PlayStation 4 Firmware Update For Europe Is Live On Sony Servers, Download Links Available

Europe is getting ready for the launch of PlayStation 4 so while you wait for your console to arrive, you can download the 1.51 firmware update from Sony servers and avoid the hassle of downloading it on launch day. It is highly recommended to download the update that belongs to your console region.

The update will be available officially on PlayStation EU website this Thursday but it doesn’t mean you can’t download it yet. The update is already available on the official Sony servers so why not just download it from there.

PlayStation 4 1.51 Firmware Update (Europe) – 308 MB

PlayStation 4 1.51 Recovery Update (Europe) – 859 MB

You can install this update through USB. Follow the instructions below for updating it through USB.

  • Download the firmware update from the link given above.
  • Create a new folder on USB, name it “PS4”.
  • Create a new folder inside that folder, name it “UPDATE”.
  • Copy the update file to “UPDATE” folder on USB, rename the update file to “PS4UPDATE.PUP”.
  • Turn off your PS4 completely.
  • Connect the USB to PS4 while it is turned off.
  • Boot into safe mode by holding the power button for 7 seconds.
  • Select “Update System Software”.

If the update isn’t recognized, make sure that you have named everything correctly and try again.

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  • Andrew

    The file is 901.2 mb. Why?

  • Franky

    FYI, these files are identical to the US ones.

    • Its is not recommended to download the US region update for EU console. Each region has its own update. Even the Japan update is live on Sony Japan servers despite no PS4 release in Japan until in Feb.

      • Franky

        It’s very strange that Sony issues that recommendation, because as I said, the files are identical. Whether you download them from the US, EU or JP servers, you get the exact same file. There is literally no difference whatsoever between them.

  • Gaston

    hi thanks for this, I live in Australia and am after a recovery file, do you think that this file is also for my region of Australia and New Zealand? I’ve been looking everywhere

    • Australia and New Zealand tend to get PAL consoles, so European firmware should work theoretically.

  • G

    awesome thanks! been looking for this!!

  • Olly Be

    good to know I will download now will be installing a 1tb hard drive when I get mines on release day

    • If you are installing a new hard disk, download the recovery update. If you are using the stock hard disk, download the normal update.

      • Olly Be

        ok thanks