PC dominates market with 51%, Console at 30% and Mobile at 13%, according to new report

A new report by SuperData, that was released by Digital River, suggests that the focus of gaming market has changed. Gone are the time when people used to game primarily on consoles; PC and Mobile has taken a significant chunk of gamers today.

According to this report, in 2008, consoles were leading the industry with about 42% user share, PCs at 37% and mobiles at just 5%. Seems like the tables have turned now as more users are turning towards PC and Mobile. While it is true that the numbers of gamers have also increased exponentially, the increase is happening mostly in PC or Mobile market share. Console market share, while still big, is starting to look smaller when compared to PC.

The report also suggests that the industry is heading for a crash soon if things remain this way. It cites the infamous 1983 video game market crash and states that industry is heading to a similar crash soon. As posted by GameIndustry.biz, the report states

“Industry veterans will remember the crash of 1983, when the games market was saturated with hardware devices,” the report states. “Today, the industry runs a similar risk, as [with] a higher-than-ever console installed base, consumers may be resistant to adding more hardware to their living rooms.”

While the reception for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is overwhelming, it won’t be surprising to see them struggling to sell based on the current market situation. Nintendo Wii U is suffering through a similar drought where it is having lackluster sales since its launch.

What do you think of this report? Do you agree with that is said in it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Gorrammit

    Hard to say what I think of the report, since you didn’t link to it. Why the hell don’t journalists ever provide references any more?

    • The Decline

      Because most are morons, I would use the term “journalist” very loosely

  • rtee

    Ultimately games are meant to be played on consoles. Pc market is only alive today because of torrents, piracy and world of warcraft.
    Nothing beats playing prince of persia on dual shock or xbox controller.

    • vgf89

      That’s an invalid argument since you can use Xbox controllers just as easily on PC as you can on consoles (just plug it in if it’s a wired controller, or get the official wireless dongle). Some small pieces of software can also make any controller work on every PC game that requires an Xbox controller.

    • ManeatingCouch

      How ignorant of you.

    • Vladmir Tufel

      With every “AAA” release recently (COD:G, BF4, AC4, etc) there has been a pirated copy of the console versions available before the game is even released. Piracy exists across all platforms, to believe otherwise is ignorant.

    • Duh

      That makes no sense. How does torrenting contribute to the market at all? If that was what was keeping PC gaming alive, nobody would even bother making games for it because there would be no money in it. Also, PC games can use ANY controller, including dualshock or xbox.

  • Escopablobar

    There are very few parallels to be made here. In 1983 there were a plethora of gaming platforms and devices on the market and the software scene was one also of over-saturation and zero quality control. That crash was born out of a very new entertainment medium which had not yet established benchmarks for QC, business operation practices and market analysis. E.T the game is a classic example of the folly the games industry endured pre-Nintendo.

    Today there are 4 non-mobile platforms and 2 mobile platforms. QC, concept approval and the greenlight process are the standard at larger pubs. There are tight controls in place today that didn’t exist in 1983. Also next gen preorder data and current gen software sales suggest that there may be expansion and growth in the console space. Gaming has become a very popular entertainment medium and we are seeing a convergence of services. The name of the game is entertainment hub. To the casual market having one box that streams video on demand, digital movies, plays blu rays and games could be compelling. I believe we will see new consumers in the console space.

  • Stealth

    not accuratw

    • merri

      So succinct. You must be confident in your data to back it up.

      • Stealth

        They have no data

  • guest

    Where have these bullsh*t stats come from, GTAV just made a $1 Billion in just 3 days on PS3/X360!, and every retailer around the world says the next gen PS4/XB1 consoles are so much in demand that we are going to have record breaking next gen console sales.

    • Mcready

      Well take that amount of money and compare it with what steam sales generate per day and you’ll see that 1 billion is a weak sum of money compared to what valve and their partners pull in every year. The stats are most likely accurate.

      • KnyfeWrench

        You’re comparing the sales of one game to a massive event with thousands of games then you’re comparing 3 days worth of sales to an entire year. That makes no sense.

        • merri

          That argument literally works both ways.

    • Grim

      China and MMOs.

      Consoles have been banned from China for decades until recently while PC gaming has taken a strong foothold there. China is pretty much has a larger fan base than a single game such as GTAV. 15 millions GTAV owners is nothing to boast about compared a whole nation of PC gamers. Let’s not forget that there’s another 8 million loyal WoW players still going at it. Go and look for more statistics from other MMOs that littered the Chinese and Asian gaming scene.

      Noticed how Hollywood is beginning to cater its movies for Chinese audience? It’s much more profitable for Hollywood movies than at home. The same goes for gaming. Why do you think WoW has Pandas in it? Why do you think a lot of Western game studios beta test and launch their MMOs in China or South Korea first?

      And don’t try to bash MMOs because apparently it’s one of the main focus for next gen consoles too.

      • guest

        Right, that may explain it, because in the western markets console revenues are much higher than PC. But what about piracy, aren’t most games on PC pirated and available on torrents within hours of release? And also China are going ‘unban’ consoles now, expect PS4/XB1 to sell millions of units there soon because of the very good $400 price point.

        • Grim

          If you’re comparing it from the traditional view then it does look like piracy on the PC is atrocious. BUT…in this kind of arguments the console fans tend to leave out PC MMOs out because they a big counter to what they are saying.

          They have been harping for years about how piracy is ruining PC sales and yet the PC is still raking in the same amount of annual profit as both two consoles combined. MMOs play a big part on that so console fans tend to leave out their statistics out of the debate. Strangely enough PC fans are so blind in their “fan-dom” that they too to forget to add MMOs in their arguments.

          As for the console “unban” it’s still has severe limitations to it set up by the Chinese government. There is also an established hardcore PC MMO fans that they need to overcome. And it’s pretty risky, technology wise. Look at Apple: one day it has exclusive production and sales benefit only to have a local company to surge in popularity and become a major threat to it.

        • merri

          There are higher rates of piracy on PC, but sales are still strong, in fact, stronger than console game sales in many cases, especially in the last couple of years. Many games are available as torrents, but it is not a user-friendly practice, and online multiplayer is practically non-existent in pirated games. What is not taken into account is the amount of pirated games that are still bought by offender.

          I myself have pirated plenty of games. Any games I liked, I bought almost immediately after playing. There are many online components, be them co-op, multiplayer, etc., that can’t be experienced with a pirated copy. That, and PC games tend to have ridiculous sales, even for AAA titles just a month after release ($12). Piracy is high, but incentives to buy are also very much there.

      • merri

        That’s just one small aspect. PCs have beaten the three major consoles almost combined in many AAA releases over the last couple of years. I wouldn’t imagine China having very many more PC enthusiasts than other countries.