PlayStation Now Launch Titles and Pricing Allegedly Leaked

PlayStation Now has yet to launch officially and a lot of details about it are still shrouded in mystery. An allegedly leaked image shows the launch titles for PlayStation Now along with the price of the service.

PlayStation Now recently received a limited private Beta in North America. While this Beta was under strict NDA, we did get leaks like the list of games available on the service for Beta participants along with the impressions of the Beta users. If this image is to be believed, most of the games that are in Beta will be a part of the official launch in Summer 2014. Check out the list of titles below.


Take this image with a grain of salt though. There is no official confirmation of this image although it looks legit enough. The pricing is also shown as $49.99, presumably, for one complete year of PlayStation Now service.


What do you think of this image? Do you think it is real? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • falloutboy1552 .

    Imagine if one of the games they add is Fallout or an Elder scrolls game. That’d be cool if they added one of them.

  • TZuck

    It’s a poorly shopped fake. They are still working out the pricing structure. We won’t know it until around E3, when the service launches in the US.

  • Diesel Fool

    I grew up on Playstation just like i assume everyone else even before the knowledge of a new system which is the xbox. The playstation is so widely known and used and has come a long way a very very long way and there are retro gamers yes older people and even the casual gamers would love to play classics simply because they either never got to enjoy that particular game or it was just a personal favorite my dad asks me if i could find war craft 2 the dark saga for him and get it for him i look online and there are dozens of hundreds of others that are dying to play that particular game so i’m sure it goes to show that old games aren’t dead they may not be up for high demand as newer games are but for 50 dollars a year you can’t beat that & not to mention this is only a beta they are testing current games yes but this is mostly for ps1 and ps2 games and some 3 and 4 maybe just maybe there’s no given fact but just the ability to play ps1 and ps2 games on your current/next gen console through streaming is just amazing and xbox fans are gonna bash playstation now with every piece of bad information or bad knowledge they think they have about it this will be a slow process but definitely a success and it’s 2014 if your internet isn’t high speed more than 4mbps maybe it’s time to switch providers or stop being cheap and add the extra 10 or 20 dollars and amp up your internet speed… also WEP security is the best for your router performance to achieve it’s full potential and resetting it every 2 weeks to 1 month to clear out cache etc..

  • erico

    not a bad deal, i wasnt heavily into the ps3 because of their poor online services, i was spending $60/year for xbox live just to watch netflix and play online. ps+ has made made my wallet $50 lighter to play online, Ive received an amazing retro arcade game in RESOGUN, alright games with CONTRAST and DONT STARVE and now this month with the epic OUTLAST. ps+ will eventually have that massive instant game library the ps3 has and the $50 will seem like nothing. This PLAYSTATION NOW service is allowing me to go back and play all the great ps3 titles i missed. 1-the last of us, 2 beyond: two souls, 3- god of war ascension, 4 sly cooper, 5 infamous 2

    • Trey

      I’m pretty sure we missed the exact same playstation titles. lol

  • torotor

    $50 for ps+ which is supposed to be the streaming service and now $50 to buy ancient games you already own. Makes since.

    • GMS

      sense *
      PSNOW Its not mandatory you know? if this is truth you’re gonna get 15 GOOD games in the first month and they will be probably adding more GOOD GAMES eventually like they do with PS+ for less then the price of a disc based game, and the advantage of using those games in your phone, Ps vita and backwards compatibility for PS4

  • Crapgamer

    So Sony wants people to pay a total of $100 a year for the online and rental, streaming service. That’s kind of a ripoff.

    • Craig Christensen

      Yes. A ripoff. For the price of less than two retail game purchases I get a library of downloadable games and a library of streaming games. If I only find 2 games a year between the two services I will have gotten my money’s worth plus saved over $20. Yep. Complete ripoff.

      • KillingSpree8

        How is it not a rip-off? Since these next-gen consoles have released the prices for these have dropped like a rock. By summer 2014 I guarantee all these games will cost $7 or less. Since I only see 3 games in there I like which is going to cost me about $17 per game. Were talking about OLD games here… not $60 retail games. So they’re stealing $30 from me.

        Also if you already own these games (which many do considering most are killer PS exclusives) you can’t just pay for certain ones. $5 per game for an HD version seems fair but this service is way too expensive. Not to mention you need a good internet connection to play. The MINIMUM internet speed is 5 mbps. Considering the world average internet speed is 4 mbps many will be playing less than the required speed especially when familys are all on their laptops/consoles. Latency means bad and terrible gameplay. Overall the service is a fail.

        • Craig Christensen

          You’re missing the point that these would only be the launch games. More will be added regularly. So for $50 a year I get constant growing library of games. I guarantee the number of games that I end up using out of the library each year far outpaces the cost of what I would pay for the games individually. Even at heavy discounts.

          For me a large portion of these launch games (God of War, Beyond Two Souls, Puppateer, KZ3, Sly Cooper, Shatter, Darksiders II, Ninja Gaiden 3, Disguea 4, MX vs ATV and Payday 2) are games I now don’t have to purchase.

          As for the speed requirements, you are blowing it out of proportion. I use OnLive regularly and it lists 3Mbps as the minimum requirements, yet at peak time in my area when my bandwidth is half that I still have no problems streaming. I have no doubt PS Now will be about the same. It is literally like streaming an HD movie as the processing is done on the server side. With the exception of shooters there is no noticeable lag unless my bandwidth drops below 1Mbps. A broadband connection is required for the console in the first place for any online activity. Basically anyone that buys a PS4 will have what it takes to run this service.

    • Anon

      I think it says $49.99 for the year…

    • Steven Solidarios

      Im sure thats what Blockbuster says about Netflix.

  • Abba Okoro

    waste of money

    • Craig Christensen

      Not sure how you come to that conclusion. A full retail game is $60 not counting tax and possibly shipping. This image show the potential launch library. If you are only interested in just one game that pays for the subscription right there. Let alone if there are more you are interested in. Also, more titles will be added as time goes by. It’s hands down the best value you can get for console games right side by side with PS+.

  • thekillzone22


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