PlayStation 4 Launch Date and Price for Saudi Arabia revealed

PlayStation 4 is officially launching in Saudia Arabia on December 13 according to a official press conference by Sony. During this conference, Sony also announced the PlayStation 4 release date, bundle and price for Saudi Arabia.

The press conference was held at 4 Seasons Hotel “Kingdom Tower” and was attended by Sony officials to KSA.

The pricing scheme is as follow:

  • PlayStation 4 = 1800 SAR ~ 480 dollars
  • PlayStation 4 + Killzone + Watchdogs bundle = 2000 SAR ~ 534 dollars
  • PlayStation 4 + Killzone + extra controller + camera = 2200 SAR ~ 586 dollars

You can check out some of the images below, courtesy of GAF user Hassan

ps4-ksa-1ps4-ksa-4 ps4-ksa-5 ps4-ksa-3 ps4-ksa-2

What do you think of this price? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • amer

    better than in india, here in india ps4 is around 620dollars

  • Islam

    How comes most people ksa that have pre ordered still havnt got there ps4 systems ?

  • Omar ALkhalid

    what a stupid descion seriously why release it so late when its out in the USA way sooner i bid its because they have a lot of unsold PS3s

  • SSMA

    salam alaikum
    Brother do you know this console is launching in jaddah or not?

  • Usman Nawaz Awan

    Price is Brilliant

  • Mang KaKnorr

    oh man!
    it seems i won’t be getting a PS4 until 2015.
    i understand why it’s price is higher but it’s so disappointing not unless you’ll get it at USA.

  • GAmer

    I remeber when PS3 just released it was for 6k-8k first 2 weeks 2 months later it was 4k-5k glad they stoped playing with the prices.

  • AngryJ

    thats 300 SR more than the announced price?!!! 16.875% Markup for the Saudi Sony Agency!!!! hate monopoly

  • tv_gadget

    daaaaaaaaaym!! thats cheap! thats like what the ps3 cost a year ago!

  • bgroxs86

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to purchase ps4 defiantly. Will post if I’ll get hands on early.purchasing from us directly n cheap.

  • bgroxs86

    Price is still a bit high but it will suffice.and what about the price of games.and what about the membership cards,are they old ones or new…and what about the bundles coz watchdogs gets delayed till 2014….

    • It is possible that Watch_Dogs bundle might get replaced by One year PS+ membership as the same bundle is also available here in Saudi Arabia.

      Same old PS+ membership cards/PSN cards are intended to work with PS4. Prices for the games for PS4 are announced at $60 but in Saudi Arabia they cost nearly $72, even for PS3 games. So I guess we’ll be seeing PS4 games at 279-289SR at retail shops.

      • jdp12

        in North America it is replaced by AC4