Pokemon GO: Some Popular Theories For Capturing The Rare Pokemon Ditto

Ditto is an extremely popular Pokemon that has been found in the source code of Pokemon GO but just like the legendary Birds or Mew Two, it hasn’t been located yet.

Ditto has its own description in the game which reads: “Ditto rearranges its cell structure to transform itself into other shapes. However, if it tries to transform itself into something by relying on its memory, this Pokémon manages to get details wrong.”

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While there are some popular theories out there for discovering this Pokemon, no one has managed to find it yet. There is an easter egg for the Poke Ball menu that references the Pester Ball used to capture Ditto.

Another interesting fact is that the game code lists Ditto as having the baseCaptureRate of 0.16 and a BaseFleeRate of 0.1, which is the same as the starter Pokemon including Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander and Pikachu.

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The other thing that is discovered in the source code of the game was that Ditto has no move to transform into other Pokemon. He only has ‘Pound’ and ‘Struggle’ listed as his battle moves. Perhaps the mechanics to use him in Pokemon GO are different than what the players have used in the past Pokemon games.

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Pokemon developer Niantic Labs has confirmed that there are additional easter eggs that haven’t been discovered yet so it is possible that we have yet to locate more easter eggs referencing Ditto, Mew, Mew Two and the Legendary birds.

Some of the fan theories that have yet to be tested include the possibility that Ditto might be a DLC exclusive Pokemon that should be available with the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. Another theory states that players must utilize a picture of Ditto when attempting to capture one of the starter Pokemon in order to get Ditto.

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Whatever is the case here, we will hopefully get an officially confirmation of the existence of this Pokemon soon.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android. It was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo.

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  • Ctotheh

    My theory:

    As everyone knows the “butter” message that pops up when incubating an egg comes up with 5k, and 10k when near hatching? Also, we know that once you go to your items bag and click on any of the potions and revive, you have the option to swipe and the incubator button will pop up. Although, you are unable to click on it. Simply because you have no butter. Well, if you haven’t already, check the master files and under the “App Converted Images” and scroll up to where the items are. You’ll see some items that we have not obtained yet. Includes a masterball (undetermined), great ball (lvl 12), ultra ball (lvl 20). You’ll see item named “Item_0401” which looks like butter? We do not know how to obtain or if this is unlocked at higher lvls. I am currently 25 and yet to see it. If anyone else has obtained, try using this when the “butter” message appears. It may just hatch something “rare” or hard to obtain Pokemon.

  • Greg

    Think about the programming aspect of using Ditto in a gym. I think they opted not to release it due to not being able to utilize Ditto in battle since battling is so dissimilar to the handheld and console games; using Transform is probably causing problems. Furthermore, this would seem to be the case citing that he is in the source code but does not have the move Transform within its moveset. Lastly, I know I personally never kept Leer, Growl, Roar, etc. as any of my pokemon’s moves in the handhelds or console games, but doesn’t it seem odd that none of those are present in Pokemon Go!? All the moves that any pokemon know are damage inflicting, Transform is not a damage inflicting move.

    • Pedro Marques Silva

      In Pokemon Go, Transform is not available. Ditto has Pound as a basic attack move

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