PlayStation 4 Is Reported Being “Loud” By Many

PlayStation 4 has just seen its official and most successful launch in the history of PlayStation. Although some of the lucky (or unlucky) individuals who received their PlayStation 4 ahead of launch reported problems with the hardware such as looser HDMI ports, FW issues bricking the PlayStation 4 and more.

Now since the PlayStation 4 is officially launched and in the hands of many, people are now reporting that PlayStation 4 is “noisy” and that its making a “loud noise” constantly when turned on. This problem has been faced by many users, one user also recorded a video to show how loud the PlayStation 4 was being. It looks like his PlayStation 4 is not in any cramped up place where ventilation would be a problem.

You can watch the video below:

A second video by the same person:

You can also check out some of the comments on the video where many are facing the same issue as well as some indicating that the room temperature might be too hot. This issue has also been seen facing by a lot of other gamers throughout the message boards as well. It is also possible that it might have been damaged somehow, either by dropping or by some other reason. Of course there might be several different factors at play and the number of affected individuals might be to a bare minimum and can be an isolated issue. PlayStation’s Official Community also has users posting about the issue which you can check here.

Have you gotten your PlayStation 4 yet? Are you facing the same issue with the PlayStation 4 being loud? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Foxdie

    Mine has been like the second video at its worst (3:25), maybe even worse, for 2 years now!! Didn’t want to return my brand new console with the chance of getting a refurbished one that has the same issue a week afer. It started a week after I got it on EU launch when the console suddenly turned itself completely off and I got it to turn on again after unplugging for a while. From then on it was just one problem after the after.. Started off annoying but bearable like in the first vid, but after a couple of months it was at its worst and this “issue” has literally ruined most of my gaming experiences (not to mention a great deal of my patience, sanity,..) since I don’t like playing with headphones (forced to lately because I can’t handle it anymore). It’s been driving me crazy, guys.. I’m a neat freak too, even more so when it comes to my games, and have had the console on top of my table with plenty of breathing room on all sides from the very start. Had a similar issue with my first ps3 that was sort of “inside” the table (like in these vids) and got YLOD, Always put them on top of the table now. I live in Belgium so it’s not exactly the tropics out here either.. My ps3 slim after that was very loud too (cheap Chinese fans) so I’ve pretty much been gaming with extremely annoying console noises for the better part of 2 generations -_- Other than this infuriating problem I’ve had multiple accounts of the disc auto ejecting due to some issue with the eject button and a few of those shutdowns, and recently I’ve been getting that ‘red line of death’ thing a lot, where a message suddenly pops up saying the console is too hot and needs to be shut down. Think it’s finally about to burst.. Getting a new one after they announce the 1TB model at E3 to make sure I got the latest model, hopefully with the least amount of issues.. I wouldn’t wish what I have gone through to my worst gaming enemy and as a lifelong Sony fan have been disappointed in them lately. I may just have bad luck but in my experience they’ve been skimping out on quality in favor of pricing and I don’t like it one bit. I would have never imagined them (not used to) charging for online like Microsoft started with either.. Times are ever changing, I guess..

  • Mike

    My ps4 gets quite loud for Infamous Second Son but when I play THEIF it is Quiet. I wondering if it is something to do with intense action games or if I have a screwed machine. Every thing else is fine but this dumb fan.

  • abuelitabionica

    Sounds like a Dyson vacuum. ?.jajajajjajaja

  • michele

    Ours is noisy too, loud humming noise enough to be heard over the game

  • R3D3Y3K1K1

    Mine sounds loud for the first few second when I turn it on. Is that normal?

  • jamesbecks

    I havnt had a games console in 6 year’s my ps4 is doing like a scratch/disc reading noise is that normal?

  • VeNoM

    Having the same issue. 78db and my girlfriend thinks a jet starts in our livingroom

  • ronin93

    I, too, have a PS4 that becomes increasingly noisy the longer I play it. It is not a ventilation problem as it is not enclosed in any way. Although the case gets warm, it could not be described as very hot. I am going to wait for a few months before asking Amazon for a replacement. The way things are at the moment I would probably get a replacement that was DOA!

  • the sea hare

    just got mine.. it is really really loud

  • jay

    this is very real. I had the exact thing happen to me when i first started playing madden this morning but unfortunately mines only lasted about 20 seconds.

