PlayStation Consoles Generate More Revenue Than Microsoft And Nintendo Consoles Combined, Double Since 2012

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has had an excellent start with more than 25.3 million units sold in as of June 30th 2015. This is estimated to be more than Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U combined sell in totals which gives Sony’s console more than 50% market share this gen. This is something that the PlayStation 3 was not able to achieve.

According to a recent market research by report by Euromonitor, we can now confirm that the PlayStation family of home consoles is generating more revenue than the Xbox One / 360 and Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U combined. A first for Sony since the PS2 era, 2014 saw Sony generate revenues of $8 billion through sales of the PlayStation 4 and 3 whilst Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s home consoles could only generate revenues of $7.2 billion.


The new console launches have allowed both Sony and Microsoft to increase revenue quite drastically compared to the declining revenue trend seen before 2013. In fact the PlayStation 4 has allowed Sony to double the amount of revenue they made in 2012 across all home console sales. Nintendo on the other hand have seen a sharp decline in the revenue they generate from Wii and Wii U sales with total revenue down 25% since 2012.

Nintendo’s sharp decline actually came about before the launch of the Wii U, in 2009 Nintendo was still the leader for revenue generated by console sales but sales of the Wii started to drop off in 2010 causing revenues to decline whilst the successful launch of Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move allowed Sony and Microsoft to maintain revenues and overtake Nintendo in this space. The launch of the Wii U did nothing to stop the decline that Nintendo were seeing and this can mainly be attributed to the high pricing of the console and the confusing marketing that failed to capture the attention of the mainstream market. To date the Nintendo Wii U has only sold 10 million units worldwide.


Sony have been able to hold their $399 price point for almost two years now whilst Microsoft has had to drop the price from $499 to $349 in the space of a year just to remain competitive. It’s fairly clear that Sony are expecting revenues from home console sales to increase further in 2015, that should line up with increased profits on hardware as Sony stated in a recent financial report that the PlayStation 4 is now cheaper to produce, whereas Microsoft could see a year where revenue remains flat or could even decline. One area where Sony have seen a decline is in portable console sales, the discontinuation of the PSP and lack of worldwide appeal for the Vita have caused revenues from handhelds to drop by almost half since 2009.

Overall the console video game hardware market remains healthy and has beaten the slump that we saw at the end of the last generation.


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  • arrianadavis

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  • Tifa Lockhart

    What do you think about the possibility of playing Dynasty Warriors 15: Empires on either Morpheus 2.0 or Oculus Rift 2.0? Imagine controlling the officers and interacting with them

  • Jecht_Sin

    Ok, that’s for the revenues. What about profits? I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS4 makes 2 or 3 times the profits of the Xbone and Wii U combined. Those Xbone bundles with 2 or 3 games at a ridiculous cost must hit hard! 😉

  • Brendan

    This is Crap for people saying things like microsoft isn’t for the gamer stfu everything microsoft is doing right now is for the gamer. Plus microsoft still triples sony profits.

  • Gaikai

    Playstation is Master Race

  • Kfal Balli

    This has to stop. No flagship game has shipped on the console. It’s selling off of hype mainly due to Mattrick and his fuck ups. I’ve always owned Sony consoles but the hype for this one is not warranted. Maybe when Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Ratchet & Clank and a new Last of US drop then maybe so.
    When I say flagship I mean a successful Sony franchise developed with the PS4 in mind not a port. This is the type of thing that got Sony in trouble at the beginning of the last generation, Nintendo the beginning of this Gen and MS at the beginning of this gen. They get cocky over sales figures and start making mistakes. Put out the games not sales numbers. Bloodborne was cool. Until dawn is a surprise that’s either hit or miss with players. When the company admits to having a lack of exclusives this holiday you can’t defend that. The console will hit it’s stride this year. But don’t act like competition isn’t the reason why PSN, devkits and the Dual Shock improved. The consoles that have sold less have had the better exclusives.

