The Order 1886: Never Before Seen Screenshots Reveal How The Game Looked In 2012

The Order 1886 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive by Ready at Dawn that was released on February 20, 2015. The game has received a lot of criticism for its cinematic gameplay but the one thing that is universally agreed is that it is one of the most gorgeous looking game on current generation consoles.

Ready at Dawn spent more than 4 years working on The Order 1886 and the game continued to evolve throughout its development. Now we have got out first glimpse at the The Order 1886 in development in 2012 as  shared by James Rosenkranz, Environment Artist at Ready at Dawn. He confirms that these are the screenshots from the game when the game was in development in 2012 and he decided to share them to show how the game evolved in development. You can check them out below.

the-order1886-old-1 the-order1886-old-2 the-order1886-old-3

 From the above screenshots, Galahad appears to be in a different uniform and some of the locations, as seen above, have been cut from the final version of the game. But despite this, it still looks impressive compared to other similar games in 2012. James Rosenkranz has shared more of these screenshots on his official website, check them below.

the-order1886-oldscreen (1) the-order1886-oldscreen (2) the-order1886-oldscreen (3)

Interestingly, the game appears to be more of a third person shooter judging from the above screens. In one of these, we can see Galahad holding his Knife perhaps hinting to melee combat being included in the game at some point.

If you want to see some beautiful artwork of The Order 1886, you can take a look at more of his work below.

Let us know what you think about these screenshots in the comments below.

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  • Nick

    Totally separate topic, GO BUY BLOODBOURNE!!! Game of the Year!

  • Arya

    played the game,so frustrating,and the most disappointing thing is that you know there is so much potential there,not fully used

  • Nick

    If you have ever actually played the Order, you would know that it is a fantastic game. Anyone who quotes any of the dumb generic labels used for the game have obviously never even actually seen it running or being played. It is simply gorgeous, and a great game. People don’t like the quick time events, but that is where this publisher cut its teeth, they are a necessary staple for Vita FPS games. It is the only game out right now that actually tells anything remotely close to a story. People are just pissed its not a multiplayer murder fest, and they cant spend all their time playing so they can smoke every casual player to boost there assortment of complexes!

    • Guest11231

      While I like a lot of features in the order, the combat and story are the two things I didn’t like. It was visually beautiful to look at and I really liked the story, at least until the end. It just sort of built up to this point and had a lot of tension and it was awesome…..then it just ended. The ending is what killed that game for me. As for the combat, unfortunately it felt buggy and the lycanthrope parts and stealth parts were awful.
      But hey, I’m just bringing all this up because I don’t really think you can call the order a “Great game”, maybe a good game to pick up if you are looking for filler between releases since it doesn’t really have much replay ability.

      • Nick

        The story is definitely set up for a sequel, even the devs said that. I give them a lot of credit going from the Vita to PS4, the only real issues in the game a caused by their experience with Vita games. The kinda loose shooting and all the QTE, but that is what makes a handheld work so great. They are still adjusting, I still think its great. Watch, their sequel will be Game of the year material. I am willing to bet y PS4 on it. Anyway Bloodborne is out now so we got our Killer app for the PS4, now just waiting for the X1 system seller.

      • stjimmyrulesx

        The lycan parts were fun, but i haven’t seen any reviews mention that every lycan fight takes place in the exact same warehouse, one room used 3 times in different parts of the world.

    • Jessika S.

      I completely agree with you, I love this game it’s amazing to me this is no much different then playing something like Ryse Son of Rome which I also enjoyed and it’s another game that it’s much like this one and in some cases more so.

    • Christopher Carlsen

      I’ll pick it up around 10-15 dollars. No replay value, hardly any variety in enemies, mostly cut-scenes, boring combat, etc. It would definitely be more of a casuals game if not for the random difficulty spikes.

    • stjimmyrulesx

      People are pissed because it’s 60$ for 8 hours. I must say it’s an excellent redbox rental.

      • Nick

        It is definitely a $45 game.(that’s what I paid and it was well worth that to me) I am still hoping for some dlc to add some chapters or extend some side stories. They are a very high quality developer and I think they will Try to fix things that people complain about.

        • stjimmyrulesx

          I have hopes for a sequel, I’m sure they will improve the combat (hopefully fight a werewolf somewhere other than the same room 3 times.) and flesh out the experience some more. Turning cranks and such was tedious. But i went in expecting an interactive movie, which is what i got, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. But for 3 bucks i definitely got my moneys worth.

    • Visualize

      The game has one thing, graphics. It has terrible AI, terrible difficulty, terrible “boss” fights and a retarded main character who does nothing but completely ruin the story several times. Certainly, it has some good aspects to it, but it is not worth the money. It is 6-8 hours long, 1/3 which are cutscenes, 1/3 which is mindless walking and 1/3 fighting against retarded AI. (Like the Lycan’s, they attack then run straight back to the spot they came from. EVERY SINGLE TIME.)