  • Ben A


  • Ben A


  • robert syarbaini

    Jesus christ are they vacuuming or something. lol

  • Gchild

    Mine is super loud

  • Vincent

    I have the same exact problem!

  • R J

    Oh great a video that supposedly show the playstation being loud and we have freaking nothing to compare the sound to, the crachs that where heard in the first video shows that the camera sound capture was turned way up.

    NO reviews have said that the PS4 is particularly loud, some have said it can get hot, none have mentioned the sound being a problem, so i call bull on this story.

    • こ-るとん

      You should pull the dick out of your ass and see that this is a issue that multiple people have reported. This isn’t about the PS4 being better than the XB1 anymore at this point. So stop being a fanboy and get over yourself. There is a problem with the console shown here and may need to be returned before something bad happens. Sony didn’t know about this issue, just like how last gen consoles started on fire. Were there “NO reviews” about that? No one knew. Just like now. But hey keep thinking this is just a bull shit story.

  • angh

    Nothing to compare with, he is not talking, so can’t say if it is loud or mic is set on high sensitivity.

  • Dal Dudas

    Think it might be the disc thing O.o

  • devo

    Mine is pretty noisey unfortunately. Should I call sony about this?

  • Drewhefwashere

    Next gen system but a horrible ass tv. It’s Making all that noise trying to catch up with that bull crap television

  • Tyrone_83

    PS4 noisy? I call bullshit on that it’s probably a vacuum. Just another xbox fanboy trying to make the PS4 look bad.

    • Fat Dykes Look Like Mannie

      I love the denial of a fanboy conspiracies.

      • Tyrone_83

        How am I fanboy?? Just like that people were so quick to jump about how the PS4 was wobbly? How did that turn out? Oh wait that happen to be a lie. Thumbing down my comment only proves who the real fanboy is. So wait when the Xbox One has it launch issues where would you be? Nice to know how your trolling behind a fake profile.

        • Fat Dykes Look Like Mannie

          What in the fuck are you talking about?

          • Tyrone_83

            =/ You know what don’t bother.

          • Fat Dykes Look Like Mannie

            You’re just denying that the PS4 is a fuck up.

          • Tyrone_83

            Yeah i’m soooooooo in denial. You sure got me. There no fooling you =/ I love the fact how your acting like Xbox never had launch problems . And believe it will. No electronics at launch are immune to have problems.

          • Fat Dykes Look Like Mannie

            We’re talking about 2013, not 2005.

          • Tyrone_83

            I I said before first batches always have issues I hope your here next week.

          • Fat Dykes Look Like Mannie

            People got their X1 early and reported no issues. So far so good.

          • Tyrone_83

            That’s because they haven’t got the day one patch or logged into Xbox Live genius. You should have known this. Even Microsoft said on Twitter and on their website if you get the patch before the embargo is lifted you will get console banned. If that wasn’t the case why isn’t there any videos up on YouTube stating it?

          • Fat Dykes Look Like Mannie

            But they got banned until friday you fucking moron. But are there any videos of the people who got their X1 sonding like vacuum cleaners? I thought so!

          • Tyrone_83

            Getting a temp ban and getting banned in general is the same thing stupid.

          • Fat Dykes Look Like Mannie

            UUuuuh you were the one assuming that is a vacuum cleaner. Are you on crack? Those accounts will be lifted on Friday. Seems like you dont know what general mean.

          • Tyrone_83

            What makes you think Microsoft will lift a ban? You clearly your just as naive enough to believe what they say. I hope your on these forums next week. XD

          • こ-るとん

            Tyrone I have to ask, what Microsoft fanboy wants to spend money on a Sony product just to make it look bad? You’re not seeing the bigger picture here. There’s a problem with some of the PS4s and they need to be fixed you jackass.

          • Tyrone_83

            You don’t say captain dumbass you could have fooled me ya idiot. But he refusing to accept the fact that they made fake comments just to make it look bad stupid. Also don’t act like the Xbox won’t have issues either have you seen Microsoft track record for fixing things? Its beyond pathetic.

          • Ben A

            because they said its 22nd they can login in . retard.

