Phil Spencer Regrets Skipping RIME, Wants New Gears of War To “Reignite Franchise And Grow It”

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer seems to regret their decision of rejecting RIME but says that “Part of job is living with mistakes”; he also talked about how he wants to see the new Gears of War game to reignite fan’s interest and grow the franchise.

Part of job is living with mistakes. Passed on Guitar Hero…I can list many misses regretfully. I try to focus on what we did ship

We’ll miss some, nature of the beast, its why I don’t hate when games ship elsewhere. Cool to see team’s idea turn in2 great game

He seems to be very passionate for Gears of War and has high hopes with the team and for the future of the franchise.

Still working through plan. I can say first original GoW from BT has to reignite franchise and grow it, won’t be a quick turn

And I believe we’ve built the right team to achieve that goal, I just want to give them the time.

When a follower asked him when they can expect new announcements for games, Phil Spencer replied back that E3 will be the time, when they will announce most of their games.

Yea, E3 will be our next time for most of the announces.

It was recently revealed that RIME was originally pitched to Microsoft but they rejected it. The project then fell in the hands of Sony, who decided to pursue it and it managed to stun a lot of people with its Gamescom debut last year.


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  • Yeah, this is Sony’s only indie that looked any good (other than Octo Dad, but I’ll get it on PC blah blah blah). And I find it funny how Sony was the afterthought… With the way the internet is spinning everything, you’d think that nobody wanted to develop for the XO. Turns out? Not the case.

  • kevin

    To Phil Spencer rule # 6 of Gibbs that should always be remembered is

    Rule #6: Never apologize — Its a sign of weakness.

  • NeonPriest

    Glad Microsoft passed on RIME as we get it on PS4 now. I hope GOW is good and innovates as the xbox one could use it, I can’t stand the GOW series myself which is why I’m so disappointed in The Order, which gameplay is just like that of GOW.

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