Pokemon GO Developer Acknowledges 3 Steps Glitch, Possibly Working On A Fix

pokemon go server down

Pokemon GO developer Niantic Labs was hosting a Q/A panel recently at the San Diego Comic Con. The panel was also attended by a lot of the Pokemon GO fans and as expected, one of the question that was asked by the fans was regarding the infamous 3 steps bug that has yet to be patched by Niantic Labs.

In response to the fan’s question regarding the 3 steps bug, Niantic Labs CEO, John Hanke replied back that they are “aware of that one” and while he didn’t really directly confirm that they will release a fix for it, it is a relief to know that they are atleast working on it in some capacity.


If you still haven’t read much about the annoying glitch, the 3 steps bug results in every Pokemon in Pokemon GO being shown in the nearby section with three steps. When the game originally launched, the steps used to decrease each time the player gets closer to discovering the Pokemon. Now that the game is broken, the steps remain the same and the players have to rely on their instincts to catch the Pokemon.

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This glitch has proven to be a major hurdle for several Pokemon players and there could be a way to bypass it, but it won’t work for everybody.

Pokemon GO is available now for the Android and iOS. It was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo.

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The game has proven to be a smash hit for Nintendo and has created new record for the most downloaded app on the iOS store within a short time by getting more than 75 million downloads.

  • Sally

    Can you guys add some more Pokemon and thanks for working on the three step glitch I thaght I was getting hacked or something like that.This game is the best but try pls to help bugs Have a great day thx by😁

  • Little Pinch of Ginger

    Why did it take so long for them to even acknowledge that there was a problem? I feel like communication between Niantic and the user base has been a little lacking, we are getting little to no information out of them about all these bugs/glitches and problems. A simple “Sorry, we are doing our best to fix it as soon as possible” would do wonders.

    I love Pokemon Go, but at the same time, the game in its current form is rather flawed. I live in a very rural area so unlike some “city folk” I have to work hard at finding and catching my Pokemon, and then when I finally, after stumbling around in a blind panic when I saw the figure in my nearby list, was lucky enough to find a Bulbasaur, the servers crashed while I was catching it.. This is not the first time I have lost rare Pokemon because the game quit on me, or because the “3 step bug” made it impossible for me to find it in time.

    I am grateful for this game, very much, but I dont understand why Niantic is not using twitter or some other media to reach out to the fans and tell them how it is going. Heck, I have taken to using Pokevision, a tool I consider an absolute cheat, when I am getting real desperate because I see a rare pokemon in my nearby list and have no hope of fidning it in time, and THEY keep their users updated 24/7 on twitter about problems, server issues and such.