The Order 1886 Day 1 Patch Is Surprisingly Small; Initial And Full Download Size Revealed

If you were wondering about the pre-load, day 1 patch size and the full download size of The Order 1886, you should be glad to know that the day 1 patch is not that big, and the game can be started after downloading the initial 6.44 GB.

The Order 1886 pre-load is currently live for PlayStation 4 users in the North America, but it is still missing for the users in Europe. The total size of the game is about 31.6 GB and the pre-load before starting the game is around 6.44 GB. You also need to download the day 1 patch, which is around 30 MB in size. The patch notes don’t point to anything major just the usual “This update contains various bug fixes and improvements” like most pre-release games.

the-order-user-screens (5)

The Order 1886 was originally revealed at E3 2013 and has went on to become one of the most hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive of this year. It is a cinematic focused third person shooter with focus on story telling. It is also one of the few games that is set int an alternative timeline of Victorian era London, full of mythological creatures and futuristic technology.

Ready at Dawn confirmed that pre-load is live in North America and should be up for other territories as well

The Order 1886 will be released on February 20th, 2015 and it is developed by Ready at Dawn, who have previously worked with Sony on some of their most popular IPs. This is their original IP that has been in development for a little under 5 years.

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  • hennessy_kta

    I downloaded of the PlayStation store and it’s good so far. Downside is you have to download each chapter.

  • grandmasterdog

    Yes i have and I’m wondering since this is my first digital dl ever. Will i be allowed to play this if i lose Internet connection. I’m running all new lines all fiber optics in my home and i will be losing Internet during that time. Do i need to be connected to pay this game once down loaded? Also what happens if this machine breaks andi get a new machine will i be able to re download this game for free or will i have to purchase the game again? If anyone knows the answer to these questions please answer them for me and other gamers who I’m sure are wondering the same things. Thank you everyone for all your help and knowledge!

  • kreator


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