Planetside 2 On PS4: Check Out First Direct-Feed Screenshots In Full 1080p Glory

Planetside 2 beta on the PlayStation 4 is currently on-going for those who registered for the beta version after PlayStation Experience. If you have registered for the beta version, you should be getting your invite soon. In the meanwhile, if you are curious over how the game looks on the PlayStation 4, you can check out the direct-feed screenshots of the game taken from the PlayStation 4 below.

Planetside 2 is a massively multiplayer online first person shooter that was originally released on the PC. A console version of the game was announced to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 but it was later delayed to an unknown date. The game appears to be in a good shape now judging from the beta version screens, although it seems to have missed the target of running at 60 fps as originally estimated.


What do you think about these screenshots? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • ambleThought

    looks pretty good. 30fps vs 60fps? Really? let the xboxers compare their 360 vs One fps, that is their issue, not ours.

    • The Glorious PC Master Race

      Sony cockroaches are hilarious. Something wrong with the POS4? Developers can’t hit their targets due to the underpowered hardware? Blame the xbone for it being an underpowered piece of garbage. Can never be Sony’s fault for also making an underpowered piece of garbage.

  • Guest

    Looks quite bland.

    • The Glorious PC Master Race

      Wonder where the HBAO is. Or any special effect. No one would say PS2 is a looker but the fact it’s missing Ambient Occlusion, Anisoptric filtering or anything else in the PC version makes it hilariously pathetic.

      The only “High” settings are the console peasants clearly high thinking it’s running at Ultra on PS4.

      I’d include some of my own screenshots but Disqus doesn’t like 3mb uncompressed glorious PC screenshots

  • Fay_Z

    1080p hype needs to stop, the game looks ugly, all that bandwidth wasted on resolution

  • kreator

    “Give me 1080p and 60fps or give me death.” 
    Guess that Sony guy won’t be playing this on PS4

  • The Glorious PC Master Race

    30FPS :^)

    • Charles Patrick Walker

      Its playing at ultra-like settings on PC, confirmed by SOE themselves. Those facts of yours, get them straight.

      • The Glorious PC Master Race

        And they said it was 60FPS as well. But whoops. Both got downgraded.

        FYI, I play Planetside on PC and that is nowhere near Ultra :^)

      • Zer01ne

        SOE = “Sony” Online Entertainment;
        Sony will never said to a branch of their own enterprise “we can’t run the game at Ultra on our weak Hardware” its shooting bullets on own foot.
        If you really believe Sony then take a look at this

    • angh

      30 fps is average frame rate on r9 290x during massive siege, having all settings on high (not ultra) 1920×1200. Have it, playing ps2 a lot, and without 3-4 GPU you won’t get stable 60fps on PC.

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