    Forza has been the best racer and it’s available now (horizon 2, FM5)
    Super Mario U / 3D world is better than any platformer on the Ps4 right now
    Currently nothing is out on the one or Ps4 exclusively that compares with Bayonetta 2
    Titanfall is better than any ps4 exclusive FPS although it’s pc xbox this version is console exclusive.
    Halo 5 out “this” year and will probably be the best exclusive FPS “this” year.
    Sunset Overdrive is the best exclusive open world action game
    Xenoblade Chronicles X will probably be the best exclusive RPG when it’s released in Dec (famitsu 9,9,8,8)

    I miss the sony games that focused on gameplay for the last few years all they rave about is the graphics and cinematic experience. What happened to Jak, Twisted Metal, Socom, Siphon Filter, etc… I’m still annoyed they cancelled their exclusive shooter beause it was similar to Destiny. What type of cop out shit is that. Why not push to make a better Sci Fi shooter.
    It’s also annoying that Microsoft doesn’t want to differentiate Xbox One and PC games. Why not any new Mech Warrior, Age of Empires, Flight Simulator. If you say you believe in PC gaming then why not make PC exclusives that actually take advantage of PC hardware. How does one expect to sell consoles when you’re offering an alternative…I understand there are console gamers and PC gamers. But some gamers on the fence may decide to just get the game PC.
    Sales figures aside the PS4 console is the one lagging behind. The Order, Until Dawn, Beyond Two Souls, Driveclub, all pushed graphics over gameplay smh.

    It makes me sad to say that since I grew up playing Playstation. Furthermore, Microsoft and Sony are Batman and Joker.They need each other. Competition is good for gamers.

    • Sylmaron

      You have a very good point.

      I have had a PS1, a PS2 and a PS3, the latter which I still play regularly, but I haven’t gotten a PS4 yet. The reason I stuck with Sony through the years is that I really like their firstparty studios and I think that they offer more variety in gaming styles, along with a great Jrpg support which the other systems often lack.

      That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of things I don’t like about the way Sony is heading now:

      – The console is louder than the Xbox One. I HATE loud consoles, I owned the first Xbox and the Dreamcast. I know loud consoles and I’m not planning sitting next to a hairdryer when gaming. That said the CUH1200 line seems to be quieter but there are also reports of it becoming very hot which makes me wonder how long it takes before they break. It doesn’t help they use the cheapest cooling paste available to cut costs. Some gamers replace the paste themselves but I’m not planning to void my warrenty. This should be first and foremost Sony’s problem. I really have doubts about Sony quality control here.
      – I’ve read countless complaints on forums as Neogaf on creaking controllers, rupturing sticks and the bad battery of the controller. I think Microsoft did a better thing here.
      – PSN is still very slow for a lot of users. Hopefully Sony is aware of this but it will probably cost them a fortune to invest in a better infrastructure and I’m not yet sure this is high on Sony’s list. Need some convincing on that part.
      – PS+ games seem to get cheaper in value for some time now. Sure, there are some great games once in a while but I remember getting two AAA+++ titles for my PS3 each month. Of course there is still not a catalog big enough for the PS4 to do the same but for PS3 the quality has also gone down. I can only see this being a financial decision.
      – PS+ is getting more expensive in EU, only the one-year subscription stays the same price. I gotta say, that is a ballsy move from Sony with the slow current PSN. This is for the gamers… not so much.
      – It’s no denying that Microsoft offering backwards compatibility is a great great thing and it’s free of charge. Sony relying on PS Now for that is just greedy and is NOT the solution. It deserves to flop, we are paying for PS+ already. Rentals are just crazy, especially at the beta pricing.

      It may seem overly critical to some but throughout my gaming years I always realized that sticking to one manifacturer is not necessarily a good thing. Sony, as other manifacturers have to win me over with every new generation. My next gaming console might be a PS4, but it can also be a Xbox One or I might even wait for the Nx. All in all it’s always about the GAMES, not the system. Keep an open mind, you are not bound to manifacturers, we are bound to games.