          • Tyrone_83

            If you were paying attention and you weren’t since your fanboyish pride is taking the better of your I was telling him either way a ban is still a ban in general terms stupid. As for the date thanks for telling me something already knew captain obvious. Man what else are you going to tell me that I already know? You’re going to tell me that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is this week? No wait my Gold Membership ends this Sunday? =/ Now I know who to add to my avoid list. Continue to be a keyboard warrior with your childish remarks

          • Fat Dykes Look Like Mannie

            I got my account lifted last night. I got my X1 two days ago. Yeah, I sound naive but you can’t accept a faulty PS4 and counting.

          • Tyrone_83

            Naive, Your’e right I can car accept a faulty PS4 nice work there kiddo on the spelling. And counting?? Counting for what you do know the failure is close to bring a new record for the lowest ever its sitting at 0.2. You fanboys crack me up. Please explain how Xbox One in Europe aren’t working I your gonna damage control that.

          • Tyrone_83

            Explain that. I left the link for you to check out the video basically you just got told. How you gonna counter this..Change your tampon your leaving blood all over the floor.

          • Fat Dykes Look Like Mannie

            You have a screenshot of a so called X1 video breaking down. As I hear this morning a pic–instead of a video surface of the X1 not working. That being said, thats ONE report of a bad X1 out of the thousands that were in peoples hands early. I can counter there was faulty PS4’S at retail stores also. Are you going to deny that, too?

          • Tyrone_83

            So called Xbox One? That is an Xbox One are you dumbass. =/ You MS fanboys are bunch of hypocrites. How many times are we going to over the failure again. It’s not one there multiple consoles in Europe I can tell you dont do your research before you spew crap out of your mouth. I hope I don’t run into you on XBL and hope you don’t procreate.

          • Tyrone_83

            Im going to turn on my 360 and play some Ghosts talking to you is like talking to a stubborn child. I gotta give you props for defending a piece of plastic. It looks like you need a hug. Here what I say bury the hatchet how about we do a 1v1 bro. XD

      • Tyrone_83

        Also if i’m such a fanboy I guess you won’t mind giving me your gamertag to xbox live then?

    • Retro

      So he bought a PS4 just to bash it? Not too bright are you.

      • Tyrone_83

        Once my comment passed moderation. Funny how there nothing to compare it too. And he not even talking. Funny how your gonna believe a dude with view botted videos 30K views and that much likes and dislikes you and he has 2 videos. I think you should look up the Overall failure rate for the PS4 it’s pretty low.

  • Hedberg

    mine is quiet as a mouse as well.

  • op_gamer

    XBOT ALERT! THIS IS FAKE! The guy has put a hairdryer next to his microphone, or he has messed around with the fan in the PS4.

    • JahFou

      When i look up the moon is green bcuz thats what i want to see.

    • jas Al

      Blow dryers dont “slowly” rev up like that. Your an idiot!

      • RHigg

        Same problem here. It is nearly as loud as my vaccuum!! What’s the best way to handle this? Call sony?

    • Retro

      Yup, he’s such an Xbox fanboy he ran out and bought a PS4 just so he try and make it look bad. Or it really is noisy.

      I’m going to go with the simplest and most logical choice.

  • Trim Dose

    And it takes off!! zoooom

  • spideynut71

    It may sound like a 747 taking off, but hey….it’s small, and gotz all da ramz and rez.

    Deafness Awaits….

    • Necro

      Mine is as silent as a mouse when playing games. The dude got a bad system.

      • spideynut71

        You’ve obviously never had a mouse trapped in a wall before.

      • spideynut71

        You’ve obviously never had a mouse trapped in a wall before.

      • Crusina .

        And if he has a bad system that’s a PROBLEM. I was that QWERTY person in that photo (My sisters account, Mine’s Crusina) and I stand by what I said.

        If a problem exists you don’t down-vote it because you don’t like what you see. I’m getting an X1 if my Xbox One had this problem, I’d upload it to youtube and promote it on forums and on support.

        Trying to bury the video and dislike it because you don’t like what you see is wrong. Problems like these need to be brought to attention whether or not it’s common or extremely rare. Do you want other people to suffer your problem or do you want Sony to take the correct steps to prevent it from happening in future units?

        • Tapirodonte

          He never said he disliked the video though

    • dave

      LOL, faulty unit or the guy is trolling. Game journos who have a PS4 working said it is near silent in normal conditions.

      • asscrack

        not really mine sounded the same after 2 hr of gameplay on kzsf