The Order 1886: City Screen Is In-Game, Lycans Will Transform In Real-Time; Final Build Graphics Improved

The Order 1886 is the hotly anticipated exclusive for the PlayStation 4 set to release worldwide on February 20th, 2015. It is being developed by Ready at Dawn, who were recently demoing the final build of the game at Taipei Game Show. What’s interesting is that they seems to have made some noticeable improvements to this final The Order 1886 build, particularly to the shadows and lighting. This improvement is more noticeable in one of the scenes seen in the game, which is compared to the PlayStation Experience demo build. You can check out this comparison below.

[twentytwenty]the-order-new-update the-order-old-update[/twentytwenty]

The lighting seems to have been improved here resulting in character models that look better and almost have CGI-like quality to them. The two GIFs below highlight the impact in term of this change in lighting for the characters.

The old build is below while the new build is below it.

In other news, Ready At Dawn’s Community Manager has confirmed that the screenshot of the open city level seen at Taipei Game Show is from in-game, same with the half breed screenshot. He also dropped the news that all the Lycan transformations will be done in real-time in-game and there won’t be any pre-rendered cutscenes for these transformations.

I can confirm this is not concept art, and is from in-game. Same for the Lycan. Also, the transformation of the Lycans are real-time, not pre-rendered.

You can check out most of the screens of The Order 1886 from here. Ru Weerasuriya, who is the creative director at Ready at Dawn, also showed a live demo of the final build at the Taipei Game Show.

What do you think about this news? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Harry-S

    They’ve gone from extremely blue and dark filters to brown filters. Need to find a balance between washed out like the new build and dark blue-ish in the old. I’m not sure if it is just the gif but the background looks extremely low quality on the new build. Lose the filters and it could be much better looking but not saying it is an ugly game.

    • Ziggurcat

      well if it isn’t mr. blue filter…

      and jesus christ, get a goddamned clue before you start running your mouth. the difference in the focus of the background is called “depth of field”, not “low quality.”

      • Harry-S

        Poorly done depth of field. There is a difference between blur and pixelated like this gif is.
        And you applauded the blue until they removed it, convenient enough. Apparently you’re the industry expert yet you’re just as fickle as any other hyped fan.

        • Ziggurcat

          nope. not poorly done at all – there you go again with your wrong, subjective opinion.

          what blue filter? and the difference between the above image and the previous image you were crying about is that both are completely different times of the day.

          care to explain how i’ve been “fickle”? the new build in both cases show an improvement. you have poor eyes, a horribly calibrated monitor, and a poor sense of anything objective.

          • Harry-S

            Right well we’re not doing this again, clearly we’re not going to agree on even the blatant stuff.

          • Ziggurcat

            … because you’re horribly wrong.

  • Cygnus

    Besides being more blurry shadows are lost. People, faces, environment … The head of the character talking, now no shades in costume. Donwgrade evident in illumination…

    • Ziggurcat

      no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and no.

      the only downgrade is in everyone’s intelligence after reading your stupidity.

  • pterois

    It actually looks quite better than Ryse and not the XBOX version, it looks even better than the PC version running at 4K. Has nothing to do with hardware, it’s all about great dedication, incredible attention to detail and advanced technologies not used in games.

  • pterois

    The top gif has a much higher resolution so proper comparisons cannot be made.
    Second one seems to be using a limited color range.

  • Cenk Algu

    The new build has downgraded lighting and gamma accurayThe game is nowhere near Ryse Son Of Rome.That’s a fact the Ponies can not swallow.

    • Tha Truth

      Ryse, Halo, Forza, Titanfall and every other shovelware garbage game for the Xbox DONE is nothing but cheap, worthless, non – gaming garbage that only peasant trash would be interested in. That’s why the Xbone is flopping at retail. Nobody with any sense of self – respect is going to pay money to play trash games like those. That’s a fact the Xbone – sucking twats cannot swallow.

      • Cenk Algu

        Lol. Quantum Break alone is more than enough to destroy your shitty station4

    • Ziggurcat


      you know… when you don’t know a single thing about colour calibration, you really should keep your mouth shut.

      and Ryse has got nothing on this game in terms of its visuals.

      • Cenk Algu

        Lol. Poor Pony SIGGRAPH and GDC 2014 “Best Real Time Rendered Graphics Award” saying hello!!!

