“Plenty Of Projects” Still Going On Despite Recent Set Of Layoffs, Ensures Sony Dev

While Sony’s London Studio, Guerrilla Cambridge and Evolution Studio might have faced layoffs, that doesn’t mean that most of the on-going projects will be affected. Sony has confirmed that DriveClub won’t be affected by these layoffs. DemonNite, who is a developer at Sony, has confirmed that while a couple of projects were canned, there are still plenty of on-going projects.

On popular gaming forum NeoGAF, DemonNite talked about these recent set of layoffs, giving his personal opinion on why this happened.

can’t speak for all studios but if a project isn’t looking good, it’s not looking good right? why waste more time making it. SMS just went thru this and the same is happening here.

He then confirmed that despite the layoffs, there are still plenty of projects still going on at the affected studios.

That being said… there are plenty of projects still going on.

When a user asked him if any of the projects were canned, he confirmed that at least 2 of them were affected with these recent layoffs.

umm, 2 erased as far as I’m aware

It is always sad to hear about layoffs hitting the gaming industry, hopefully, those who are affected can find a new workplace soon.

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  • datdude

    It’s called trimming the fat. It’s unfortunate, but every industry and every type of business must change with the times, or risk being left behind. Sony is restructuring, it’s nothing that unusual, it is very unfortunate for the people and their families though. The list of games in development for the PS4 still dwarfs those in development for the xbone, if that is any consolation to gamers.

    • Kam Williams

      Should we judge by the quality of Killzone Shadow Fall which is completely dead online just a few months after its release. Or should we judge by the quality of Infamous Second Son, which Adam Sessler gave a 3 out of 5 and called “plain oatmeal” and “numbing nourishment without flavor”. I’ve heard the stories in both games are very poorly written. So it looks to me that all we are getting from Sony now are shiny tech demos but the games have no vision and no heart…and more importantly are not fun. Noone is playing Killzone now and no one will playing Infamous a month from now. I won’t even mention Knack. So Sony’s first party is not exactly knocking it out of the park these days and one has to wonder how having fewer people to work on these games will actually improve the lackluster stuff we’ve gotten so far. But here’s hoping all those folks land on their feet. I believe MS hired a number of the Sony Santa Monica folks so there’s a possibility of that happening again here. Curious though…when I see one company expanding and one company contracting that normally tells me one thing…lol…but I won’t say it….game on dude.

      • datdude

        ??? Really guy? You’re going to bring up one reviewer who thought Infamous was average? That’s your argument? Show some discernment and stop desperately reaching for some reason to make your rationalizations more relevant. There is not a game that has ever been made that did not have it’s detractors. In fact, The Last of Us, which has won more game of the year awards from critics and developers than any other game in history was not universally praised, and some people didn’t care for it. It’s called opinions, and like a$$holes, everybody’s got one. Get a grip and grow up. It’s funny you’re calling out Sony’s first party developers when all they’ve done is produce goty winners and contenders, year in, year out, while Microsoft first party studios were dead silent in the water for the last few YEARS of the xbox 360’s life cycle. You’re barking up the wrong tree infant. It’s also funny you think movement in the industry only goes one way. There are hordes of folks who work for Sony studios now who used to work for Microsoft, and vice versa. That’s the business son. You have no clue, and not one cogent point to hang your hat on. And that point is further elucidated by the fact that Sony has more first party developers with more games in development than Microsoft first party studios. They also have more indie games coming to the platform. You wrote something that amounted to nothing. Nothing. That about sums your opinion up right there. Good luck with that. Do your homework next time so you don’t have to get schooled by the basic facts. Google search is your friend.

        • Kam Williams

          Oh look at the billy’s little temper tantrum. Awful lot of text you needed to rebut nothing as you say. Me thinks he protests too much??

          • datdude

            You just got destroyed. But given your proclivity for the innane, I’m sure you’re used to that. Oops, destroyed again. Hit the toilet son, you’re done here.