This is how The Order 1886 looks on a native 21:9 monitor

The Order 1886 runs at an aspect ratio of 21:9, which is far from the normal 16:9 aspect ratio used for most games. This causes huge black bars to appear above and below when playing the game on a typical monitor or HDTV.

21:9 monitors are not that common but thanks to the power of the Internet, a user posted a picture on Reddit of how The 1886 looks on a native 21:9 monitor. Check it out below:


The monitor above is the LG 34UM95 and currently retails for $915 on Amazon.

First thoughts? It looks pretty damn good. I’m currently going through the game myself and can confirm the game is the best looking console game I’ve seen.

What do you think of The Order 1886? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • MarylandUSA

    21:9 monitors are available in three sizes and two resolutions:
    – 34-inch, 3440×1440, $800 and up
    – 34-inch, 2560×1080, $500 and up
    – 29-inch, 2560×1080, $400 and up
    – 25-inch, 2560×1080, $250 and up

    Some 34-inch 3440×1440 monitors are available curved for about $300 to $400 more. Some high-end 29s may also be curved.

  • LarZen

    I think the game is great. Sure it’s doing things differently but there is nothing wrong with that. Something allot of reviewers need to get trough their skulls. Anyone who like games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and games from Telltale is most likely going to enjoy The Order: 1886.

    It’s a clear must play for any PS4 owner.

  • Glass

    Pretty cool I have to admit.

  • Kenny

    I liked the game very much, already looking forward to the sequel.

  • Jecht_Sin

    So, how does that monitor play 1920×1080 (16:9 actually) movies and games? With black vertical bars on the side? Hopefully people don’t stretch the image..

    • Ziggurcat

      i would imagine that would be the case.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    That looks amazing, and despite the fact so many salty people who unfortunately have an outlet for putting out biased reviews and want me to dislike the game, I actually like it a lot, much to their disappointment I’m sure.

  • My 16:9 still looks a bit weird to me, no need to buy that weird TV lol

  • kelin johnson

    it looks like the same shit it was made to be a fuckin garbage ass interactive movie.

  • Dikan45

    That’s quite a monitor!! I’ll buy the game when it’s half price

  • Катя

    Help please! Can anyone told me we on my 21:9 monitor i have black bars??? I can’t turn it off… when set full screen in monitor menu pictures just stretched, black bars still on! (((

  • Daniel Lawson

    isn’t it sub 900p on pixel count

    • The game’s native resolution and its aspect ratio are two different things.

      • utack

        First, at the original question, it is 1920×800, while 900p is commonly used for 1600×900.
        Second, at the mod, all modern (after analog CRT) displays have rectangular pixels, so the aspect ratio can always be calculated from the resolution, and a given aspect ratio limits the choice of possible resolutions. They are kind of realted.

  • Ziggurcat

    so… it’s full screen. exactly what i thought.


    The game is excellent IMO. It’s not perfect, or the second coming, but if you’re on the fence about it. Get it. It’s narrative heavy and engaging. Think “tell tale” games on steroids if you will. My one gripe is the developer kind of undermines the player at certain parts almost as if they’re protecting their baby from us, lol as far as complete control in some circumstances. But it’s a very well done game, people should give a shot. Reviews don’t do it justice. Look at the 75-85 reviews and read those to get a balanced opinion. The 60 and below are pure crap IMO. As well as the 90+ as well equally. It’s a solid 8. The sequel will be better for the criticism this one recieved though. It’s a good first entry with room for improvement. It just seems everyone jumped on the hate wagon unfairly. Definitely am satisfied with the purchase.

    • rudero

      Well said and very accurate. Loving every second of the game. Definitely some improvements can happen. The qtes in the first hour were kind of useless but, the story, so far, is the point and it was a good setup of engaging the player into the game. After that, when the real gameplay heats up, just a well made game. Great climax and mystery. Already wanting the sequel.

      • Cerny’s Super Cunty Cock

        Don’t worry son, we will have exclusive turds coming for the PoorStation4 soon (or later), if not delays.