        • Ziggurcat

          awww poor misterxtard, it’s not 2014 anymore.

          the order is miles ahead of ryse in visuals.

          • Cenk Algu

            Haha another idiot thinking every Xbox One fan is a mr.x follower. Ryse tearing this piece by piece including U4 and Quantum Break errrr I have no words to describe how this game rapes anything on PS4

          • Ziggurcat

            bahahaha you’re a textbook misterxtard, forza_maniac, so you’re not fooling anyone…

            and you have no words because it doesn’t hold a candle to the order.

          • Cenk Algu

            Pardon me forza who? Yes I have no words because QB raping it;)

          • Ziggurcat


            there’s no use in pretending you don’t know who you are, forza_maniac. anyone here can pop your username from here into google, and they’ll discover your FB, and twitter account. your twitter account indicates your location. you made a post on the misterx blog about an “interview” you had with a some devs at gamescom last year while you were working (and probably still work) at a hotel near where the conference was taking place. not only does the location in your twitter account match the location mentioned in your misterx comment thread (people in your thread also confirmed your location), the images on your FB account also identify you as the same person from the photos you posted in your comment thread. you had even posted a photo of yourself “cosplaying” as agent 47 from the hitman series (because you had apparently received a tie from the devs). misterx even included your “interview”, and photos in his august 18th blog entry (below is a photo from that blog entry, identifying you as forza_maniac, and the same cenk algu here, on FB, and twitter). so please… cut the charades… denying it only makes you look like a complete idiot. the fact that you even tried to pretend to not know already makes you look stupid.

            … at any rate, now you’ve moved the goalposts over to QB? for god’s sake, make up your trolling mind. by now it’s pretty obvious that you’re only here because you’re incredibly insecure about the order. you’ve not presented a single, valid argument as to why the order has been downgraded, nor have you even made any real attempt at forming any real argument pertaining to the xbox examples you’ve presented, other than beating that ryse siggraph dead horse (which isn’t even relevant anymore).

            the reality is: the order looks fantastic, and it will be the unequivocal king of graphics on console once it hits the market in less than 3 weeks. and the gameplay looks pretty great as well.

            so… keep crying.

          • Cenk Algu

            Hands down you got me:D:D:D.Yes yes that’s me.Those devs in this pic you sent told me “dx12 is like changing an old and slow car with the latest model super fast car”.Ohhh I guess this is a very bad news for you right? And again QB raping this Downgraded 1886 like Ryse already did;) You know what? Everything they told me came true and will be true within a year there will be hashtags opened by Xbox Fans #NoParity

          • Ziggurcat

            they are also PC devs, and we’ve known for a long time that DX12 is going to benefit PC *more* than it will benefit xbone. there’s no question that DX12 is going to improve things for the console as well, but there are three damning quotes that debunk every single hope that DX12 is going to turn the xbone into some superpowered machine:

            “It will help developers on XBOX One. It’s not going to be a massive change but will unlock more capability for devs.”
            – Phil Spencer

            “On the DX12 question, I was asked early on by people if DX12 is gonna dramatically change the graphics capabilities of Xbox One and I said it wouldn’t. I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, but the CPU, GPU and memory that are on Xbox One don’t change when you go to DX12. DX12 makes it easier to do some of the things that Xbox One’s good at, which will be nice and you’ll see improvement in games that use DX12, but people ask me if it’s gonna be dramatic and I think I answered no at the time and I’ll say the same thing.”
            – Phil Spencer

            “It’s not magic

            DirectX 12 won’t make your PC or XBox One magically faster.

            First off, the developer has to write their game so that they’re interacting with the GPU through multiple cores simultaneously. Most games, even today, are still written so that only 1 core is dedicated to interacting with the GPU.

            Second, this only benefits you if your game is CPU bound. Most games are. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a modern Nvidia card get GPU bound (if anyone can think of an example, please leave it in the comments).

            Third, if you’re a XBox One fan, don’t assume this will give the XBO superiority. By the time games come out that use this, you can be assured that Sony will have an answer.”
            – Brad Wardell

            and no, it’s not bad news for me at all because i own an xbone, so i win regardless of whatever game comes out on whatever system.