      • Kfal Balli

        Thank you for this response. It was very level headed compared to the previous poster. The Ps4 is kind of loud and the battery life on those controllers aren’t that great. I owned the PSX, PS2 and PS3 but I returned the PS4. Because right now I should be playing Uncharted 4, not a port, Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo etc…The product is two years old there’s no excuse for no hard hitting Sony IP’s thus far, PS3 ports don’t count. I now have a XB1. I love their first party line-up along with the future games releasing. Ori is the one of the best Platformers I ever played, Sunset Overdrive

        Phil Spencer is a actual gamers and the the division is benefitting from it. I’m not a name brand stan. If a product isn’t up to par I won’t buy it. For instance I use to enjoy the Galaxy phone product line but I didn’t care for the quality of my last phone or the last couple galaxys So I’ll be buying a different brand of phone next time.

        I had planned on buying another PS4 again next year since the good games will finally start rolling out. But with the NX on the horizon I may wait and see. If it launches with Zelda, 3D Mario, Metroid Prime 4 ( not sure about this since a lot of former retro devs are at 343 or at Armature working on ReCore) I will probably buy the NX instead. I realized a lot of the games that made me fall in love with the Playstation are no longer exclusive or Sony stopped making the games. That’s Tomb Raider(saturn), Mark of the Kri, Twisted Metal, Dark Cloud, Jak, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Socom, Jet Moto, Destruction Derby. Gran Turismo has fallen off, motorstorm, driveclub are not good substitutes. Killzone multiplayer is okay but overall the series hasn’t taken that next step to be great. I’m hoping GG makes a classic with Horizon. That game looks amazing.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Sony never admitted a lack of exclusive for Christmas. Sony only said that “yeah, our exclusives are a bit sparse”. Which means that while the PS4 has got exclusive games all year the Xbox waits for Santa.

      The same goes with the rest of your post. Basically each single exclusive the Xbone has got is like the second coming to you. Even that Titanfall crap, while everyone still plays COD. Bloodborne? It’s just “cool”. Not the best RPG of the current generation as it has been called by many reviewers. And I don’t care if it doesn’t sell a lot, People afraid to play real games preferring the “pew-pew-BOOM” don’t make that FPS crap better. Also you said not to look at the numbers. There is Until Dawn, which fits with the PlayStation tradition of game diversification. And it is a good game. Rocket League, also for PC, true, but probably the most played indie on this generation.

      Regarding the XBone games.. It’s opinion of many that SSO stole much from Infamous 2. Forza? You mean Forza 5? That game is a joke compared to the other Forza games. Project Cars had a better reception and also DriveClub is highly appreciated by the gamers. With the perk that it keeps getting updated, extended and improved, also for free, instead of making a “sequel” asking the players to fork out another 60 $/euro.

      And then give us a break. The Xbone is seriously lacking on the RPG and action/adventure departments. No, Tomb Raider doesn’t count being a timed exclusive. Fable is an MMORPG and the PS4 has got it covered since ever with FF XIV: ARR and many others. And screw this, I’m not going to make a list. Just check the Metacritic pages for all games for PS4 and Xbone and see it yourself. The only thing the Xbone is getting is Halo. They are all hyped up because of that single game. Too bad that for people like me highly despising the FPS junk that counts less than zero.

      • Kfal Balli

        Dude you’re a fanboy. I won’t entertain this with a proper response. You probably never owned a microsoft console longterm. Good day.

  • Ace

    Hard cocks.

  • Manoj Varughese

    You weren’t serious right?!

  • JRPGMan

    The bottom line is over the last 15 years, Nintendo has not only made more money with its game division, they have sold more software, have had higher rated exclusives.

    The console is one piece of the picture.

  • *Also On PC

    It’s no surprise that Sony are seeing the most sales figures, the most profit and the most revenue. They’re being rewarded because they focused on building a REAL console for REAL gamers, unlike Micro$oft who rely on using lies, overhype, underdeliver and catchy buzzwords like “Powah Of Teh Cloudz” to try and trick morons into parting with their money only to find out that the console they bought is 900p peasant trash.

    The PS4 is superior to the Xbox DONE in every way possible. Better graphics, better resolutions, better exclusives, more exclusives, better controller, better online service, better multimedia features. The Xbox is flopping at the bottom of the sales charts like the cheap, worthless, unwanted, last – gen POS is truly is because Microsoft’s Poverty Box not only has inferior exclusive games but also inferior, 900p versions of multi – platform titles.

