Pokemon GO: Can you catch Legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres?

Pokemon GO, the first Pokemon title on mobile phones, was recently released to widespread success. The game incorporates augmented reality with the addictive Pokemon formula to create a game that everyone in playing.

You can catch a ton of Pokemon in the game but what everyone is thinking right now is if we can catch any Legendary Pokemons?

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Legendary Pokemon are super rare or one of a kind Pokemon that take center stage in the games and shows. Developer Niantic showed off players going after Mewtwo in the first Pokemon GO trailer but so far no one has been able to catch one in the final release.

pokemon go

The answer to why is simple, they’re not in the game yet. Developer Niantic will most like make Legendary Pokemon parts of events or spawn them manually, which makes sense right? They’re supposed to be super rare and catching them should be an amazing feat.

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I’m betting on the first Legendary event coming very soon as the developers first get a hold of the server issues plaguing the game. In their previous game Ingress, Niantic used to hold events where players would have to go to specific locations to get items, they could easily do something similar with Pokemon GO.

As for the Legendary Pokmeon coming to Pokemon GO first, my bet is the Kanto Legendaries since the game is seemingly focused on the first generation a lot. So get ready to catch Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres in Pokemon GO soon.

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Which Legendary are you most looking forward to catching in Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

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  • beef2stew

    I actually just missed an articuno in northern Illinois on I39 south of the toll way.
    It was literally in the middle of nowhere.

  • Jacob Menchaca

    The legendary beasts

  • Rohen Tahir


    • Would be a long time for that to come along since we’re still limited to Kanto Pokemon. It would be awesome to catch the God of all Pokemon though!

  • cassiexx430


  • Rahorku

    They need to make it where you don’t need a car or plane ticket to participate though. It should be a spawn location within a mile or so of every stop or gym. Everyone needs to be able to participate given the chance.

    • Ryan Cavitt

      It is an NIA Fail Ops game, they are not going to do that
      Source: have been playing that other NIA game, Ingress, for a few years.

  • Jesse Hall

    What if it like a event we’re everyone in like your state get to help fight the legendary and if you beat it ever who helped in the event gets it

    • Nicholas Hunt

      I don’t stay in the states but this is exactly how I’m hoping it is. That wherever in the world you are if you participate in the event and do damage to the mewtwo you get the mewtwo. Because if they either select it randomly or give it to the last person who deals damage that’s going to be dumb

      • Stockton

        They can’t do that because then if your whole state/wherever you live catches the Pokemon it will be common and not rare at all

  • Turtle tyrant

    I would really like to see the legendary dogs, but I don’t like the idea of having to go to a specific location in the world. I would rather have a chance to get one from where I live. I believe one of a kind is too much but the idea of having a ewlqqual chance as other people is cool. I can’t wait for turtwig, my favorite pokemon.

    • Turtle tyrant

      Lol ewlqqual, I mean equal

    • Rion

      i don’t think they’ll make one spot of it. They’ll probably make a bunch of spots where these Legendaries can be found. Maybe one every city.

      • Joshua Lefelhocz

        Maybe instead, they’ll be a super rare chance, one every 500/1000.

  • Summer Bates

    I saw Articuno on my nearby list whilst I was searching for a Ghastly. I had to do a double-take at my phone XD It was only there for about five seconds and I haven’t seen it since 🙁

    • Summer Bates

      I actually felt like it just flew over me and continued going. I put down an incense with so much hope… but no.

      • keolion

        Are you sure it was an Articuno? OMG¡¡

      • James Howard

        prolly a Fearow honestly

    • I did manage to come across a really strong Ninetails, I ended up wasting almost 20 pokeballs on it until it ran from me -.-

  • David Meedro

    I’m really looking forward to catching one of the legendary birds, it would be incredible to catch a Zaptos.

    • Bethany Terry

      Are you on Team Instinct?

      • David Meedro

        Why yes, yes I am 🙂 1000cp Vaporeon is my highest atm

        • Mystic

          I got 1300 magmar and 1400 flareon go mystic

    • Team Instinct represent!

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