The Order: 1886 E3 2013 Models Compared To In-Game Models – Ready at Dawn Delivers On Their Promise

The Order: 1886 was originally unveiled at E3 with what appeared to be a CGI quality trailer, but it was actually all in-engine footage of the game. Ready at Dawn promised that what we are seeing in that footage is what we will playing in the game, and for sure, they delivered on it.

After the E3 2013 trailer was shown, CEO and Creative Director at Ready at Dawn, Ru Weerasuriya talked about how they wanted to create a seamless experience, where transition from cutscenes to gameplay is done without any sort of interruption. He also talked about how the character models that we see in the trailer are what we will be seeing in the final game.

We also strived to create a seamless experience when it came to the game. The idea was to make sure that you never saw any visual discrepancies or breaks in continuity between gameplay and cinematic. Our game models and our cinematic models are one and the same, and everything is rendered real time in the engine as you play the game. The trailer we presented is a great example of that. What you saw is running in-engine, in-game with no gimmicks. These visuals are what you can expect of the final game when you play it.

So fast forward to about 1 year later and we have finally got the official gameplay reveal of The Order: 1886. Did Ready at Dawn fulfill their promise or not? From the gameplay reveal, it definitely seems like that they did.

As a bonus, take a look at these GIFs, that show the character models from E3 and from the newest gameplay reveal.

What do you think about the graphics of The Order: 1886? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • ignacio

    I’m really excited for this game. I don’t really care for gameplay on this particular title, just want to see what the ps4 is capable of, in graphical terms. And so far, it looks great. Shame on you Capcom, for showing that completely fake “Deep Down” demo “running” on ps4…

  • maxleresistant

    They promised lots and lots of fog in the E3 trailer! Where is my damn fog?

  • Manoj Varughese

    seriously the next contender for merging CG and gameplay. The last time something stunned me so greatly was GOW 3!

  • Vishal Duggal

    Looks absolutely stunning, CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY!

  • datdude

    Ready at Dawn delivered exactly what they said they would with that late
    2013 trailer, when they said the trailer was in engine. Amazing. Now
    compare what Sony devs are doing compared to the smoke, mirrors, high
    end pc highjinks, and clouudddzzz that Microsoft uses, and there is no
    contest. PS4. Everything other console is just a compromise.

  • AdachiTohru

    It looks like CG , it’s unbelievable !!!! Most realistic models ever made in a video game !

  • generic-user-name a.k.a GUN

    Where’s the ‘pauper’ guy now? He’s always talking about how Sony devs never deliver on their promises, this shut him up.

    • datdude

      I think he’s on the toilet. This game scared him so much it gave him the runs.

      • Prime157

        “Guest” Shit himself to death. Lol. I’m so glad you guys commented on the “pauper troll.”

    • Lord Akki

      I’m waiting for Dakan45, that’s the #1 fagot on Disqus

      • generic-user-name a.k.a GUN

        I am, unfortunately, familiar with him too.

  • Imperial General Zimmerman

    xbone sucks

    • Guest

      Anyone who still uses the term “Xbone” desperately needs new material. Be a shepard and not a sheep.

    • Lee Rochester

      Anyone who uses the term “Xbone” desperately needs new material. Be a shepherd and not a sheep.

  • ShadowSpawn

    They certainly delivered on their promise indeed. The game is looking great!

  • NeonPriest

    They delivered on their promise looks-wise, gameplay-wise is a different story. It’s nextgen on PS4 and all the video gameplay footage they showed us looks like a Gears of War clone albeit a beautiful looking one. Nothing innovative shown at all, nothing, and the gameplay was supposed to wow us?

    Is it beautiful, sure, the looks wowed me, but that only gets you so far. Looks like a rental or buy and trade in a week later at best. The game is released this year, no way can they magically make the gameplay different. Ever notice how the only thing anyone comments on or praises is the graphics……exactly my point.

    Downvote, rage against me, do whatever you want, it only proves the fact even more about everyone’s insecurity with the game. It’s funny how scared people are to point out our exclusives faults, hah.

    • N4GLaChance

      Oh Lord, I hope you kill yourself one day, you stupid fucking bitch. Every article related to the Playstation 4 you have been trolling.

      Honestly, save the world the trouble, and just kill your family as well. People like you are the reason why the world is so messed up. I’ll pray each hour that your death is swift, though.

      • dfddfd

        N4GLaChance She has the right to an opinion like you and tbh its people like you who are to blame for the way the world is messed up. Even worse that you are think you are the solution with your opinions when you are the problem. Its still a free world (just about) so she can do as she wants

      • DarthDiggler


        Her complaints echo some people who played the game, so she isn’t being very controversial. I will say that gameplay really can’t be tested until you have the game in your hands.

        • jacksjus

          No one has played it yet. It was a hands off demo so they saw exactly what we saw and nothing more.

          • DarthDiggler


            Look I have read various articles about this game since the gameplay reveal, some entities have commented on the gameplay and the overall feel of the game.

            If you actually read articles you will get much more information than just looking at the pictures.

          • Goodgrief

            Show me one article where someone stated they played the game.

