The Order 1886 Direct-Feed Screenshots Will Blow Your Mind, Looks Almost Photo-realistic

The Order 1886 is definitely the most gorgeous looking game released on any platform so far, and if these new direct-feed screenshots are any indication, it aims for realism with its mixture of post-process effects and art direction.

The following screenshots were taken by NeoGAF user nbnt and if you aren’t convinced yet, they are taken from a PlayStation 4 and this is all rendered in-game on the console.

The attention to detail here is staggering and it often feels like a gorgeous art painting brought to life.

The Order 1886 will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on February 20th, 2015. If you want to read more about The Order 1886, you can check a comparison of the E3 2013 reveal trailer versus the retail game, or you can also read the impressions of the trophy hunter who managed to get his platinum within 24 hours and has detailed his playtime of the game, shattering any rumors of the game being short.

Let us know what you think about these screenshots in the comments below.

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  • SaberEdge

    “The Order 1886 is definitely the most gorgeous looking game released on any platform so far”

    That’s very debatable. So far it looks quite good, but similar to games like Ryse and AC Unity in terms of the quality of lighting and materials.

    • logan c

      A.c. has terrible level of detail issues and still can’t do 30fps 100% solid. Ryse has some jitters and no good gameplay or story.

  • Boz

    So why go from bold colors to dull grey? Is this done to help out graphic performance or game play performance? Were they unable to achieve 1080p at 60fps with the bold colors? Or, did they feel rushed and took the easy way out? Makes me wounder then is the PS4 is capable of ever running a full version of what we saw at E3. Does this mean Naughty Dog is going to have to go the same route and give us washed out colors as well just to achieve frame rates of 30+?

    • Donte FusroDah Dillon

      Shut up.

    • andy

      At least, even you realise, when it comes to PS4, you just can’t troll on resolution. It would look somewhat moronic if you did when over 95% of games released to date ran at 1080p or its 1920 width equivalent. Now feel free to bring up what you indeed feel will be the final resolution of a game like Quantum Break on Xbone, let alone all those other little details you just said about The Order 1886. ^_^

      • You Are Flat Out Wrong

        And what’s the resolution of Battlefield Hardline on the POS4 then?

        LOL 900P

        Meanwhile it runs 1080P 60FPS on my PC. Are you going to say resolution matters now, shill?

        • logan c

          Yea but its still better than xbox. PC is always gonna be better but its at least twice the price and there are more bugs. Ps4, x bone, pc owner i5 16gb ram 770 sli

    • Jeff Pee

      Ask yourself this: Does it take more GPU/CPU performance to render A Bold color palette vs a Dull color palette? Has this ever been anything that a Dev has ever brought up as a performance issue or some time of performance trade off?

    • datdude

      You do realize this game takes place in England, not Miami Beach or Malibu? You do realize it’s the 1800’s, right? Dreary should be what they’re aiming for, not sunshine and blue skies.

    • logan c

      Omg that is the funnies Order troll yet XD. Its just a filter. Changing color saturation doesn’t affect performance. Just like mudding shrimp to have more color has 0 impact on fps on pc. It a stylistic choice.

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