The Order 1886 Dev Comments On Changed Outfits; Leaked Footage Details Improvements To Graphics

The Order 1886 is looking to be a contender for best graphics in a video game and judging from the leaked footage, Ready at Dawn has improved the graphics significantly from its initial reveal back in February 2013.

As detailed in our comparison, the improvements seen in the game are numerous and they also seem to have improved the frame rate of the game, which is much more stable now.

Ready at Dawn’s community manager OneLetter commented on one of the comparison images posted over at NeoGAF in which the characters seem to be wearing different outfit in the retail version. He clarified that the old outfits are indeed in the game and players will be able to use both of them.

As a general reminder, both of the outfits being shown in those comparison gifs are in the game, and were not removed.

You can check out this comparison highlighting the improvements to the character below.

You can check them out in a detailed comparison below.

The Order 1886 will be officially released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on 20th February 2015.

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  • Karim Miller

    These articles make the short wait even harder.

  • Ziggurcat

    the problem this article is going to cause is a flood of morons rushing in crying “DOWNGRADE!” again, despite the fact that the uniforms from the old build have been shown extensively in all of the latest footage from the game, including the leaked footage from someone getting an early retail copy.


    Looks like it’s shaping up to be a very good single player experience, actually.