          • jacksjus

            Thanks Grief this sucka above doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

          • Prime157

            Oh, so it’s a third person shooter… I bet it feels more like uncharted than gears. Gears has nothing on uncharted.

      • jacksjus

        You need Jesus.

    • Jeff Pee

      To be honest the graphics are the only things we can comment on, right? So far we’ve seen more “visuals” than gameplay. Realistically we’ve only seen 30 sec or gameplay, if that.

      I think the one’s praising this game on just the graphics and the people bashing the gameplay based on just 30 sec. of footage are just as bad.

      Look, some people are glass “half-full” and some are glass “half-empty”, for this game you’re obviously “half-empty”. I’m sure for some other games you’re “half-full”. You’ve seem to have “given up” on this game or at the least, you’re very down on it. If you’re tired of reading praise for this games “graphics” I suggest you avoid articles that pertain to “The Order”… unless you’re waging a one-woman crusade to change everyone’s opinion about “The Order” in that case good luck.

    • DarthDiggler

      The gameplay may appear reminiscent but that doesn’t mean that the game will play the same way. You can’t really comment on gameplay until you played it.

      • Mike G.

        Or at least seen more of it.

        • DarthDiggler

          I am excited for it, I think the complaints of it being a 3rd person cover based shooter are premature. I am sure they will come up with some gameplay mechanisms that make it not seem like Gears of Wars in Victorian clothes.

    • Mike G.

      The snippets of game play look like your standard, third person FPS fare, sure, but that doesn’t reveal the whole picture.

      The game may very well be a thrill ride that’s hard to put down, and there could be a lot more that hasn’t been revealed, game play wise.

      Your critique may be correct, but it could also be premature. I’m going to wait until we see more before I size the game up.

    • ShadowSpawn

      Wow, a rental at best, interesting. Well, we’re are all entitled to our subjective opinions. From the brief footage they’ve shown it is really hard to conclude negatively when factoring in the possibilities. A Gears of War clone? I see the comparison, but again there is much in the footage that lends well at being much more than a mere clone of a last gen title. In fact, it appears RAD is taking the Gears experience to newer and bolder heights with The Order. Sequences where the games main protagonist leaps from one building to the next or leaps through the wooden object and onto an enemy seamlessly going into a fight scenario on the fly as though watching a movie or CG cut-scene which is all in-game speaks well beyond the idea of Gears clone on many levels. The quick-time events also seem to have a timed options latter in the middle of gameplay adding to the games tension sort of how Telltale Games times your next point of expression before moving the story along, but in this case an ill timed quick time response could mean your demise. Nothing like this was ever hinted in Gears. Again, sure I do see the Gears influence but it a small one. calling this a rental at best, based on what we’re seeing is almost blasphemy.

      • Prime157

        Wall of text… after spending several minutes reading, I agree with you.

        However, The one paragraph thing… I just saw you contradicting yourself several times before I understood your point.

      • Manoj Varughese

        Gears clone?! Seriously. Don’t make me hate a game I loved playing way back in 2007!

    • Imperial General Zimmerman

      xbone sucks back to the kitchen now

    • AdachiTohru

      Give me more “Gears Of War clone” like The Last Of Us, 2013 Goty.
      The Order 2014 Goty

      Dont be mad.

      • Prime157

        Haha, love your analogy.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Its funny how you are making assumptions about a game that up until now all that has been shown is nothing more then a ten minute hands off demo, yet you seem to think you have the game all figured out, on top of that you’re quick to call people scared for not pointing out faults all the while you seem to scared to allow the game time to get completed before making baseless assumptions. Comes off less as an argument and more like fanboy jealousy, for that alone you do deserve the thumbs down.

    • datdude

      This poor guy isn’t a troll, he’s the troll’s excrement. Ready at Dawn will deliver. And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Sony adds them to their already stacked roster of brilliant first party devs. Day. One. Purchase. Greatness. Awaits.

    • Prime157

      Sometimes, it’s just how the story is told.

      Example: the last of us.

      Stories (and how they’ve been told) have been around for awhile. That’s why historians read multiple pieces.

    • Bradley Lansiquot

      My question to you and others like you is, is it only innovation that makes a game great? most of the top rated games did not innovate but rather recycle the same gaming tropes and melt them together to form something special. take the LAST OF US for instance, real time crafting is nothing new but they mixed it into the story that they had to tell and came off great. people need to stop being so pessimistic whats in-front of them because it may just be something special.

  • Trim Dose

    I always knew the PS4 would break the barrier between CG and realtime gameplay, but I have to be honest I was skeptical if this visual would be possible in 1080p, and now those doubts are gone, Freaking stunning!, good job RAD developers good freaking job!!!, now the start of the “WE HAVE TO WAIT NOW!!!” :'(.

    Also I want to point that PS brand always brings new IPs to the table, and the PS4 is no different. <– And this one of the main reasons why I am a fan of Sony Playstations :')


    Man I can’t wait to get my hands on this game… Have the home theater all setup and waiting.

  • Aldo Nuñez Fondeur

    Its nice when devs back up their words. Congratulations to RAD.

    • dave

      Best graphics so far in the next gen race.


      Damn straight….!

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