Pokemon GO is down, apparently taken down by DDOS

If you’re facing server issues in Pokemon GO, then it could very well be that the servers were DDOSed by a hacking group.

DDOS attacks are done by swarming the servers by bots. PSN, Xbox Live and many other services have been victims of the attacks in the past.

Poodlecorp has claimed responsibility for taking down the Pokemon GO servers on their Twitter:

The group has been recently taking down YouTubers like H3H3Productions and Pewdiepie but apparently now have set their sights on Pokemon GO.

pokemon go down

Please note that is not yet clear if the game was actually taken down or is just facing the usual server problems, we’ll keep you posted as we find out more. Hopefully Niantic figures out a solution soon so we can get back to the game.

Servers kicked me out just as I set out an Incense so I’m pretty torn about it.

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  • DarkDyllon

    they only claim responsibility to get popularity.
    the servers has been having issues since launch and now its released officially in 21 extra countries wont make it better.
    they better provide proof of them doing it instead of claming to do so.
    remember the whole lizardsquad thing? havent heard anything from them in awhile.

  • Theik

    Pretty impressive. I DDOS’d their servers the other day by capturing a Pidgey. Then my friend sneezed and the servers went offline again. And then I took a step and it happened once more.

    Taking servers offline when they’re already constantly crashing is about as big an accomplishment as beating the first level of Mario.