Trophy Hunter Gets The Order 1886 Platinum Within 24 Hours, Details His Playtime For Platinum

The Order 1886 street date was broken by stores worldwide and many users were able to play through the entire game the past few days. Out of all these lucky users, some were able to achieve platinum trophy as well, and one of the users who recently got done with his platinum detailed his playtime of the game.

It took him about 10 hours and 38 minutes from his first trophy (2 hours in game) to his platinum trophy. This confirms that The Order 1886 platinum is really easy one and can be definitely achieved within 24 hours, if one has the time to do so.


The user (ReNeGaDe124) also details how he got the platinum on gaming forum NeoGAF.

It took me almost 10 hours to finish the game (from 12:45 from 22:30) on normal mode without aim assist. But I also took a lunch break of almost 30 minutes and another small break of 15 minutes. So that’s somewhere around 9 hours.

I got the first trophy after almost 2 hours of gameplay.

He added that he didn’t really rush through the game and took his sweet time with everything.

I didn’t rush through the game at all. I explored every possible zone in the game. I have admired and took pictures (that gore picture that is around the internet is made by me, I even posted here on GAF). I listened to all pedestrians conversations. I got almost all collectables except for 2 (I would also like to point out that the game doesn’t keep track of your collectables somewhere so I didn’t know where to search for them). I even restarted some checkpoints intentionally where there were a lot of enemies to get some combat related trophies.

After finishing the game I took a 2 hour break I think. And then restarted the game on easy in order to find the missing collectables. After some chapters of playing I remembered a I didn’t get to explore a room completely because a cinematic was triggered and it got me out of the room. Fortunately, the last collectables where in that room.

Yes, the game is pretty short. I think someone can even finish it in 7-8 hours on their first playthrough if they don’t go after trophies/collectables, just following the objective.

This basically confirms the rumors of the game having an easy platinum, and a short playtime to achieve it. While the game in itself is nowhere the 5 hours length, and can take up to 10 hours, the platinum trophy should be easy to achieve with a little hard work.

What do you have to say to this news? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Scuffy P

    Really disappointed there aren’t trophies for playing on Hard and/or Extreme. The longevity of a game through collectibles is really cheap in my opinion. I completed The Order tonight, and I really enjoyed it. But I would’ve loved to play through again on hard, and then a third time to pick-up any trophies I may have missed (I never view the trophy or achievement list until my second play-through).
    Most games of this type I always play through twice due to the difficulty settings, but removing that has shortened the life span for me. While it’s a good game, it’s not however one that you’ll want to play through again and again.
    I predict meta scores around the 70% mark, but it’s a solid 8 for me. Incidentally, it took me 9 hours on my first run-through.

  • Holeybartender

    Finally a single player game that is an ACTUAL single player game. I’m tired of multiplayer crap in all my games dammit! Great games don’t need to be online multiplayer to be great. DMC,Onimishu,Ninja Gaiden,Castlevania,MGS,Mario Bros.,Metroid,Silent Hill,etc. So many great games and no multiplayer needed. The only thing I have to worry about is the game sucking.

    To all the people who are crying about the game being 5 hours long (If its true) I have to say one thing. Boo fucking hoo! Those single player games you used to play for hours on end can now be beaten in 45 minutes some 15 years later.Remember that before you start whining. Ha!

  • simplemindedgenius36


  • kreator


  • Ansonī Kurisuchan Howaito

    They should’v added a co-op/multiplayer into this… lol, but yeah…hopefully it’s good…

  • SaltyJohn

    Where did all the money go they spent on this game?

  • tplarkin7

    I get the feeling that this is the result of Sony trying to get an exclusive out as quick as possible. It’s a safe short game with high production values. It has great cover art, too. In the end, this may be another Heavenly Sword.


    Replay ability is crucial too as it has zero multiplayer mode. Less length and less replay ability are not going to make everyone happy. Cinematic only isn’t enough, gamers tend to love bigger stats.

    • angh

      games made to make everyone happy usually makes no-one happy. I wasn’t sure if this is game for me, but I tried it and had fun. Hope it will be backed up and we can see other missions in future… (no idea if this have a open ending or not, don’t want o know, will see when I be there;))


    I guess it’s up to player skill, how long the game is. This has been a polarizing game to say the least. I’m still going to purchase it because I want to support the devs and judge for myself. I’m not really a multiplayer kind of guy anyway. I hope it reviews well. I’ve just never seen this much controversy over a game before that looked very interesting. I hope it doesn’t flop, the ip has potential. If R@D gets a sequel hopefully the make changes to appeal to the majority without compromising their initial vision too much.

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