PlayStation 4’s Upcoming SHAREfactory App Is Already Listed On PSN

While PS4’s 1.70 firmware update hasn’t been released yet, the SHAREfactory app is already up on the official web store, although it is not downloadable yet.

SHAREfactory is the latest video editing application for the PlayStation 4, which will allow us to edit and upload our videos to either Facebook, or export them to USB and upload wherever we like. The application has already got its page set up on the official web store although there is no way to download it yet. We will be able to do so once the official 1.70 firmware hits the PS4 tomorrow.

The store description lists the features of SHAREfactory as follows:

Create with Ease
Effortlessly combine your favourite game footage in minutes using simple, intuitive controls.

Personalize Your Videos
Customize videos with commentaries, soundtracks (included tracks or your original music), effects, themes, and more.

Share Your Best Moments
Post your videos directly on Facebook via your PlayStation®4 system or use a USB drive and upload them to the world.

Are you excited for this upcoming application for the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

  • iPhone app has been updated.

  • Eugene Paluch

    Need master account to use it .
    My kids grow up and can’t because the can’t upgrade from sub to master.
    Over 100 platinum trophies combined makes them want to keep the names.
    Sony is dropping the ball on it big time.
    I’ve heard they are working on it but apparently they care more about indies than PAYING customers.

    • uhhh what?

      What does any of what to do with this article have to do with that. And if you heard of progress of them working on such a fix why the whole PAYING customers routine?