PlayStation Now Details From BETA Tester: Trophies & Multiplayer Supported, “Playable” On “Craptacular” Internet [Update]

PlayStation Now BETA is currently on-going on the PS3 between a few selected users in North America. While the BETA is still under NDA, this didn’t stop the leaks from spreading all over the internet, including the whole list of available games for the BETA participants.

A user on GameFAQs has not only posted an off-screen video(Taken down now), showing him trying the PlayStation Now BETA and launching a game(Killzone 3), he is also posting his impressions regarding the service, and they mostly sound positive so far.


According to the user, despite his crappy connection, which only has 5 Mbps Downstream and 1 Mbps Upstream, he was able to use the service.

I have some craptacular internet (for some reason my router decided to change nat2 to nat3)

So for even running it on my internet and still be playable is a big plus. Also just came back from my friend’s house where i tested it there as well.

At its worse… You can see some compression (i.e. My connection) at my friend’s house with proper working internet. It looks exactly like running it off the disc.

He also shares his multiplayer experience with Dead or Alive 5, which is a fast paced fighting game, that he tried online.

Just got done playing Dead or Alive 5 against someone over the internet and there was no problem with the other guy being able to kick my ass a few times 😛

Lol… Next up, going into Killzone 3 to get shot up online 😛

Finally, he drops this juicy info that the PlayStation Now UI is more like PS4 Store UI and is pretty smooth.

It’s more like the PS4 which runs a lot smoother than the PS3 store.

From the video posted by the user, we can also confirm the existence of trophies for games, that will be stored on the Sony server.


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Update: The BETA tester has given new update to us(in comments)  on what he thinks of the stability of the service.

While being a beta, it is truly amazing what this tech can do. Also as noted (that’s me your quoting) even with my internet the way it is, it still ran beautifully.

Even with a few of my family members jumping on Netflix and doing web browsing. I never put up the video is some attempt at fame. It was simply for admiration for how the tech ran and how perfectly too for being a beta.

People wanted to know about the service since it was so clouded in mystery to how it was all going to work. So I had to shine that light on the subject.

I guess one thing to end with is… The game playing off the service is the game playing off the disc… Meaning, 60 fps game on disc is a 60 fps game running of Playstation Now.

What do you think about the impressions made by user? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Matt Cosgrove

    this beta has been dubed lemon juice
    sperad it

  • James Cluckey

    So all these games will have trophy support? That would be enough for me to go back and play a ton of them I missed.

  • Phil Balliet

    PlagueStation Now. Its cheaper to go buy a ps2 with games at $1 each.

    • Phil Balliet is a retard

      Oh really you little sack of shit? Can a PS2 play my PS3 games, and PS4 games also? Can I use my Dualshock 4 on the PS2 or PS3? oh no.. Man, you’re retarded!

      • Don’t be a fanboy

        Jesus man – calm down with the fanboyism. This level of fanboyism towards a company is just…strange.

        • Matt Cosgrove

          maybe if sony gave the gamers that made the ps2 so succsesful what we want
          like a deicated accesory that runs off an extra port to run ps2 games…
          we wouldnt need to rent the games we have in our closets
          for 5x the price

  • louvyoccin

    what’s more important is the latency… it’s always smoother to play on 5mb connection when your only a few hops away from the servers , compared to a 50mb that is 15 hops away

    • Thebudds

      That’s true… Though given how it runs so far. I wouldn’t worry that much 😛

      • Hey, thanks for being brave enough to share your details with us. Any more important info or new videos? Let us know. We would love to cover it as well.

  • Guest

    HAHAHA NO! It’s already lagging pretty bad and will be worse once the masses use it. It’s the PoS NOTwork we are talking about. Poor $0N¥ paupers!

    • Fox Mulder

      The jealousy is strong with this one…

      • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

        The butthurt is indeed strong with this one. Probably funabllons or one of his xdrone friends that come on here and bash the ps4 anyway they can and then try to get everybody all pissed and leave comments. Don’t feed this lame, just lame attempt at trying to troll. Gotta love that he/she did not use their real name, but used guest. That shows u he/she is scared of being called out. Lol

        • Prime157

          He’s in every PlayStation article spamming and trolling his useless jargon. Honestly, he’s just a sad, sad individual.

          • Matt Cosgrove

            takes after his mother
            ava bruan

    • Steven Solidarios

      Please tell me how your favorite gaming system has this already. Oh it doesn’t!

      • VincentVega

        But, but… the power of MS cloud!

        • Steven Solidarios

          Microsofts cloud turned out to being just Steve Balmers fart.

    • Neco The Sergal

      Denial and salty tears are flowing through you.

      Let the rustling continue to flow through your jimmies.

    • cell989

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    • tarbis

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    • Thebudds

      If I ran the beta in front of you, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference 😛

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      Whats with xbots and all the angry jealousy.