The Order 1886: Gorgeous Direct-Feed Screenshots Leaked; Contextual Melee Combat Is Absolutely Brutal

The Order 1886 leaks are coming up one after another as the game is getting into the hands of more users. The footage that we have seen so far has shown a lot of the game already but if you weren’t sold on the premise of the game, perhaps you will love to know that the melee system in The Order 1886 is contextual just like in The Last of Us. You can check out two examples of this melee system in action below.

The game also allows hip fire like most third person shooters and you can see how it looks in the animated GIF below.

You can also check out some lovely direct-feed screenshots shared by NeoGAF user Rapier, who already has received his copy of The Order 1886.

the-order-leaked-gaf (1) the-order-leaked-gaf (2)

If you want to read more about the game, check out our detailed comparison of The Order 1886 between the 2013 build of the game and the final retail build. There is also a easter egg leaked from a video that pays homage to one of the PlayStation exclusive IP. Ready at Dawn’s CTO seems to be frustrated with responding to the fake rumors about the game and he commented that he won’t reply back to any such questions from now on.

The Order 1886 will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on 20th February, 2015.

  • themugen

    huh. some articles on this site don’t seem to have comment section. also…is it Friday yet? (whiny voice)

  • Agent HUNK

    Hot- dang deliciousness !!! I am slowly getting seduced by saying this will be amazing !!!! I had it preordered and paid off since the first day , but I wont lie I have been very worried cause of some of the qte and cutscenes but now i have been feeling more confident I did the right thing

  • Mike G.