PlayStation Network Is Having Issues With Account Activation Email For New Users

If you are one of the lucky users who has received their PS4 as a Christmas gift and don’t have a PlayStation Network account, you will have to wait a while to get it made and activated as the account activation and verfication system is currently experiencing issues, confirmed by the PlayStation Support account.

In a tweet sent by the @AskPlayStation Twitter account, it was confirmed that users who still haven’t received their account activation email need to wait a while as the emails are delayed.

This hasn’t happened for the first time as the end of the year holidays are usually busy season and if there are lot of new console purchases, it can bring the system down. So if you are one of the new user that still hasn’t received your account activation email, you need to wait since it will arrive a little later.


You will need to use your PSN account to buy and play digital games or utilize PlayStation Plus, which is necessary for online multiplayer on PS4. So if you don’t have a PSN account, you won’t be able to utilize most of the features on PS4.

Hopefully Sony can resolve this issue quickly so that users get their account activation email soon, and can start playing their new PlayStation 4 consoles.

Let us know if you are experiencing any such issue in the comments below.

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  • XbotMK1

    Why are all these Xbox fanboys on here trolling when Xbox Live was partially down on Christmas and PSN was up?

    These are email “delays”, which don’t last long, and it doesn’t prevent you from playing games offline or using existing accounts to go online. So the people who are here crying in the comments are lying. I guess Xbox fanboys really are that desperate.

  • lucey1

    My kid got this for Christmas and is miserable. It’s going on 48 hours! I told him to get the XBox One instead, as we never had issues with the 360. But he just had to have a PS4. His new “hover board” won’t charge either. Spend HUNDREDS and get crap in return. Ugh

  • Ernie

    These jack-wagons are killing me. Bought my 8-year old son a PSP Vita for Christmas and he can’t play it because we can’t get connected to PSN. These guys are a joke,

  • conner

    I’m still waiting for the verification l since yesterday. Almost 24 hours now…

  • What?


  • Kelvin Marcano

    I have a psn account and I’m trying to sign in. It shows me my avatar so I know it linked with psn, but it’s still asking for the account to be verified. I’m waiting over 14 hrs now

  • Debbie Wood

    I’ve already received a verification e mail but it wouldn’t let him log on as it said his details were incorrect, despite these details being the same ones we verified last night. Bearing in mind we waited 9 hours for this one to arrive. My son created another account so will have to wait again now. So annoying.

  • Mitchell Martin

    Sadly just tried to get the email to verify my account and it is still down.

  • Yup. I’d expect this if the console were, say, a Kickstarter project with an email server running in someone’s garage. We’re talking about SONY here, though. Come ON, guys! Scale up already!

  • Banzhoff Wes

    Yay awesome christmas gift!!! Wooohoooo…. yep Still WAITING…

  • The Rogue

    haven’t bought a sony product in Years because of Sony’s BS and their notorious lack of product quality, planned obscolecense, and inability to either maintain their networks or have even a decent functioning one. Stuck with my Xbone, PC, Wiiu, so this year I complete my collection with a PS4 fInally and guess what? Although I have had a PS account since I had a PS3 ever so briefly a few years ago and for some reason I have to verify my email. AGAIN. And since the email (really, EMAILS not working?) I can’t use the stupid network. And this happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR, and as of now it has been over NINE HOURS since this email crap started. XBox live is running perfectly, but I can’t use my PSN because of a retarded email. Thank Sony for reminding me what I HATE YOUR CRAP.

    • Jewtits69

      You sound like a salty bitch.

  • Libertarian73

    I haven’t received the verification email yet, (tried and then requested a resend when it didn’t work, two hours ago), but rebooted it and logged in again, and was able to input a game code to download Star Wars: Battlefront. Don’t know if I’ll be able to play it today, but hey at least I’m downloading it.