Persona 5’s North America box art looks censored, but is it really?

Atlus finally announced the release date for Persona 5’s North American release today which is February 14, 2017. They also showed off two special editions and the game’s North American cover.

Twitter and game forums are ablaze as many claim that Persona 5’s cover seems to have gone under the censoring knife like many other Japanese games before it including the recent fiasco with Fire Emblem Fates.

Compare the two Persona 5 box arts below (click to enlarge), the left is for Japan and right is for North America. As you can see Morgana, the ninja cat, is moved slightly up and is now covering Anne’s chest.

Now before all of you take out your pitchforks, Altus PR Manager Atlus Hardin claims that there’s a very good reason for this. Hear him out

There you go folk; there’s clearly no censoring going with Persona 5, at least the cover anyway. So what do you think of all this commotion, was Twitter quick to overreact or is Atlus’ reasoning not good enough for you? Discuss in the comments.

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  • Crimrui

    The problem is that John keeps horsing around. If he keeps laying it will make more people alert and fear for actual censorship within the game itself. He should have just straight up and said that they censored it cuz’ it will sell better in store but actual content withing the game is left untouched. It would calm majority of people down.

  • Vallen

    That PR manager seems very rude. How unprofessional to speak like that to the people who buy your games and pay your salary.

    • Twitter can be frustrating especially if you’re the face of a company. Imagine hundreds of people sending you hate messages for something you didn’t even do.

  • Mats Leven

    99% SJWs are America old fat women

  • desket405

    plz dont censor the game … for god sake dont do what they did to tokyo mirage

  • DiegoOfJuarez

    I wonder how much of the game will be changed to comply with the ESRB rating they want to achieve. But at this point ESRB has become a tool of censorship if you they had to modify such insignificant thing to not get awarded an M+ or something.

    • Lysergio

      Did you even read the article?? Ya dingus

    • Juan Sandoval

      SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU WHINING LITTLE BITCH. Its still going to be the same story line just maybe some missing scenes if its too raunchy. Just be grateful that the game is being available in other places other than JP.

    • J.j. Barrington

      No it isn’t. Go to bed.

    • So have you like, not played a Persona game before?

    • Late reply but moving a character’s face so its not blocked by a logo is not censorship, the article clearly states this lol.