The Order: 1886 Gets New Direct-Feed Screenshots, New And Old Builds Compared

The Oder: 1886 latest gameplay trailer has yet to receive a proper release in the form of a high quality trailer, but Sony has shared some direct-feed screenshots of the game from the latest gameplay trailer.

The latest trailer showed about 3 minutes of in-game gameplay footage from The Order: 1886, and as such, we can finally have a better quality screenshot to compare both old and new builds with each other.

When the trailer was originally released, we got a comparison between the old build and the new one. This comparison was not a good one since it was done by taking a screen capture from a compressed video, and then using that capture to compare the new build with the old one. The severe compression made it seem like there was loss of quality and detail in the new build, but this wasn’t the case, as explained by the developer themselves.

Since we have finally seen a direct-feed screenshot, we can now have a proper quality comparison between the new build and the old build. (Full sized GIF)

The uniforms are clearly different here, as confirmed by the developer. The difference in lighting is there due to the time of day being different. Notice how the characters now have far more prominent shadows in the new build compared to the old one. As we have seen in another comparison, the character models have also received an update, making them appear much more lively.


The Order: 1886 is set to release at an unspecified date this year.

What do you think about these screenshots? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Tim Dog

    I showed some everyday people that I know don’t games or know anything about consolewars and I showed them the gif of the order standalone, and I said, which one do you think looks better. They all choose the reveal one, I then said well the uniforms are different yes, but the dev said they were changed, does everything else look the same like the back wall, the door going outside, they all said the reveal looked better. Then they asked me why? I said people are actually defending that they looked the same. They all laughed.

  • davvyk

    Ill wait until i see the retail version.

  • Bilal Prince- Ali

    The Devs already explained that the ‘old’ clothes they wore are ceremonial gear that they wear not their day to day business suits… the ceremonial gear will be present in other parts of the game just this particular instance it wasn’t.

  • benbenkr

    I honestly like the look of the original build better, the post-process on the latest build seems too intense. Perhaps if they tone it down a little and strike a balance.

  • datdude

    I love the look of this game. I love the time period and setting of this game. I’m hoping I’ll love the gameplay as well. Anyone complaining about The Order:1886 from a visual standpoint needs to stand in line at the ophthalmologist, because their eyes aren’t working anymore.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    So much improvement just in the female characters hair alone, it looks absolutely stunning so happy to have a PS4, I’m so ready for this one!

  • Budgiecat


  • diqus sucks

    The new outfits look more boring i think. im not one to judge or anything, like i’ll still play and most likely like this game. but i liked how they had things hanging off of them and cool patterns on the clothes. Now it looks like a normal sweater

    • Dadrixx

      The devs explained that: the old outfits are ceremonial outfits of The Order, and that wouldn’t make sense during a mission, hence the more “casual” outfits.

      But the final game will have these awesome uniforms from the trailers ! 😀

      • diqus sucks

        Oh ok thanks! That’s good to hear.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      The dev explained these are infiltration uniforms the ceremonial uniforms seen previously will still be present in other areas of the game, good to know their is that level of verity in the characters.

  • potatoes

    The game looks great. The atmosphere looks amazing. There is a real sense of depth

  • Raoh shiro

    I liked the original clothes hope it can be changed! The new build has better shadows and it seems as if they added a filter? I don’t want a filter added like gears of war, always hated it!

    I think criticism is good and will “hopefully” strive these developers to push things even further if people give negative feed back to lazy artists!

    • The new clothes are actually still in the game. They are just not wearing them during that particular instance.

      • Raoh shiro

        That’s cool! This game is “day one” just like the beautiful Infamous Second Son!

  • ps4lol

    These new direct feed screenshots prove there was no downgrade. Anyone screaming “DOWNGRADE!!1” over badly compressed twitch stream footage can now eat a giant plate of crow. Infamous wasn’t downgraded either.

    • Jarred Brockwell

      It seems people can’t be happy anymore unless some kind of drama is happening. Watched a video of The Order 1886 yesterday, and in the comments somebody was doing an early review of the game. He hadn’t played it at all, yet he was saying the game didn’t run past 25 FPS and it was a giant Quick Time Event. It’s getting ridiculous to say the least.

      • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

        Those people are called xbots and what they are doing is working through their jealous butthurt, best to just ignore them.

        • SonyElitistGod

          Here here, I second that motion and raise an order that all xbot fan boys are to be ignored and not respond to.
          Anyone found guilty of responding to xbots will be fined 5 and stripped of their ps4 as an example of not feeding those peasant trolls. Next case please. Lmbao!!!

        • Jarred Brockwell

          I do, it’s just messed up is all. To make a point, you have to have proof. You can’t have proof if the game is not out yet. Us humans are ridiculous creatures sometimes.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Those poor xbots you’d think they’d be tired of crow by now.

    • SonyElitistGod

      Gutless trust me I’ve seen live feed of the order and played a short demo. It’s eye popping and will make xbots say omg that’s incredible and ps4 none believers stfu. Even pc elitist will eat humble pie and wipe the big smirk off their faces.
      It genuinely has possibly the best in game visuals of 2014 /2015. It’ll be up in the top ranks of visual masterpieces and the game plays great so far .
      If the finished game gets better and gameplay shines then ps4 will have a true next gen game to be proud of.