          • Cenk Algu

            Not only them Square Enix told me the same thing. (dx12+XO)Please people stop saying “but Phill said” he is not a dev. He has no idea about programing and coding. He is a buisiness guy trying to play his cards safely that’s it.Before I ask them dx12 question I said “Even Spencer said it won’t be massive thing” they laughed all together.they told me wait and see many things will change soon. Go read DF vs Metro Dev. See what he says for dx12+XO. Like Wardell said games have to be written from ground to top with Dx12;)

          • Ziggurcat

            “Not only them Square Enix told me the same thing.”

            do you have proof of this? a recording? a video? something written down on paper? because that’s hearsay. in fact your entire interview is hearsay unless you actually have everything recorded.

            “Please people stop saying “but Phill said” he is not a dev…”

            he is the head of the xbox division. the. *head*. of. the. xbox. division. how utterly stupid, and ignorant do you have to be to completely dismiss what the person who is in charge of the entire xbox brand – who knows exactly what is going on, and knows exactly how DX12 affects the console (or do you think he just sits in an office chair, and spins around all day long?) – says in an interview when being asked directly about the thing you seem to think is going to be some magic pill? he was being honest because that’s the kind of guy he is, and he, along with wardell, have both said that DX12 is going to do a lot of good things, but it is *NOT* going to increase the power of the xbone’s hardware.

            all DX12 is going to do is take the existing hardware (and we’ve known for a very long time what’s inside the box), and make it run more efficiently. that’s a very good thing, and no one disputes that (anyone who does actually say it’ll do nothing is a goddamned idiot), but you’re not going to suddenly see games currently out on the system get a patch that increases its resolution or performance.

            “Like Wardell said games have to be written from ground to top with Dx12;)”

            and also like wardell said: “… if you’re a XBox One fan, don’t assume this will give the XBO superiority. By the time games come out that use this, you can be assured that Sony will have an answer.”

    • GotNews4Ya

      You cannot honestly believe that a game that is coming out over a year and a half later than Ryse.. cannot improve upon it graphically (And on superior hardware, Not comparing it to PC fyi). The Xbox One back then wasn’t even 1080p.. So.. Ryse really didn’t set the bar all that high.. and most people know that as the generation progresses the games get better and better.. i.e. The Last of Us looking way better than 90% of the games that came before it on the PS3.. (Just the first example I could pull off the top of my head)

  • datdude

    I think I will enjoy playing this game in February, that’s what I think.

  • Tha Truth

    This game looks stunning. With fantastic exclusives like this, Bloodborne, Until Dawn and Uncharted 4 coming this year it’s really no wonder that the PS4 is at the top of the sales charts every single week whilst trash consoles with no games like the Xbone are at the bottom where they belong.
    If Microsoft think that releasing some cheap, low – quality, last – gen garbage like Halo and Forza is going to be enough to close that 8 million unit gap then they’re wrong and so are their legions of brainwashed, delusional paupers desperately trying to run their campaign to save a console which is already dead at retail. The PS4 has a killer exclusive game every month between now and June whilst the Poverty Box has absolutely nothing coming out until Q3 so all the Microsoft paupers can do is troll on the internet all day like the worthless cockroaches they are.
    If Microsoft want their dying console to move off of store shelves they need to start releasing games that are actually WORTH playing. Not releasing last – gen trash like Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable and Ryse which nobody cares about.

    • EmpeRawD

      Wow…you upvoted your own comment.

      • Guest

        Yes, he’s the typical $0N¥ PAUPER, he can’t afford anything else. A true loser at real life.

    • The truth

      There is only one truth and that’s mine you brainwashed self voting fanboi,

    • XodomaniaK

      Truth my ass

    • GotNews4Ya

      Let’s not get too out of control here.. I mean really.. Xbox One is at the “Bottom Where it Belongs”. You are just blindly hating on an inanimate object for absolutely no reason. Infact.. There are plenty of games that Microsoft has on its Xbox that if you gave them a try, you just might find yourself enjoying. I know I do. In the End… Your enjoyment is all that matters my friend.. So why spend your time belittling a gaming system you obviously don’t enjoy? Or.. Trying to make fun of the gaming system other people enjoy.. In the end.. It doesn’t effect their enjoyment.. so you are getting no where..

  • Edonus

    I have learned lots about marketing and what they just did here is a prepping technique. They say This is the new and it looks better than ever……. so the viewer looks at it and sees it as being better than ever. Same thing can be done when they want to slander a product.

    I am by no means saying the game looks bad but the new one definitely doesnt look better than the old one. I have a background in this stuff and can tell you the old one is doing way more than the new. The new one has a different softer over all color overlay almost like a color correction and a filter that blurs or grains the image a little bit. This is a nice effect but it is used to blatantly hide the things missing.

