Playing Co-Op in Bloodborne with your friends is difficult

Death simulator Bloodborne has been getting some pretty rave reviews lately and everyone seems to be loving the game. Something we don’t love is how messed up the game’s Co-Op system is.

To play Co-Op in Bloodborne you need to go through a couple of steps. First you need a Beckoning Bell, an item dropped by the game’s first boss in the Hunter’s Dream. You’ll have to use the Beckoning Bell to signal that you want to play Co-Op but that’s not all as there has to be a person doing the same thing in the same area. As you can guess by now, this reduces the chances of finding other people to play with considerably. After that you’ll have use another item called the Silencing Bank to stop looking for Co-Op partners or get rid of your current one if you were lucky enough to get matched.


This makes joining your friends’ sessions extremely hard as the matching system is completely random. People playing the game recommend setting a unique password in the Network section and searching in the system area while being around the same level, maybe consider giving that a try?

Bloodborne releases today in North America and worldwide throughout the week exclusively for the Playstation 4. Let us know your thoughts on Bloodborne in the comments below.

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  • Adolf Hitler

    Great game. But the worst online, just like all other souls game. I don’t care what anyone says, I’ve tried playing with friends online. And it’s next to impossible

  • Brantley

    These guys are all wrong. You don’t get it from fighting the boss. You can get it after getting just one insight point. You can get an insight point by entering a boss arena or finding Madmans Knowledge. Also, you both don’t ring the beckoning bell. The person trying to enter the others world for co op needs the small resonant bell. Which doesn’t unlock until you collect 10 insight. Then you buy it from messengers

  • nigger destroyer

    What a terrible article, completely false information, and the worst part is you can find this garbage easily on Google

  • MaxTremors

    Has the author not played any of the Souls games? This has to be the laziest article I’ve read in ages.

  • Brandon Heunemann

    Danial, you fail. If your having an issue with something, research it, look up information.

  • Clate

    Look under network and you can put a password for your session

    • Kick1212

      I’m trying to play with a friend, if we use a password do we need the bell and insight?

      • Cole_djentzen

        Yes, and even with those youd be extremely lucky to get even a random to join. It may say 2-5 network players on the case, but what it really means is, “Please, dont actually attempt this feature.” Great game, otherwise.