Order and also showed some new screens and had a live demo of the Airship level at the stage event. The whole event is now available for streaming live on Twitch.

This was also the first time we have seen a screenshot of London in the world of The Order 1886. It definitely looks impressive despite showing just a tiny area of the city. You can check out the new screens from the stage event below.

Ru Weerasuriya explained that in order to build London as seen in 1886, they took photos and video from the whole city. He also hinted at other type of half breeds when showing a close up of one of the Lycan stating that they are humans who have evolved to these forms. While we don’t know about other type of half breeds, maybe they are being saved for a sequel to the game.

What do you think about these screens? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Karim Miller

    Absolutely incredible! All this time we’ve been looking at older models of the game. Even right up to the PSX. And the game still looked amazing. Well played R@D, well played.

  • Thiên Trần

    it’s seem too much fog. not clearly

  • The Glorious PC Master Race

    Nice downgrade there, Sony roaches

    • Adriano di Livio

      Sorry for you, but this movie will not play in most theaters.
      It will definitely play at my home theater. =P

      • The Glorious PC Master Race

        It will play just fine on Youtube :^)

    • I love how you try to label yourself as a PC master race guy when in reality, you’re just a disguised Xbox troll….get a life you pathetic creature.

      • The Glorious PC Master Race

        Sony roaches are so dense they think everyone laughing at their pathetic 30FPS movies are xbots.

        Nice try there roach. I don’t play sh*tbox games either :^)

        • LOL k then.

          If you think my brands are limited to plastic boxes then GG.

          I game on all platforms, including PC, and in fact, it’s one of my preferred platforms, especially for strategy games and MMOs (obviously)

          But you see, you’re too blinded by bias and too busy trolling to try out different platforms. It’s just sad :/

        • Guest

          Oh please, you’re on MS nu ts. That’s why you’re hating on this game, cuz youre mad they don’t have anything that looks this good. You aint fooling no one.

    • Guest

      Jealous MS fanboy hater. Btw, the PC doesn’t have anything that looks even close to this good.

    • Harry-S

      You are the sort of person that makes PC look bad, I’m hopeful you’re just a troll because you’re the sort of people console players think about when they think of PC. The loud minority.

  • kirra light