The Order: 1886 Leaked Screenshots Tease Upcoming Gameplay Footage, Show Fantastic Looking Atmosphere

A couple of screenshots of The Order: 1886 have been leaked online, which show never before seen scene from what appears to be a trailer.

The Order: 1886 is the upcoming third person action adventure game from Ready at Dawn, the creators of the fantastic God of War games on the PSP. While details on the project are still scarce, a reveal trailer has been promised soon.

It seems like we have got our hands on a couple of low-quality screenshots, which definitely seem to be new and appear to be from some *secret* new teaser trailer. Check them out below.

the-order-leak-1 the-order-leak-2

These screenshots show the dark and gritty atmosphere of The Order: 1886. The lighting looks absolutely fantastic here along with the details of the character models.

The Order: 1886 has yet to receive an official release date, but it has been rumored for a Fall 2014 release. The game received a couple of “leaked” screenshots earlier this week, which were from an old build of the game.

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  • Ricardo Pereira

    Anyone who says that is fantastic is an authentic Fanboy or getting paid for it… come on! Don’t insult my intelligence, there are only dark pictures here.

    Probably will be an great looking game, but you can’t judge by these “leaked” screenshots

  • aawells07

    I’m stoked for this game no doubt but lol at you making it seem so amazing. Fuzzy screenshots look fantastic? lol What a liar.

  • sebastian

    doen’t look that great to me.

  • Leo Garcia


  • Leo Garcia

    to the haters those are INgame except first one which still using ingame graphic “confirmed” by RaD during game informer INTERVIEW so shut it and go back to flopza or ryse lul

  • PatcherStation

    There’s no getting away from the fact that so many Sony games have lacked depth. Too many to list, but Wipeout died after the PS2 version. God of War was decent, but it was milked and it was too much of more of the same. I only rated God of War 3. Uncharted is their new milked franchise, but I’m not sure why Naughty Dog cocked up the control and aiming system after the first game. The Last of Us looks ace, but not played it yet. Little Big Planet looked great, but it was mutton dressed as lamb. Little Big Planet Karting was poor. I’m sort of glad The Getaway 3 was cancelled. Motorstorm and Killzone just didn’t have it. Resistance was poor. Going back to the old days, Porsche Challenge was ace. Even Jumping Flash. Sony have knocked out a few decent games over the years, but not many classics.

  • PatcherStation

    Anyone with any sense will agree that details, vids and graphics are a million miles off whether this game is going to be any good. I bet it’s a short game (that’s the norm for this gen). I bet it’s released in 2015. Sony will wait until some of their other games sell through a certain amount of units. It’ll be a DriveClub job. We needed to give it a spit and polish. As a matter of fact, I bet DriveClub is released at the end of this year. 2014 is going to be a very slow year for new releases. Even on the One.

  • seriously

    You do a disservice to yourself and gaming journalism when you write pieces like this. There’s nothing impressive about these shots. This is not a commentary on the engine or game itself, but on the quality of the shots you posted. They are pitch black, with artifacted flashlights. There’s nothing impressive about what we see here, and when you make posts like this, you detract from appreciating the game itself when it is revealed, as well as discredit yourself as a “journalist”.

  • looks like a Youtube screenshot:/

  • ThisMan

    Fanboy alert. The lighting is fantastic? The atmosphere is fantastic? How can you say that with a straight face? You should be ashamed. No doubt the game will look good but these screens do not look fantastic and do not show any atmosphere whatsoever.

  • Solid Snake

    The only annoying thing is, there will be black bars at the top and bottom of the screen all the fuking time. Its a fukin piss take, I hated it in Beyond 2 souls and I’ll hate it with this.
    Whoever thought it was a good idea to do that is a fukin prik.

  • Rapper_Sjors

    Pre-alpha screenshots.

  • Looks good!


    wow you idiots…low resolution screenshots? old build? lets reserve judgement until E3

  • JuneBug81

    Obviously I must, and will, reserve judgment until we see gameplay and impressions.

    But at the moment I’m not seeing what’s particularly impressive about this? Decent models in total darkness, illuminated by light sources? It tells me absolutely nothing about the game, and does not impress in and of itself.

    Perhaps when placed into its larger gameplay context I will appreciate and understand the reasons for the acclaim these images have provoked.

