The Order 1886 Dev Reveals Secret Behind The Missing Reflections of Galahad, Calls It “Lycan Child”

Ready at Dawn released their PS4 exclusive The Order 1886 earlier this year. While The Order 1886 might be a critically panned release, it did manage to deliver on the graphics front, bringing CGI-quality visuals in real-time gameplay.

Galahad is the main character of The Order 1886 and throughout the game, players can notice that he lacked any proper reflection on surfaces with a highly reflective material e.g Mirror. This led to a fan theory speculating that Galahad was a Vampire, even though the developers never intended this to be the case here.


In their recently held technical presentation at SIGGRAPH 2015 on the Environments of The Order 1886, Ready at Dawn finally revealed the real reason why Galahad had no reflection in the game.

As explained by Ready at Dawn, the reason why Galahad and other Knights had no reflection was not because they were Vampires, but because of their implementation of Ambient Occlusion capsules that were used to create better shadows. They had an issue with dynamic objects and required real-time occlusion calculation. They had a set amount of capsules enabled at a time.

rad-presentation-2 rad-presentation-11

While the AO capsules were successful in grounding dynamic objects and characters in the scene, they had their own limitations, particularly on a highly-reflective material. On such a material, these capsules would appear ridiculous and show cruder silhouette of the characters. The devs called this effect the “Lycan Child” and to avoid it, they disabled it on these highly reflective materials.

The Order 1886 was released in February 2015 exclusively on the PS4. Ready at Dawn developed the game on their own custom in-house engine.

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  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    There was like one mirror in the whole game, wouldn’t it have just been easier to remove it?

  • AndrewLB

    In layman’s terms…. they didn’t include reflections because the hardware couldn’t handle them and it was better to remove reflections than dumb down shadows. The black bars at the top and bottom of the screen also played an important role, as the reduced rendering space allowed for a “fake” 1080p to be put on the box.

    • Trenton Burton

      “In layman’s terms” except you didn’t understand what they said or even read the text in front of you.

  • Soda Popinski

    You do kind of expect reflections, especially in mirrors, in today’s games.

  • Failz

    So in other words, We ran out of resources to add in the little things like reflections to our game. That’s console hardware for you.

    • Valkyrine


    • hb

      Thats any hardware.

    • xboxmaster

      only normal textures in batman arkham knight on pc… thats pc hardware for you… 66% of pc gamers play at under 1080p….

      • Failz

        Thats a dev problem not a hardware problem. Know the difference. As for the PC gamers playing on cheaper PCs, I feel for them.

        • xboxmaster

          “Thats a dev problem not a hardware problem. Know the difference.”

          as for

          “As for the PC gamers playing on cheaper PCs, I feel for them.”
          two titans is a cheap pc? lawl

    • andy

      So in other words, We ran out of resources in our CGI lifelike looking game, to add in the little things
      like reflections to our game but only in highly reflective surfaces. That’s console hardware for you. If only something like that could ever be said in the lifetime of the Xbone “console” but it never will.

      Oh well, I bought and completed this game. Still waiting for the final finished version of Project Cars and The Witcher 3 though before investing money.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      You want to talk about limitations, desperate virgin kid?
      Just check the upcoming MGS:PP Xbox one version, at those miserable 900p resolution, 60% less power than the ps4 version.

      Or just check the 90% of PC games released until 2010-2011, that were running on a single cpu thread instead of running a multi threaded code. That would barely use the dx11 features, and would barely use 4 or 5 gb of memory, and 10gb of disc space.

      Talk about all those poor game engines, that wouldn’t even max out an 8yo desktop computer, or would require a super computer with 256 cores at 5GHz, to display poor 10yo-like graphics a la Watchdogs, at medium settings.

      Talk about limitations + poorly designed engines + billions of useless expensive drawcalls, just to display a game with ps2-like graphics, graphics some PC gamers would call ‘Pixar like’, to feel good about that recently purchased 800$ graphic card.

      Yeah, it’s all about limitations, right.just like your own limitations to make people believe your IQ is bigger than 20.

      • Failz

        MGS on PC will destroy the PS4 version just like GTA5. Now go back to your tent.

        • HAppY_KrAToS

          Call of duty average sales on consoles : 30 millions
          Call of duty average sales on PC : 300’000

          Consoles: 60 million ps3 + 45 million x360 + 27 million ps4 + 12 million x1 = 140 million consoles

          PC gamers worldwide : +200- 300 millions

          MGS5 pirated copies on consoles (a few ps3 and some x360) : less than 100’000
          MGS5 sales on consoles: 10-15 million copies
          MGS5 gamers on consoles : 10-15 millions

          MGS5 games being played on PC : 5-10 millions
          MGS5 sales on PC : less than 150’000 units
          MGS5 pirated copies on PC : 9.7 millions / 98% of MGS5 games on PC will be pirated versions

          Sure. MGS5 on PC will destroy the ps4. We all know that.

          Ps4 version : fantastic 1080p60fps graphics, with the fox engine throwing tons of things to the GPU, incredible draw distance, textures quality, LOD, poly count, visuals easily equivalent to PC high/very high settings. Game play on existing awesome 65″ LCD or cheap 55″ 4k LCD.
          -cost : from 250 to 350$
          – low power 6-core enabled, 1.6GHz cpu

          PC version : according to steam, only less than 2% of pcs can play at ultra settings.
          -cost : fast cpu, +600$, 16gb ddr3/4, 300$, dual-triple SLI or single titan card, 1000$, fast 4k gaming monitor ,+700$, ssd drives+ 2x3TB harddrive (bit torrent + direct download, downloading 24/24h pirated blu-ray rips + games, that takes a lot of space) + case+ Windows license + gamer keyboard/mouse + watercooler/noctua heatsink, etc , 500-700$,

          Total= 2500-3000$
          To be able to play MGS5 on PC, at ultra quality.

          cost: playing on PC will cost the price of 6-10 ps4’s.

          Will those PC gamers have visuals,texture quality,resolution, 6-10 times better than on ps4?
          absolutely not.
          let’s be optimistic and say the pc version will have 2x better VISIBLE visuals than on ps4.
          are they worth the 2500-3000$ price tag? LOL

          So yeah, enjoy your fantastic MGS5 pc version. It’s going to destroy the ps4 version, for sure.

          bookmark this comment, ‘trollini’.
          And come back here, 6 months after release, and let’s talk about sales.

        • HAppY_KrAToS

          Post a pic of your setup + your purchased games + your PC specs, here.

          Mgs5 on PC will look 20 or 30% crisper than on ps4. That’s the only visible difference people will see, with hardware 6-10 times more powerful and expensive.

          PS. It’s time for your mom to clean up your PC chair: with all the thousands pr0n movies watched, and the gazillion farts + dozens gallons of smelly sweat , it’s time for the big summer clean up.

    • Trenton Burton

      Try reading.

    • Bilal Prince- Ali

      sucha dumbass!

    • Cristian Cornea

      Not really. Reflections are extremely hard to pull off if you don’t render the world twice behind the mirror.