Microsoft’s Phil Harrison: Exciting things to come after Xbox One launch

Microsoft’s Xbox One is the next-generation console from Microsoft and it will compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U in the eight-generation consoles category. Initially, Microsoft announced some strict DRM policies including 24 hours online verification check to play games on the console, no used games and mandatory Kinect. This sparked an internet-wide incident of criticism with many calling such strict policies as unnecessary and that the physical medium of games people own are their property to trade or re-sell. With Sony learning from their previous mistakes and taking all the right steps in the right direction and avoiding strict DRM policies, gamers started hailing PlayStation 4 and Sony an already winner of the console wars before it even began.

After a lot of negative feedback, Microsoft decided to remove such policies. Although the Xbox One will require a Day One patch to be downloaded the first time it goes online to remove the policies. Even then gamers weren’t sure if Microsoft will decide to bring back their “digital future” vision back post launch.

Speaking to an interview with Edge, Phil Harrison, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft said some interesting things regarding the future of their digital vision and what will happen post-launch of Xbox One. Citing that Microsoft just reordered their priorities and that nothing dulls or changes their digital vision, Phil Harrion said that some exciting things are on the way post-launch of Xbox One.

We have incorporated some of the important benefits of disc-based games, mainly sharing and trading games, but that doesn’t dull or change our digital vision. We just reordered our priorities a little bit. We have a very significant engineering team – some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with – who are very focused on launch right now. But as soon as we get past launch then there are some really exciting things that are on the way.


When asked if the features that were originally announced for the Xbox One will see a comeback, Harrison replied vaguely that it’s all there now. He then continued that all they [Microsoft] have changed is the DRM policy for disc-based games. If Microsoft is really serious about their digital vision, which is confirmed by Phil Harrison’s words, then it is possible that the original polices and features announced by Microsoft will see a comeback later in Xbox One’s lifecycle, which may include 24 hours online verification check.

If  anything other than the Family Sharing feature make a comeback like the online verification check, it would indeed be grim day for gamers and it would mean that Microsoft went back on their promise and retained their own opinions higher than that of the community.

What do you think about the policies making a comeback? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • You are flat out wrong

    Can’t wait to come back here when they bring back the 24 hour check next year just before Halo is released.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      I’ll be waiting…

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Hey fuckwit you suck and I can say 100% your a Sony sheep FFS don’t start spreading bullshit because clearly that not what he said so F.U #XboxOne is the leading not your crappy #indistation4 #FailureAwaits

    • X1ultimateGame

      Hey fuckwit you suck and I can say 100% your a trolling sheep FFS don’t start feeling the butthurt because clearly what he said so F.U #XboxOne is the trailing don’t be jealous #PS4GreatnessAwaits

    • You are flat out wrong

      Poor Demetre. Still upset about your Shitbox 720p? There’s still time to cancel your pre-order.

  • John F Xontic

    It’s sad when people in the gaming industry themselves are either too ignorant to listen or too possess too much troll. M$ stated a long time ago they were changing how the system works from a DRM perspective. The actual benefits of that system will come back over time. I swear, it’s like you Sony fanboys can’t just be happy with the lead in pre-orders. GIVE IT UP!

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Fools will be Fools the Sony sheep seem to praise #XboxOne more then their stupid console #Facepalm to them

      • X1ultimateGame

        Fools will be Fools the so-called X1 gamer seem to be giving XboxOne a bad name more than helping the demographic #Facepalm to him

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    Yeah, fear mongering. When this stuff is reintroduced it will be exclusive to digital purchases. There’s no way this can be added back to disc release for numerous reasons. Least of which is that it’s in violation of consumer rights (selling something and changing the terms of use after the fact without consumer choice)

  • ShowanW

    Is the Author of this article not getting it?

    “When asked if the features that were originally announced for the Xbox One will see a comeback, Harrison replied vaguely that it’s all there now. He then continued that all they [Microsot] has changed is the DRM policy for disc-based games.”

    This quote eliminates the 24hr check in… And anything else of its nature…

  • dibils

    they will never bring back online verification check.. since it was only there cause Discs didnt have verification checks, now they do (the discs). the only way they would bring back online check-in is for the family sharing ONLY, which wouldnt effect anyone who doesnt want to connect. if you want to share games over the internet well you would obviously need an internet connection lol

    • Kreten

      There’s another major part you’re missing. Digital Downloads! They can and will do everything with them as they said they would with discs too only diff is that discs are excluded now which is great gives you best of both worlds