    The Xbox is nothing more than a poor mans alternative to the PS4, a cheaper option for non – gamers who are too poor to afford a console that can actually achieve 1080p. It has absolute worthless trash for exclusives like the Gears Of Bore: Ultimate Failure edition which flop on Metacritic. Microsoft built a console exclusively aimed at paupers and paupers are the only fanbase they have. They got what they deserved.

    • JRPGMan


    • Manoj Varughese

      That fucking made my day.

    • Reeves

      Dude! You can make fun of the console, the inferior hardware, the marketing spin – but please don’t make fun of the poor gamers who can’t afford a better console. That said, I do agree the PS4 is the better console – but lets not rub it in the faces of those less fortunate. Peace.

      • *Also On PC

        You’re right, I went too far there. It’s not right to make fun of the less fortunate, i’m sure all those Xbox DONE owners would’ve bought PS4’s if they could afford it.

        • Andrew ??????

          Pretty sure 99% or xbox owners are way past the PS4 being a slight bit more powerful. Anyway, gamers go where their friends go and may even like the lineup of xbox exclusives more. Hard to deny that xbox doesn’t have great exclusives with many more to go.

        • Leeboyopm

          I got both like both but prefer the PS4 just not as much as my pc, you should of said ps4 and xbox peasants can only do 900p/1080p they should be doing 1440p/4k 60fps, oh wait cant you afford a 2k pc lol i though because you where going on about resolution you wouldn’t be gaming on consoles atall, why you bashing xbox so mush for not doing 1080p when the ps4 cant do 1440p or 2k or 4k lol what a dinlo, also they both same price now without kinect, so do you have a super duper gaming rig or on your wages do you just game on your

    • Brendan

      Haha please sony is a while big lie. Everything they cover up scheme and lie. Trick gamers they arrive dishonest disloyal, and fanboys like you feed their dying company!

      • Soylent_Beige

        Are you upset that the PS4 is profitable for Sony? Good business sense makes money.

        I look forward to seeing the English version of your post.

    • aaron

      Hope this geeks got a splash guard for his ps4, he loves ps4 so much he got his dick stuck in the HDMI output. Get a life, get a job, and maybe just maybe you’ll find someone who will tolerate your bullcrap. On wait, why don’t you hookup with Reeves, and you both can circlejerk over your ps4. I hope one day I run into, I’m getting tired of your mom.

      • *Also On PC

        The only people without a job are the pennyless scumrats like you and your mom who have to settle for the cheap – price and cheap – quality Xbox DONE pauper console because you’re too poor to afford a real machine that does 1080p.

        Keep crying over the sales charts you uneducated, unwashed piece of vermin garbage. You’re stuck with your 900p peasant machine that nobody else bought and that’s not going to change no matter how much of your worthless life you spend on the internet trying to damage control on Microsoft’s behalf all day.

      • Soylent_Beige

        The human reproductive organ isn’t really shaped for that. What are you using as a reference? Hopefully not your own organ. If so, I’d recommend securing an appointment with your Dr. It shouldn’t look like a fluke worm.

    • kaapie

      PS has more exclusives, better controller, better online service, better multimedia?? LOL

      • Jecht_Sin

        Oh, interesting. That’s the achievement people have got for buying the Xbone Day One edition? lol

    • Rubix99

      I can only half agree about the PS4 controller being better.

      Dual Shock 4 certainly feels much better than the Xbox One controller. No doubt there but the battery life is absolutely terrible. I imagine it’s the same with Xbox One too……as with all wireless controllers that need to be charged via a USB cable.

      But the Xbox One controller (like the 360 controller) comes with the option to use 2 AA batteries. 2 fully charged 2700mAh AA batteries will make that controller last between 5-7 weeks!!!!

      PS4 and Xbox 360 controllers that are fully charged via USB connection will last between 5-7 hours!!!! That is just awful. Sony really should have made the DS4 have the option to run on 2 AA batteries.

      For my PS4 I have 2 of those Sony endorsed Venom battery packs for the DS4. A fully charged battery pack attached to a fully charged DS4 will make the controller last just under 12 hours. But even this just plain sucks compared to just inserting a couple of fully charged AA batteries into the controller and forgetting about it for the next month.

