PlayStation 4’s Faulty GPU Shows Serious Graphic Glitch In Killzone: Shadow Fall

PlayStation is the most critically acclaimed and highly successful console launched from Sony. PlayStation 4 was officially launched in UK yesterday to immense and overwhelming positive response. However no matter how hard it is tried, there will be cases of hardware issues arising, whether isolated issues or experienced by majority.

When PlayStation 4 was launched in North America, it showed some hardware issues such as shutting down after two-three minutes, being very loud, failing to boot, disc drive making serious noises and some more. Some of the issues experienced by the users were because of a faulty GPU. A faulty GPU can show overlapping of the UI or in-game glitching. YouTube user, WDUK, who is from UK encountered this issue when he was playing Killzone: Shadow Fall with his PlayStation 4 which he brought just yesterday.

You can check out the video below:

We’ve advised WDUK to return his PlayStation 4 and claim warranty and get it replaced with a better working model. We hope that Sony does sort out all of the hardware issues in due time so that no inconvenience such as the hassle of packing the console to send it back and waiting to receive a new one can be experienced by affected people.

Have you received your PlayStation 4? Is it working fine so far without any issues? Lets us know in the comments below.

  • Phill

    I have a faulty ps4, I also have a video. I bought it on the 5th February 2014 and I have only used it a handful of times because I also got an xbox one because I couldn’t make up my mind what console to buy, so I got both, simply for the exclusive titles.
    I have encountered major glitching and buzz are gameplay with killzone, so I am now going to try other games to see if it continues to do the same thing.

  • Tim

    Had my PS4 for nearly a month now, all my PS4 games work perfectly for me, I have seen no glitches in Killzone, COD, FIFA, Assassins Creed or BF4.

    • djorjan

      Hey people. look we have a walking advertisement for Sony. Let’s suck his dikk

      • Ty’s Blog

        What the hell is wrong with you, Jason? Tim didn’t say a damn thing wrong, certainly nothing that makes him look like a fanboy.

        Seriously, there is nothing wrong or egocentric when someone says I, me or my. It’s just a way to express ownership, stating how he owns a platform, and has never had any problems with it. First hand experiences, if you will.

        Personally, I’ve yet to notice any problems or defects with my PS4. I got it on the day of release, and have put nearly a thousand hours into it so far. The system seems to be quite stable, though I am rather worried about the heat that it generates. It gets quite warm to the touch, even when idling on the home menu.

        I only have two next generation gaming devices, being the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U operates at a far lower heat level, with barely any heat output at all. Quite surprising, given the size and power of the unit.

        • Jason Mounce

          You are flat out anus bro

          • Ty’s Blog

            Damn you for making me imagine a flat anus!
            They should be round, and juicy. LIKE YO MOMMA!

            p.s. I suck at trolling.

          • Jason Mounce

            STFU xboner

  • The guy

    Mine dose not work with cod ghosts or BF4

    • Ty’s Blog

      What exactly is wrong with it?

  • Olly Be

    well I got mine on release day yesterday played it all day works fine downloaded a few games with no issues it’s only later in the day psn was giving trouble I guess everyone was setting up thier ps4 around that time

    • If you are having trouble redeeming PS+ codes or other, do note that your main account carries over all devices. So you can redeem the PS+ on a PS3/Vita and it will carry over to PS4, even if you can’t redeem on it.

    • Henry

      remember seeing you comment on how the issues are building on the xbox lol and when all I learned was faulty cd drive, and some bad GPU’s (never heard a nonfunctional out the box or one that stopped working after sometime) while sony had hdmi problems, hardware not working from the box, hardware breaking after update, and now bad gpu’s. You having good one doesn’t mean others do. Every company has their own share of hardware problems on a launch of a new console but don’t go celebrating on xbox ones few problems compared to the launch of the 360 which was a huge failure. Those affected get a new working console and a free launch exclusive game of their choice.

    • djorjan

      Hey people. look we have another walking advertisement for Sony in here. Let’s suck his dikk …woohoo 100x!

      Translation: the egocentric ‘my’ . ‘me’ or ‘i’ revolves around him.