  • PatcherStation

    Got a feeling this isn’t going to be as good as it’s made out to be.

    • Rapper_Sjors

      Then your feeling is wrong.

  • Big Ron

    Not sure why the lighting looks fantastic nor do I see any character-detail we´ve not seen in previous games already.

    Those screenshots show a dark image with illuminated characters by a spotlight. Well, what´s fantastic about it? Every average games can do that nowadays.

    • Rapper_Sjors

      This is a low resolution pre-alpha screenshot.

      My friend.

      • Big Ron

        And it still stays a black image with illuminated characters by a spot light (and surprisingly flat shaders and colors). And the “low-res” doesn´t add any positive to the impression.

    • Draculan

      The Order is just a copycat of last gen’s Dishonored, but in 3rd person.
      The Infamous is just a clone of Mirror’s Edge, but a male protagonist.

      Sony’s 1st party hardly innovates, it just copies and sold less than competitors.

      • datdude

        Sure. Right. And wins goty after goty, game of the generation after game of the generation. Good luck with your insanity.

      • Clate

        Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Infamous and Mirror’s Edge are absolutely nothing alike. Also please explain one thing about The Order that is from Dishonored?

        • andy

          Didn’t you know Clate? A linear Unreal 3 engine game and a game built from the ground up on an open world proprietary game engine are the exact same lol.
          Gears of War and Mirrors Edge have actually more in common since they are both limited by the same engine they both use i.e. Unreal Engine 3. Of course he hasn’t a clue what he is talking about.
          The Order 1886, like all Playstation proprietary game engine titles, is going to blow away what ever comes out on Xbox in the same genre.
          But I will admit these terrible screens mean nothing. Wait for the 1080p 40,000 bitrate video, like all PS4 trailers to date, that isn’t afraid to show us exactly what the game will look like at launch.
          Better than what Microsoft do when they upload their game trailers to Youtube and at 720p only.

          • Clate

            I actually did really enjoy Mirror’s Edge but comparing Infamous and Mirror’s Edge is beyond me. They are absolutely different

            The world, gameplay, theme, everything is different. I just do not get where he drew that comparison from

        • Leo Garcia

          xbox fangirl probably forget about him

          the order 1886 will kick ass

      • Solid Snake

        LOOOL you’re an idiot.

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        you literally are a retard…. how the hell are you going to compare a game we practically know NOTHING about to Dishonored..? Dishonored had such unique game mechanics and mission structure that if The Order actually implemented any of them in the same why during missions that it’d be sooo obviously copied. inFamous is a copy of Mirrors Edge….? Is this is even worth me addressing -__-… i think you’re forgetting how quickly Sony announced inFamous at their PS3 launch so that was just a stupid comment.. plus they’re COMPLEEETELLYYYY different games that share like no similarities loool.. thats like saying Mirror’s Edge and all other platformers are spawns of Mario Bro’s because it did jumping and climbing on shizz first…? -_____- you sir get 2/10 for your comment and addressing the ‘hardly innovates’ comment.. go talk to media molecule and countless Japan studios devs about them not innovating.. foolish child

        • Best

          Didn’t Infamous came out before Mirror Edge?
          And if you think Mirror Edge and Infamous (LMAO) are anything alike you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Bilal Prince- Ali

            i think Mirror’s Edge came out a year or so before inFamous.. but this guy is still wrong regardless! -___- lool

      • RoadShow

        Watch out! Butt hurt xbot fan here.

        So sorry xbox sucks in every measurable way. Don’t blame other people for your bad life decisions. Sell that POS and get a PC of PS4 before it’s too late.

      • Tristin

        And halo and gears are soooo original, fps and a third person game… jesus

      • idi

        God you’re a fucking idiot. How about you look up some information besides posting shit like this.

    • 22k Bits

      All you see is flat colors and thick fogs all over the place like ps2 games, just in HD.

      They should make the visual way better with raytracing and natural hair physics. Lazy devs confirmed.

      • jarvis

        yes lets make a dark theme game filled with millions of bright neon bloody colors!
        fuck the fog lets make it all sunshine n rainbows! u know what might as well add ponies!!

    • ACF

      I’m incredibly excited about this game, but I completely agree that these images are nothing to get in a lather about. Until we see these images in the context of actual footage, who’s to say what the “atmosphere” is actually like?