    • ALightningBoldt

      Could you be any more of a fanboy? You really are a loser.

  • D. Smith

    Quite an informative read. When laid out this clear, it is rather interesting seeing the current console playing field.

  • *Also On PC

    If you think 25 million is a garbage number then how pathetic does that make your Xbox DONE pauper console with a laughably pathetic install base of 13 million then you ignorant, butthurt fucking mongrel twat?

    Xbox is pauper scum console for moron loser vermin like you who are bankrupt in both wallet and brain and who are too poor to afford a real console. All the real gamers are siding with the PS4 this gen and it’s only the delusional moron scumrats like you who are still defending the Poverty – Box with its trash games and sales prove that.

    Keep crying over the sales charts you pathetic, unwashed, uneducated piece of garbage. Your pathetic tears aren’t going to change the facts.

  • Rikarudo

    ouch, let me introduce you to heavenshitman1… he is also hurt by the news, sit down, lets be friends =)

    • heavenshitman1

      Oh good golly, that all u can reply with in a statistical and analytical discussion?
      Sometimes its easy to mistake emotion in black and white text.
      I at least, am not crying, but it seems fact that Sony makes sales from hype, not quality of software.
      The examples i gave earlier of ‘Knack’ and ‘The Order’ virtually prove how games of (in many respects,) of poor grade suck the masses in.

      Not my fault that millions of gamers out there cant spot real games or play anything beyond primary school games

      • Rikarudo

        i love it how you see the statistical facts as a discussion =)
        it is what it is =)

        • heavenshitman1

          Discussions usually involve factual data, why wouldn’t u possibly think that data can’t be used in a discussion??
          Just cause u put smileys in ur comments doesn’t avoid the fact u can’t think of one point to prove my comments wrong. Not my problem ur lost for words.

          I challenge u to try and make one argument against my points made.

          You’re right about everything being “is what it is”

          The PS4 IS filled with low graded software that DOES sell high (hence this whole article)
          Sony goers ARE clearly not true gamers, cause the numbers show they’re more interested in button mashers than quality built games in many cases

          • Rikarudo

            25 million is a garbage number and PS4 is garbage console more upgraded Ps3.1.5 it has nothing worth offering only Idiots bought because they think it does 1080P all Sony games are upscaled garbage Sony fans Garbage company…

            yeah, great discussion =)

            what points have you done? you are just throwing words out there to see if they stick… want a discussion? start one without throwing personal opinions and calling 25 million people idiots =) =D =D

          • heavenshitman1

            What opinions?
            Of the examples i gave at start the major reviewers actually denoted many of the games features as ‘garbage’
            And I never said 25 mil was a bad number, I said PS4 shouldn’t have made those numbers off a lot of the cheap software it was running.
            There was a lot of bias in PS4s favour in early days too. There was a mini side scrolling shooter that got all round higher review scores than supposed titles (on any given platform) like Witcher 3 and MGS V of today.
            Sony markets hardcore, and thats ehy it sells. PS4 can do nothing much more than what the original PS1 did. i.e. almost bog standard dual analogue play…. That’s a fact. Just a lot lot prettier.
            Any PC can outmatch PS4 for graphic power and precision controls.
            And a console like WiiU can run a plethera of software PS4 never could.
            COD can be played with point aim controls. Its 100% BC with all Wii software n hardware, it runs games like fitness, arts n drawings, and stylus input puzzlers and education software, it has as slick a net browser as a console can virtually get using a tablet screen.
            PS4 just offered so little (at least at start). And this is what the droves of consumers support. Industry innovation will be slowed because so many invested in archaic gaming. All based on Sony’s marketing

          • Rikarudo

            show me at least 10 ps4 exclusive games that reviewers called garbage and i will agree with you. (real reviewers btw)

            i never said that you said 25 million was bad, however you did say it was a garbage number. which is worse… you wrote that… check your own comments.

            ok, so cheap software is now bad, which isnt me agreeing with you, just making sure? (and by cheap, do we mean price or price to make?)

            wait? you say it is hardcore, but also say it is a garbage, so you think softcore is better? and wouldnt that be a “cheap” game category?

            yes, some PC builds can outnumber any capacity a console can. that is a fact. and by some, i mean, the average PC cant, but gaming PC’s built that way can… how is that discussion making its way to a console revenue article? only you know.

            wiiu games can run on this gen consoles. dont know why you would ever make that mistake, specially since you bring up PC and should know the internal specs.

            are we talking controls now? wow, dont know COD specific controls since i dont play them but ok, will have to take your word for it i guess.

            industry innovation all of a sudden… who elses comments responses are you bringing now?…

            at least you like the wiiu & ps4 is garbage from your p.o.w.

