PlayStation VR Will Be Priced $299 Standalone Without Camera, Will Have Separate $129 Starter Kit – Report

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Sony has yet to officially detail the price of PlayStation VR but according to a rumor from reddit, the upcoming virtual reality device from Sony might cost as low as $299 for the standalone product and it will also get a starter kit containing a PS Eye camera, a PS VR game and PS Move controller for $129.

As it is usual with these type of rumors, take this with a grain of salt. While it isn’t confirmed for now, we do know from the statement of Sony Interactive Entertainment President Andrew House that the virtual reality device will cost as much as a new console when it will launch in 2016.

PlayStation VR

The rumor from reddit suggests that the PlayStation VR device will launch at a price of $299 for the standalone product. Sony is also looking into it releasing a starter kit with the accessories like PS Move Controller and a PS Eye Camera. This starter kit will reportedly cost $129 and it will also include a PlayStation VR game. This price doesn’t include the tax which might increase it a bit further depending on the region.

We also get to know from the rumor that while PlayStation VR might require the PS Eye camera, it won’t be included with the $299 standalone bundle. Instead, those who don’t have the PS Eye camera and PS Move controllers can get the PS VR starter kit for $129 to enjoy the full experience.

Let us know what you think about this launch price and starter kit rumor in the comments below. Do you think that the PS VR will find success at this launch price, or it should be cheaper?

  • Rickman33

    I believe PlayStation VR will use the PlayStation 4 Camera, not the PlayStation Eye…considering the PlayStation Eye isn’t even compatible with a PS4.
    Proofread and research people. Proofread and research.

  • Asmodai

    I’ll be shocked if Sony doesn’t release a bundle that includes both the headset and the camera. $300 sounds great for the headset alone for those of us who have the camera already but it’s going to confuse a lot of people if they buy a headset and it doesn’t work because they don’t have a camera and there is no bundle that includes both. The move controllers are only needed by certain games, I don’t plan on buying them right away because I’m mostly interested in flight games like Eve: Valkyrie that use the regular gamepad. Putting a Move controller you don’t NEED in with the camera and no headset is a very strange bundle indeed, that’s more like the last gen Move motion gaming bundle than a VR bundle.