PlayStation Store Flash Sale Leaked Ahead Of Official Reveal, Based On “Survival Deals”

US PSN is getting a new flash sale this Friday as seen on the official PlayStation Store. This listing was supposedly put earlier than intended and it confirms the theme of the upcoming Flash Sale is “Survivor Deals”, which is supposed to run starting this Friday till Oct 19th.

You can check out this listing in the screenshot below via reddit.


Keep in mind that while we can see the listing for this Flash Sale, it hasn’t gone live yet. Just like all of the past Flash Sales on the US PlayStation Store, this sale might go live starting this Friday and end on the next Monday. Based on the name of the sale, expect it to feature survival horror games like The Evil Within, Resident Evil among others.

This sale also comes at a time where there is currently an offer to get $15 back if you spend $100, valid till November 3rd. You can read more about this offer from here.

Let us know what you think about the theme of this new Flash Sale in the comments below.

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  • Professor Murder

    No actual game listings here…..move along…move along….

    • Actual game listing will be posted today.

      • Professor Murder

        Gotta get the wallet ready….

  • Eman_Resu

    You guys get quit smoking advertisements on your PS4store ? That’s fucked.

    • Kemo Spear

      Better that than Doritos, pizza hut & Mountain Dew ads.

      • Eman_Resu

        Seeing anything like that is annoying.

    • Zack Carnes

      Because they want all our money, they don’t want us wasting 5$ a pack and shortening our lives, they want us to spend that 5$ in the psn store and to live longer thus giving them more money.

      • Gregory Hall

        And I’m okay with this. 😀

      • Guest

        Nice!……nice logic.

    • Jason

      How clever… “User_Name” backwards.

      “That’s fucked.”

      Kinda like your attitude?

      • Eman_Resu

        Why because I think them selling off unrelated ad space is messed up?

        • Jason

          Well God forbid that children should be warned of the dangers and long term health effects of smoking.

    • SpermPellets

      Why would that be fucked? Dunno if you’re dumb or what but Smoking kills, and it also gives you bad breath that other people have to smell when you talk to them. Smoking is one giant negative and i can’t believe people still do it, there simply aren’t enough ads they should be everywhere.

      • Eman_Resu

        On my entertainment system’s store is not the place. I don’t care how many people make the choice.

      • ziegler4101

        lmfao. i feel bad for you if you hate cigarettes that much that you dont mind their adds on your ps4…..your a sheep. i dont want any bs adds on my gaming console regardless of what product they are for if it is not video game related

        • SpermPellets

          Lol, you don’t know what a sheep is if you call someone a sheep because he doesn’t mind no smoking ads, yes i like ads that promote good health retard.

    • Guest

      No, we don’t, I have never seen a anti-cigarette ad, so this is new and probably even targeted. But yeah, what are you complaining about when MS has all sorts of bullsh’t ads itself.

      • Eman_Resu

        Like I give a fuck what Microsoft has. I have a PS3, PS4 and Wii U and never seen that.

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