          • heavenshitman1

            I didn’t actually make the ’25 mil is garbage’ comment. That was HgGamer.

            When i said Sony markets ‘hardcore’, i meant that they invest marketing PS4 and its software aggressively. Hence why it sells.

            And i never began bringing PCs etc.. into the argument, but when u kept pushing against my comments, I had to start citing specific examples of why the PS4 shouldn’t be making its revenues and why the many of the 25 mil owners are wasting their money.
            There’s better options on both sides of the fence. High end gaming/high graphically superior gaming (which is a primary point the PS4 was marketed over) is easy outmatched by most PCs.
            And as far as innovation and different gaming types on the lower end, WiiU does what PS4 probably never will.

            Since the day Playstation began, they kept quite successful, but thank God they didn’t own the whole gaming industry and be the only console maker.
            Maybe 20 years from today we all could have been playing the PS8 on the latest dual analogue controllers, watching ppl fumbling oddly with their 2 sticks in all those shooters, and denied such plethora of games that dont work on their dual shock controllers
            What a sad world that woulda been for console goers.

  • heavenshitman1

    The article may be technically correct, but Sony is a sad company. Sony global is has been losing billions in recent years.
    And playstation from the get go has virtually never bought innovation to gaming industry ever. Utterly mediocre reviewed games like Knack and The Order sold boat loads (and made lots of revenue)
    Most Sony goers are barely even gamers. They just buy trash software all off Sony’s marketing hype

    • Rikarudo

      ouch, and when did you realize that sony having a 50%+ marketshare hurt your way of living? please, sit down, lets chat.

      • heavenshitman1

        Lol soz, but a lot of comments here were doing a bit of back n forth about Sonys actual revenue success, figured Id put my own perspective on it.
        Alas, i do believe its important for companies to make quality and innovation, making high sales off brain-dead software ruins the industry, it just encourages more low grade software.

        Ppl spend their money on drugs, alcohol, expensive cars they can’t afford, etc..,

        Just cause something sells a lot doesnt make it good for anyone

        • Rikarudo

          hehe, well lets face it, Wii U sales are bad, xbox sales are up but not much more than comparing the same timeline from when the 360 was released, ps4 is doing way better than the 2 and revenues for the ps4 are probably way better than the xbox1 and wiiu combines right now.

          well they do, playstation has brought dvd’s, blurays etc to the mainstream and are making VR more mainstream soon, the wii introduced us to motion controls, xbox brings kinect and now hololens to the table of innovation. that is a lot for a media genre that seemed doomed not so long ago.

          • heavenshitman1

            Well DVDs n blu-rays isnt really innovative, just storage increase, though they did work out well
            Nintendo pioneered the first analogue sticks, bringing us into analogue motion in games, they pioneered rumble in the n64 (though i still hate that feature till today).
            They brought in motion controls, which in few cases proved better options than sticks and in many cases brought new gameplay types in.
            They created the balance board which ushered primarily the entire fitness genre into gaming.
            They virtually pioneered touch screen controls in gaming starting with the DS, making many almost non existant genres in the console world more viable like puzzles, art games and even RTSs.

            When PS4 launched, for all intents and purposes it was age old PS1 dual analogue play. On a system that was highly promoted off shooters, that was pathetic. I couldn’t count how many times i’ve cringed watching ppl play COD, Fallout (if i remember correctly on PS systems), Timesplitters, and all other FPSs over the years.

            If u havent seen it, view ‘GT reviews’ of ‘Metroid Prime Corruption’ all the way through.