    The lighting is way more dynamic in the old version, look at the neck of the old man, that lighting implies a much better contrast of the area. Look at the details in the clothes, the lighting on the all the materials show a more range… like the leather strap on the younger guys chest in the old one has a different reflective value as the cloth clothing he is wearing. While the in the new one they both have the same reflective properties.

    Too e4ach is own….. ifyou like the new one better fine…. truth is since they are both truly different from each other there is no better or worst… its all preference. I just dont like the media mis informing consumers and pushing agendas.

    • Bilal Prince- Ali

      are you insane…? i wanna give you one long ass reply but i cba… so imma just ask again… are you insane..?

      • GotNews4Ya

        Honestly.. I think the “Old Version” looks better too.. I don’t know why.. but I feel almost like the vibrance and color makes it seem more realistic.. But to each his own.. You don’t have to act like it is abnormally to think so..

        • Bilal Prince- Ali

          loool, of courseee i always tell people each to their own and i get what you mean about the colour, HOWEVER a game like The Order is all about atmosphere and the fact is, the older build although has a higher contrast and brighter colours, it lacks that ‘dull real world tint’ that this game absolutely needs! JUST like Driveclub, its sucha beautiful game but it by no means is pretty, the colour vibrancy is dull and realistic NOT shiny and pretty like it is in Forza Horizon 2, although for damn sure FH2 is AN AMAZING game… but do you know what im tryna say..?

    • tubers

      I prefer the old one’s color tone/gamma. Only thing I don’t prefer on the old one are the “dead eyes” of the angry young man.

    • extermin8or2

      The old ones gamma i prefer but otherwise you are talking out your arse… sorry.

    • Guest

      You try way to hard guy. Its just a gamma difference. But I know you clowns will try you darndest to convince everybody else otherwise. But I bet you that had this been a X1 game, doing this, you would all see it. You fanboys are all fakes.

      • Edonus

        I am not trying anything. I am just pointing out what I see. I have a degree in visual communication and like I said the over all look is a preference thing so you cant really say its better or worst but you can say that the new one is definitely doing less visually than the old one.

        Personally think the game looks gorgeous and will probably take the crown from RYSE for being the best looking game on console but I do need to see more before I give them that. The problem is that you ponies see the Ps4 as in infallible and cant have any room for improvement or has no faults so you cant even balanced and look at what is actually presented.

        You got people trying to say the differences is just gamma values. Truth is the models are simpler not by much but still simpler, the lighting is way more dynamic look at the shadows on the wall of the old man and how its more complex because they are using a different lighting method. The old one was more intense so it could pick up all the individual architecture in the new one it a general shadow line. In the old one you can better make out colors in the background and their is a lot more visual contrast.

        Like I said whether or not you like the over new look with however they filtered the game is opinion but to deny the downgraded aspects is just pathetic.

        • Ziggurcat

          “You got people trying to say the differences is just gamma values. Truth is the models are simpler not by much but still simpler…”

          there is absolutely zero difference in the character models shown in the gifs above. zero. nice try, though.

          if you’re referring to the previous gifs with the different uniforms, all you need to do is click on the “most of the screens” link near the bottom of the article, and look at the 3rd image to see your “simpler” argument get thrown out the window.

          and if you have a degree in visual communications, you should have an idea about colour calibration, which means you should know that the old build’s contrast is way off, and is more akin to a TV’s vivid mode compared to the newer image. you’d also know that the newer build is closer to a properly calibrated image than the older build because the lighting is significantly more natural-looking.

          i’ve actually looked at the same two images above on my TV through my PS4 browser. my TV has been calibrated using a colorimeter, so it’s been properly calibrated, and it looks nothing close to “washed out.” so the people talking about gamma are correct because capturing something when the system is set to limited RGB range (which is the RGB range of all TVs), and then showing it on a screen that has a full RGB range (which is the RGB range of all computer monitors) is going to look “washed out.” every. single. time.

          • Edonus

            You are breaking out the old bread and butter defense plays. The models are simpler not that they are simple. That just a term I picked up when you are talking about sculpting objects in 3d. Here is a quick trick to show the models are not identical. Look at the ear on the old man, in the old one it is bigger as are some of his other features and that is because when you add more geometry it adds more vertices, lines, and faces to account for so normally they end up bigger.

