The Order: 1886 Devs Always Targeted MSAA for High IQ; Aspect Ratio Is Artistic Choice, Won’t Change

Founder of Ready at Dawn dropped a couple of important information regarding the resolution of The Order: 1886 yesterday. We have also come to know that the resolution and aspect ratio is final, and same with the anti-aliasing technique used in the game.

In case you were wondering what the resolution and the type of AA is being used in game, you should be glad to know that they are targeting for the highest possible image quality and are not going to compromise on their artistic vision.

The Order: 1886 uses a forward based rendering instead of deferred rendering. Ready at Dawn have explained that the main reason they switched from deferred based to forward based rendering was because MSAA was always their priority from the start. They definitely didn’t seem to be a fan of FXAA and MLAA, so it is no surprise that The Order: 1886 is using 4xMSAA instead of a more traditional solution, like MLAA + FXAA.

We actually used to use deferred rendering, and one of the reasons for switching was so that MSAA would be more affordable and less error-prone. I’m a firm believer in MSAA, and I think it’s required if you want really good image quality. The shader-based techniques like FXAA and MLAA are certainly a lot better than nothing and they make a still screenshot look really nice, but they’re fundamentally limited by a lack of sub-pixel information and it really shows in motion. They can still be nice though when used in conjunction with MSAA in order to improve the quality further and to cover up some of the places where MSAA doesn’t work as well, and there’s also some shader things you can do on modern GPU’s that make MSAA more effective overall.

Founder of Ready at Dawn, Andrea Pessino has clarified any confusion left, stating that their choice of aspect ratio and FOV(field-of-view) will remain the same.

the aspect ratio is a core artistic choice (frame, FOV, etc), added performance is a bonus but nowhere near crucial

I very much doubt that vision is going to change at this point. The game is built around it. 🙂

The Order: 1886 is set to receive a new info and video on Feb 19th. It has been confirmed that the game will have no multiplayer as the developers want to focus on making a more immerse single player campaign.

What do you think of this decision made by the developer? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    they never said what the aspect ratio was actually.

  • Hip2Bsquare

    Bah was hoping that since the outrage of ps4 fans criticizing the aspect ratio they would change it, guess not :/ shame.

  • Obambush

    Get your popcorn ready

  • spideynut71

    LOL…30fps, only 1920 x 800p….and supposedly running on “superior hardware”….yet RYSE was a Day1 launch title, and looks WAY better than anything shown for this game.

    • jarvis

      you should listen to Lesley Gore’s “sunshine, lollipops and rainbows”. its very calming.

    • Bjørn Bjoernsen

      And Ryse was running 60 fps and 1080p. Could have sworn it was 900 .x 720p and 30 fps, but I probably forgot seeing how different frame rates hasn’t been an interesting topic since the first Hobbit movie.

      • Hip2Bsquare

        It’s 60fps

    • Gamez Rule

      4x MSAA instead of a more traditional solution, like MLAA + FXAA = good news, while Ryse resolution is only 1600 x 900p which drops frame-rates like a whore drops her drawers ☺

      If the game has a solid 30FPS that would be ok ( but if dropping frames like Ryse ) then that’s not ok, but 60fps would have been better. I can’t see why they don’t go 2 x MSAA 1080p 30fps.

    • andy

      And it will be awe inspiring. You seem to forget that the developers and Microsoft lied about Ryse all the way up to 1 month to launch of the game. And the Cry Engine is yawn worthy 2 years ago. The one thing going to hold back that realistic Medieval RPG will be, guess what, the Cry Engine.

    • aeris bueller

      is that what Major Nelson convinced you of? RYSE looks pretty good graphically, but the art direction is crap, and all the characters are ugly and uninspired. It looks like God of War for boring people. Any given screenshot of 1886 is on another level artistically and graphically. Moreso though, I thought all the Xbots had finally changed their tune from “ps4 is not really more powerful”, to the classic Nintendo-fanboy move “graphics don’t matter” thing, given how every dev and their mom has already pointed out ps4 is definitely much more powerful. You’re behind….like the XboxOne is graphically.

      • Hip2Bsquare

        I’m a ps4 owner and it’s funny how we all put down 30fps nonstop on the xbox one, now that our main exclusive is 30fps, no multiplayer, and a wacky aspect ratio, then it’s all good and every cheers…. Such a joke. I’m pissed it’s 30 fps, I’m mad it is single player only, and I freaking hate the damn “cinematic” aspect ratio, as are every single ps4 owner that was looking forward to this game. It’s so childish to flip and say now since it’s ps4 we don’t care, such a lie and purely fanboyism to stick up for hose glaring flaws. I love my ps4 but I don’t deny they messed up with these choices.

        • aeris bueller

          as a non-ps4 owner, and a developer, it doesn’t piss me off at all. If I were to make a game for ps4(I like it more, and it’s more powerful) or xbox one(I think the kinect 2 has amazing potential), I would definitely consider aiming for 30fps, and making the graphics mind-blowing with all that extra power. Some people actually do care alot about graphics. Of course gameplay, sound design, and story all matter, and art direction matters more than raw graphics power. But raw power does make for more options for artistic expression, and out of those who root for the weaker console, those who pretend graphics don’t matter to them far outnumber people who actually don’t care. So a game running on one console at 60fps, and another at 30fps is a very big deal – but if a an exclusive game has mindblowing graphics, like The Last of Us did for last gen, or a cross-platform game has some other difficult technical achievements like the seamless, huge, open world in GTA 5, then it’s a fair tradeoff, in my opinion. Also, the key here (for us fans of the console wars), is that if this game runs at 30fps on ps4, it would be unplayable on Xbox One, and if Ryse were ported to PS4 it would either look better, or run at a better framerate.

        • datdude

          Uhhh…most of the best games of last generation, and the best of all time, are single player games. Wake up guy. You’re lost. 30fps for a third person game is nothing to be “pissed” about. Nothing at all. However, if we’re talking about a multiplatform title that is 60fps on one console and 30fps on it’s direct competitor, that is a concern. Especially when the 30fps variant is on the more expensive machine. Learn the difference. You can choose to be mad if you like, that is your perogative. But just know that for every one gamer that feels like you do, there are ten that love the fact Ready at Dawn is focusing on nailing a great single player experience with their first foray into AAA game development. And for those of us who love games, we expect them to succeed and deliver. Just as games like Bioshock, MGS, God of War, Mass Effect, etc. etc. did with single player only gameplay.

    • datdude

      Why do people keep referencing Ryse? It’s the lowest rated exclusive on ps4 or xbone. That’s the game you want to point to as an example of what’s great? Wow…some people really are that dumb I guess. Game shiny, me like, me not care about gameplay or fun, me need shine. The ol’ caveman mentality, easily fooled by beauty with no substance. Good luck with that, and at 720p and sub 30 frames per second, no less. What a winner.

    • You are flat out wrong

      The Order blows the fuck out of Wryte-Off: Son of Bitch and every other flaccid 360 port so far and into the future. dat 4xMSAA. Deal with it. 🙂