            Its a game so few ppl know but its design outshines nearly any shooter u could imagine a Playstation system ever had by a large margain.

            In few and far cases, Nintendo produce some truely great games sometimes mixing quality and innovation together

          • Rikarudo

            yeah but its video game consoles, if we live in a world where go look to video game consoles as a way to innovate the world, what are all the other companies doing?! =P
            but see, so there can be innovation and a way to bring it into the hands on children =)

            hehe ok, cringe away.

            well there ya go, we found the child in you, nintendo =)
            good talk, now go enjoy your console

        • YOUDIEMOFO

          “Just because something sells a lot doesn’t make it good for anyone….” Who the hell says stuff like this.

          Did someone at gunpoint make you buy a PS4 that you hate so much..?

          I guess things in life like having choices and making your own decisions have disappeared….. I would assume that if something sold well that it usually went in line with it being good, or at least half way decent.

          • heavenshitman1

            I never bought any PS system, I just based that rant over reviews and sales data.
            Ur assumption that a high selling product must at least suggest there’s quality involved is undermined by the examples i gave at the start.
            Knack being the better example. The game was fundamentally and systematically a brainless button masher from intro to credits (according to the average reviews)

            A lot of PS4 software sells, off Sony’s name, but in many cases, its trash that millions are wasting their money on instead of investing in “real” games and supporting far more intelligable developers.

            A game like Knack, on a system like PS4 , actually damages our gaming industry.
            Every system has examples of that, but regarding PS4s all round sales, It shouldn’t be getting them.
            In many cases, the marketing teams just brain washing consumers on numbers like 1080P instead of selling off, well built, high quality intellible games

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            so you’ve admitted the facts yourself… Internet glorified fanboy….. And for your references (reference) of trash that sells, there is trash on both sides of the fence just a matter of how much you can swallow. And from what I read there is a lot of “something” going on on your end.

          • heavenshitman1

            Admitted what facts? That PS4 high sellers average lower scores accross the boards, I know that. Thats what the data says

            And what’s “”something” on my end” supposed to mean.

            If ur gonna even try and make a point, use some real info or details, and be more specific.

            Not one word u ever say ever seems to rebutt my points, ur like many online, resort to cheap insults to try and prove urself right.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Nope just facts like you base your assumptions off of. If people just took everyone’s word or what they read “online” (because that’s always all true) then there wouldn’t be ANY consumerism going on anywhere….

            So yes…..if you are one that believes everything stated on the net then keep on keeping on pal. Keep believing the hype and snubbing out stuff in life you have not even experienced because you already know what you have read, but not what you have done or played.

            Keep livin’ life that way. I hope it is enjoyable….

    • Manoj Varughese

      Yeah keep trying.


      Go lay down…..

      • heavenshitman1

        In an internet world filled with the most bizzare of all aliases and identities, ur reply is pretty meaningless and senseless.
        If u can’t think one argument to rebutt me with, don’t reply. You’re only proving my comments right

  • JRPGMan

    And Nintendo software and handhelds have killed Sony. Who cares? Sony might have more “console” sales but overall in the game division it is not even close how much Nintendo has schooled them from a profit standpoint since the beginning of the Wii.

    • Roy90

      “Have killed Sony”?

      Fanboys lol.

    • Angel Duarte

      LMFAOOOOOOO. idiot.

      • JRPGMan

        Is that all you have to say? Cannot disprove anything?

    • Rikarudo

      Well you are correct in saying Nintendo handhelds have a larger market share than sony handhelds, but saying killid sony just means the ps4 just killed xbox and wiiu.
      profit standpoint nintendo is loosing money, basically they have been loosing money since the wiiu came out and they are living on the money from the wii to put it much more simple than it is. while sony as a company is living of money from the ps4, to pay for the weird M&M siblings (mobile and movie) division.

      • JRPGMan

        Um, Nintendo has made more money over the last 15 years than sony or MS, that is just a fact. Nintendo is in the green. Profit.

