Phil Spencer on Rare’s Next Project: “We’ll spend time looking at all ideas” – Fans Launch #rarenext Campaign

Rare has got plenty of classics IPs that rarely saw the light of day on the Xbox platform, ever since its acquisition by Microsoft. Now it seems like fans of Rare are starting a twitter campaign to get the attention of Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, and to give him ideas for potential next project of Rare.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer was recently approached by a couple of fans demanding to know what they plan to do with Rare, once they end their work with Kinect Sports Rivals on the Xbox One. Phil Spencer was rather honest with his reply, stating that they haven’t thought about it yet and will look at all the ideas. This resulted in the launch of a campaign on reddit, demanding the revival of some of the most popular Rare IPs.

1 - rarenext

It is a pretty good move on the fan’s part, to launch such a campaign. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is pretty active on twitter and if the fans show him there is enough demand, we are sure that it can definitely convince Phil and other folks at Microsoft to look into revisiting some of the more popular Rare IPs. Since this campaign started on reddit, which is also frequented by Major Nelson, the chances are higher, especially if it catches enough attention.

Which one of these Rare IP do you want to see revisited on the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • BigAl

    Banjo Kazooie without a doubt…..or conker

  • Fearr

    Conker ,banjo kazooie and get force gemini!!

  • aeris bueller

    Rare doesn’t deserve a little love. Most of them left when MS turned them into kinect whores, and whoever is left there no longer has a soul or a passion for game design. Any bones they throw to Rare will end in mediocrity that serves only to twist the knives in the hearts of every gamer who was alive to play the games they have listed above waiting to be ruined by the MS hate machine.

  • CookieButter

    I’d love to see the return of Banjo Kazooie in a matter more fitting to the originals than Nuts & Bolts, although I enjoyed that too.

  • noobius

    Battletoads!!!!!! Rare owns battletoads do a remake of that!!!

    • Shawn

      this exactly 4 player co op holy shit… or wizards and warriors would be great..

  • Snake eyes 211

    All 3

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