      Again, the game has graphics and some good elements to the story. But it is, by every objective standard, a horrible game. (Especially when you consider its development time and promises.)

  • Amith Thomas

    If you haven’t got anything useful to say, shutup

  • Cerny’s Super Slim Cunty Cock

    The darky art style to minimize gfx bandwidth, yet it still runs at a poor 30fps.
    The game needs an X treatment to fix it. twahahaha

    • Lysergio

      That’s the lamest troll attempt I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen it from you multiple times. Give it a rest, you only look stupid.

    • andy

      Lol that is amazing talk from the console that will never reach Killzone Shadowfall or Infamous Second Son (2 launch window PS4 games) levels of graphics for its ENTIRE LIFETIME. That’s graphics AND at the 1080p resolutions that those games ran at too.

      • Havemercy5

        ryse destroys any game graphically and so does ori. Ori destroys any ps game ever made

        • Sacha Salvatore Morgese

          No, they don’t

          • Havemercy5

            yes they do lol

          • DyingLight2K

            no they don’t lol

        • Nick

          the order blows ryse out of the water, I have them both, not even close.

          • Havemercy5

            LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL not even close

          • Nick

            If you played bot, you wouldn’t even say that so I’m not trying to even argue. there is no argument anyway.

          • Havemercy5

            lol i have thats the funny thing, ryse shits on it

          • Nick

            you are crazy

          • rudero

            Ha, well, I guess at 17-25fps, one could make a game look good. Would like to see Ryse hit a rock solid 30fps before making any claim.

          • Wolfy

            Actually Ryse objectively has better visuals (texture/lighting/environment/foliage/long draw distance/polygon count, etc), aside from character model poly count and environment interactivity and near draw distance which The Order has better.

          • Nick

            First, why are you using that pic??? The game is just absolutely impressive graphically to me. I just think they are still stuck in the VITA mindset still, so I cut some slack for the aiming and QTE.

        • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

          Get those eyes checked bud.

          • Havemercy5

            lol dude i have played both you get your eyes checked

          • You Are Flat Out Wrong

            PC version of Ryse >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ignorance: Second Shart

        • Hans Wurst

          haha I pitty you if you really do believe that.

          • Havemercy5

            dude i own both its a fact

        • Gaikai

          What are you high or something, the order looks much better than Ryse in every possible way

          • Havemercy5

            loooooooooooooool no chane dud open your eyes

        • Jessika S.

          I love Ryse but it’s been passed by The Oder in terms of graphics and much like the Order it was also a quick time game they kind of fall in the same genre type family of games.

      • You Are Flat Out Wrong

        That’s a pretty low bar, loser

    • The Don

      I can’t believe people like you exist lol

      • DarthDiggler

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    • Jason Mounce

      That’s honestly one of the dumbest troll-images I’ve ever seen. Apparently creative mock-images towards Xbox fanboys are easier to make and the Playstation fans/fanboys can think of funnier things to jab at than the opposing camp.

      • You Are Flat Out Wrong

        Unless you are a PC Gamer and you can mock both of you losers :^)

        • Jason Mounce

          I’m quite sure it’s very easy to mock you of all people. I do find it funny when kids call themselves gamers because they own a platform, yet spend more time whining and trying to make others feel bad for compensation than you do likely play real games.

          But yes, I’m a PC Gamer and I can make fun of ‘any’ camp I please, which I always do. Which is why I’m called a ‘fanboy’ by every opposition, I make fun of Xbox fans, I get told I’m a Sony fanboy, I make fun of PC I get told I’m a console peasant, make fun of consoles I get told I’m a PC Fanboy, it’s a never-ending cycle of circle-jerking losers – moreso like yourself, trying to find your place in society.

          Good luck finding that ‘place’ if you can’t create something within your life time though.

    • GalahadsMustache

      Runs better than any of the xbox one exclusives that came out this year…………oh wait…

      • Havemercy5

        loooooooooooooooooooool no… ori destroyed anything ever made by sony

        • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

          So indies are great now? That’s funny apparently the rest of your xbox pals didn’t get the memo.

          • Havemercy5

            published by microsoft dude lol not an indie

        • DyingLight2K

          like uncharted 2, killzone 2 for example?!
          Keep dreaming Xbot faggot! I bet you didn’t even play Ori cuz you’re not really a gamer! Just a mindless idiot still living in his Mommy’s basement! LMAO!

          • Havemercy5

            lmaooo due ori destrouys any naughty dog game or any ps game ever made and yes i have played it

          • Nick

            wow, you must be delusional. Ori is good, but it is just a arcade game with good art not really graphics. It’s not close to being a AAA or anything like that.

          • Havemercy5

            it blows any AAA out of the water so far this year

    • Nick


    • Kristdan Fisher

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        I like to think that you are what you eat…… He’s more like a cock…..

    • DyingLight2K

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  • KeplerNoMore

    2012 looks like a take-on on silent hill