        • Rikarudo

          oh god, how far back are we going, i wonder how much money nintendo was making in the year 1890… i wonder how much money the love hotel business made for nintendo? look it up, all true =)

          yes, i am NOT saying nintendo has NOT been making more money as a whole, i would like to know how the playstation division as a whole stacks up against nintendos game division though.

          but we are talking now, the present, the ps4 vs wiiu sales and revenue.

      • Brian Wise

        Uh no actually Nintendo has returned to profit they are no longer losing money

        • Rikarudo

          true, the new quarter made the losses they made last year back i think, dont remember the details but it was something 5 billion lost, 4 billion gained…

    • Rikarudo

      did i introduce you to heavenshitman1?… you guys should talk.

      this ad was paid for by “MyLittlePony”

  • Michael

    lol..this is a bogus claim. These journalist just never quit. A 50% market share doesn’t mean you get more revenue. Hardware doesn’t make much money anyway. And lastly, look at the bogus chart. Its totally made up with out no facts outside of console sold to back it up.

    • Toby Kirkby

      Failed economics huh.

    • Mason Marshall

      Just because you sell more console, sell more software, sell more accessories, sell more dlc, and have more paid services that probably garner more users. Doesn’t mean anything…. actually yeah Michael it pretty much means everything. Also they charge more for their console, and sell more of it.

      • Ucouldntbemorewrong

        And Sony has made a profit on every PS4 console sold since 23 May 2014,
        pretty sure MS can not cliam that with price reduction and all the games they give away.
        Michael is just plain wrong just like Donald Dump for presidency.

        • nismo370z


    • neddy

      If they were only selling hardware and they were making a loss on that hardware then you would be correct. But they are making a profit on just about everything they are selling – hardware, software, services – and they are selling more than anyone else.

    • Rikarudo

      It is true that owning more than the 50% doesn’t necessarily mean you make more money… but in this case, it literally means, they are making more money, making the ps4 worth more than xbox and wiiu combined.

  • TristanPR77

    I don’t know what are you crying about. The article mentions facts know by everyone so far as Sony dominating the whole console market, 25 million consoles sold to customer and the decline of the Vita.

    Those are facts!!!

    • Michael

      That doesn’t mean they generate more revenue per console. Sony posted a loss across the board in 2012 and 2013 so its not accurate.

      • Warukyure

        You do know Sony makes more than just PlayStation stuff right? So if the losses in things such as Devices, TVs, Phones, and Movies are greater than gains from Playstation, Music, and Insurance/Financial Services. Then the overall company posts a loss.

        Which if you were to pull up Sony’s yearly and quarterly earnings reports from those years, you would see that TVs, phones, and Movies were the biggest loss leaders at Sony and have even caused board members to demand those be spun off.

        Or you could just be blind and think Sony just makes PS3s, PS4s and Vitas and completely discount the fact that Sony takes in like royalties for EVERY game sold on their consoles as a source of revenue. (In which the PS3 and PS4 have been outselling the competition in combined Software)

        • Mason Marshall

          This guy is an economic doof. Pay him no mind.

        • Zoe Butcher

          Nope. Last year Sony Global posted profits of 2.4 billion. Not losses. Wrong. U know exactly sh!t about Sony. Stop making things up moron. =^_^=

          • Warukyure

            When was I talking about losses from last year? As the person I was replying to was saying, losses in 2012 and 2013. Last year wasn’t 2012 or 2013.

            Seriously, in my comment, when have I stated that Sony has a net loss?

      • nismo370z

        You have no idea what youre talking about

      • Ucouldntbemorewrong

        The Title of the Article is:
        PlayStation Consoles Generate More Revenue Than Microsoft And Nintendo Consoles Combined, Double Since 2012


        PlayStation Consoles Generate More Revenue across the board for Sony than Microsoft And Nintendo Companies Combined, Read the Article.

      • Rikarudo

        sony and playstation are different and he never mentioned revenue per console micheal! dammit, how are you out again?

    • Kabwall

      These are not facst! The 25 million figure is shipped, not sold through, confirmed by Sony.

  • Eletrical Bomb

    “recent market research” – What research? What’s the name of the team that make?

    • ZhugeEX

      Hi, It mentions the source in the article 🙂

      • Eletrical Bomb

        Oh, I was blind? Sorry. 😀

        • Rikarudo