            And all the things you are talking about as related to your TV being calibrated isnt relevant because that is not part of the product itself. What your TV does is not a universal setting for everyones.

            Like I said there really isnt a better as opposed to different, its like in photography, you have tons of setting and filters you can put an image through. Whether it looks better or worse is just preference. The old settings looked more dynamic and offered more contrast and detail the new build looks more balanced. I wouldnt say washed out because its not washed out. What they did was make it look like an older image. It suits the game but that doesnt change that the more dynamic lighting they had in the old build did more and would be more taxing the system.

          • Ziggurcat

            “The models are simpler not that they are simple…”

            the ear is not even far enough in its differences to even factor into any kind of equation. calling the model simpler because one ear is a fraction shorter just means you’re nitpicking to find an excuse to cry “downgrade!”

            “And all the things you are talking about as related to your TV being calibrated isnt relevant…”

            it is absolutely relevant, especially when the argument is “it’s washed out.” how is it not? because a TV adjusted using a colorimeter is pretty universal because the settings you get afterwards are based on a universally accepted standard for colour correction, so what my TV does is present a properly calibrated image, and that image shows that the gif of the new build has better colour depth than the older image, better visible detail in the darkest areas, and it looks more natural.

            “… its like in photography, you have tons of setting and filters you can put an image through. Whether it looks better or worse is just preference….”

            actually, no. in photography (real photography, not design), it’s all about colour reproduction, and printing an image that looks exactly the same on screen as it does on paper (at least when we’re talking about digital photography). i have two fine arts degrees in print media (bachelors, and masters), and over 20 years of experience with a variety of different imaging software, so i know a thing or two about colour (since you pulled the education card earlier), and what a digital image is supposed to look like on screen.

            again – more contrast =/= better or “more dynamic.” the old build looks like it’s been put through the xbone’s colour filter. the contrast is too high, the colour saturation is too high, the blacks aren’t exactly crushed, but they’re close, etc… so of course the newer build looks more “balanced” because it looks more like a calibrated image rather than something you see on the showroom floor in the TV section of an electronics store. all you need to do is go to your local bestbuy… chances are they have two TVs set up next to each other – one with a sign that says, “non-calibrated”, the other with a sign that says, “calibrated.” you’ll see exactly what i am talking about.

            “… that doesnt change that the more dynamic lighting they had in the old build did more and would be more taxing the system.”

            i’m willing to bet that you’re wrong on that one. and the lighting in the old build isn’t “more dynamic”, it’s an unnatural, contrasty mess that wouldn’t even occur in real life.

    • Egla

      The lightning in the old model is gamey. The new one is more realistic. Shadows are a lot better as well.


    Lycans = marketing term for zombies in the game. Been there done that, just different cosmetics.

    Also, new build looks pale and washed out.

    Skip confirmed.

    • Counterproductive

      You spend so much time in these threads bashing the game, it almost seems like you have some kind of agenda or something.

      • datdude

        Gribblegrunger = Turd slug….LOL

        • Ziggurcat

          it’s not the real gribblegrunger, you twit.

      • vishmarx

        goddamn this guy is everywhere

    • masterace303

      it’s like this guy have a mantle illness for bashing sony or something…get a fcking life loser

    • Pan86

      lol Damn! Gurl R U pressed or what?! LMFAO Show us on the doll where Sony touched you… rofl

    • Ziggurcat

      you know xbox trolls are desperate when they create an account to impersonate another person on the internet, and troll sony-related articles…

      @fake gribblegrunger:

      as for you, you goddamned moron (whatever your real screen name is):

      1. they’re more like werewolves, not zombies.
      2. the bottom image is the old build

      so learn how to read.

      “down the road the final products end up not looking the same. And they will never learn or admit it…”

      you’re right, i admit it: the new build looks *way* better than what we were shown last year, and the year before.

    • Guest

      Blah, blah, blah, stupid sh*t. Everything you said, is just the ramblings of a jealous envious and hateful fanboy idiot. But thanks for letting us all see your fear.

    • GotNews4Ya

      “Lycans = Marketing Term for Zombies in the Game.” Uhm.. What? License are Werewolves.. I am so confused right now.. They aren’t zombies.. They aren’t fighting Zombies.. but a Half Breed Race of Super Human / Werewolves.. Term Lycan was used in Underworld as well.. and I think Blade.

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