        Expect the following ‘cinematic’ features after The Order fiasco :

        – Short length to save budget & heating issues
        – Forced Cutscenes to prolong ‘play’ time
        – Dark/muted/colorless art style to save gfx bandwidth
        – Stiff hair physics and recycled robotic animation
        – Corridors or empty city/jungle/desert
        – Poor QTEs
        – Poor AI
        – Poor AF
        – Poor/No-multiplayer mode
        – Poor replay value
        – 30fps

        – Foggy
        – Incomplete feature like Photo Mode

        • Somerandomperson

          all guest vote!?

          • Revolver Ocelot

            I imagine it’s another one of Lionheart’s alts.

        • Somerandomperson

          all guest vote!?

        • Kim Marius Falch

          Reminds me of Ryse

        • albatrosMyster

          Yes the order is responsible for all these things, especially 30fps and AF settings :-/

          Just a note, cut scenes cost a lot more to produce than gameplay, once a system is setup you can just make “levels” around it indefinitely or add waves of ennemies to pad your game… Cut scenes are certainly not a cost cutting measure.

        • rudero

          Compared to what exactly? A make believe “super pc” that either your parents spoilt you with or spending your own money while not being able to pat your bills? Or the poorly Xbox one that has apps instead of games for the next 7months? I’ll take all the above horse crap spewed over any other option.

        • Joshua Pirog

          Ohh you’re one of those pc gamers with sli and a lot of butt hurt.

    • Cerny’s Super Cunty Cock

      True 900P/30

      • And the nazi xbots TOO

        you post crap about The order in every single website.
        don’t you have something else to do, like sucking your dog’s dick ?

        if your life is that sad, after you purchased your xbox one, we suggest you you go kill yourself, and disappear from this hideous world. that way, you won’t suffer anymore, and will stop making the xbox community look even more stupid than it already does. useless shit.

    • Havemercy5

      game is absolute trash tbh not worth more than 5$ imo. Why do sony fans have the LOWEST standards in the gaming community?

  • Elia Pales

    That TV lacks rational use.

    • angh

      This is not a tv, it’s a computer screen and is one of best screens for work, image edition, programming and pc gaming. Have 3440 x 1440 resolution, great color quality and you can open 4 A4 documents side by side. Lacks rational use? Interesting rationals you have here;)

      • Vulcanproject

        While true, you are talking about a very high resolution monitor displaying a much lower resolution image from PS4, the screen is nearly doubling up pixels to fill.

        I certainly wouldn’t want to be playing the game too close to the monitor because of that, heavy upscaling is always noticeable on PC monitors.

        Fact is by faaaaaaar and away most people will play this game on 16:9 screens and I still find the decision very strange to force large black bars on the majority of gamers. Even if it improves the method of AA. It’s not a movie after all, it’s a game, and black bars from badly ported games (for us PAL regions) went out of fashion in 1999….

        • angh

          I simply stated that it’s not a TV and it does have rational use.

          I see no reason to discuss here about upscaling, proper distance to screen which is more important than size, or about how many people are playing on what type of screen, when a single person just show his own screen and game looks very nice on it. Neither I commented about quality or reason behind black bars. You missing the point, and if you wan’ to talk about those issues there is simply no reason to reply to my comment, in which I didn’t even mentioned anything about Order 1886, just wanted to show previous person that this screen: is not a TV, and is very valuable for majority of users.

          • Vulcanproject

            Of course it’s your prerogative to decide not to continue discussing the issues I raised re: the monitor’s resolution and the original PS4 output resolution.

            Considering that my reply is perfectly relevant to the monitor featured in this article, the game in question featured in this article and adds to your statement about the monitor’s native resolution- I see no problem whatsoever with my reply, such is MY prerogative.

            I have no major opposition to your comment indeed, I did not express any explicitly. I merely elucidated possible reasoning behind the original posting.

            Primarily, a very high resolution 21:9 aspect ratio monitor is largely an irrational application for the vast majority of console games. The Order 1886 being one exception, and only for it’s aspect ratio.

          • angh

            I agree with you. I do think that 21×9 ratio is actually very good, but yes, it is not a widely accepted standard. As such, there is no need for console game developers to prepare 2 versions of layout. And yet this screen is really nice, and I’m going to get one when it will support freesync, and definitely will try it with all mine gaming devices;)

  • bigshynepo

    That looks great!