Pokemon GO: How to Evolve Eevee into Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon [Update]

pokemon go eevee

In Pokemon GO evolving Eevee is a bit different compared to the other Pokemon games. In the mainline games Eevee could be evolved into its many evolutions by fulfilling conditions like using a stone or training it at a specific time. Pokemon GO which currently has only Kanto Pokemon, allows you to evolve your Eevee into Jolten, Flareon or Vaporeon.

Update: Eevee evolution has now been confirmed to be done manually using the trick mentioned in this article.

Like many other things in Pokemon GO it’s not clear if there are certain conditions needed to evolve Eevee into a specific evolution.

pokemon go eevee

Some people say that Eevee’s evolution depends on the second attack it has resulting in an Eevee with Dig evolving in Flareon, one with Swift evolving into Jolteon and finally an Eevee with Body Slam evolving into Vaporeon. Personally I haven’t tested it out but many people say this is the case.

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Others state that it’s completely random and you just level them up and hope that it evolve into the one you want. There’s even a spreadsheet so players can find out what exactly leads to a specific evolution. As you can guess we still don’t know much about the game yet.

So what’s your experience been like with evolving Eevee in Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments.

  • Jacqueline

    The nick names Johnsco1 posted below works my boyfriend has 2 of each now using the nicknames 0 fails I just did my first 2 with Pyro got a Flareon and Rainer got a Vaporeon. My friend tried for the Vaporeon but spelt it Rainor and she got a Flareon so the spelling needs to be correct for it to work.

  • Jeremy K.

    If you name your EEvee tof Pyro, it’ll be a Falreon, if u name it Rainer it’ll be a Vaporeon, and if you name it Sparky it’ll be jolteon. I’ve confirmed it maNY times on many accounts. And youtube has also confirmed.

  • Pokeman

    Eevee with Body Slam just turned into Jolteon

  • Jenna Vento

    I evolved two different Eevee’s while sitting on a bench in a zoo, one right after another. An eevee with Swift became Jolteon (as predicted above), and Body Slam became Flareon (not what is written above).

  • Johnsco1

    Hello, just in case anyone still reads this, I recently found a trick that makes your Eevee evolve into whichever of the three possibilities you like.
    Nickname your Eevee (before evolving)…
    ‘Sparky’, to get a Jolteon
    ‘Rainer’, to get a Vaporeon
    ‘Pyro’, to get a Flareon

    This method has so far been confirmed with 100% success rate

    (Those three names are the names of the respective owners from the original anime)

    Happy hunting!

    • kayakj

      Didn’t work for me 🙁

      • Johnsco1

        Are you sure you didn’t make a typo? The names have to be exactly the same. I’ve seen people trying this more than a couple of times and it worked everytime.

    • MC BDT

      Worked for me! Renamed to Sparky and got a Jolteon.

  • Matthew Moua

    I haven’t tested it out fully yet, but try this. Evolving eevee on mainland I got flareon, at the ocean got veaporeon, there’s a power plant near my house so when I get enough eevee’s I’ll test it to see if I get jolteon. But try it out guys. Just testing out a theory.

    • Jimmy Hong

      My evee evolved at home (landlocked, between a research wheat field and a city park) and got a Veaporeon.. Gotta keep looking for more theories

      • Matthew Moua

        EDIT 5: The final option here is what gym was closest to you when you evolved your Eevee. Evolving near a red gym = Flareon, blue gym = Vaporean, yellow gym = Jolteon. So far, I’ve evolved two Eevees, right next to red gyms, and have gotten Flareons. Others experience similar results. Is this the secret?

        Found it on reddit, I’m going to keep looking and testing it, cause when the other 3 evolutions come out. It will sucks to be random

        • Jarnunvosk

          There are five other Eeveelutions aside from Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon. Not three. Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon.

          • Brandon

            Only the Kanto ones are in Pokemon Go atm.

          • Jarnunvosk

            Well, thanks for contributing nothing to the conversation. OP said:

            “when the other 3 evolutions come out. It will sucks to be random”

            So I responded that there are 5, not 3 other Eeveelutions. Nowhere in there did anyone think, or suggest, or imply, that all eight were currently available.

          • Matthew Moua

            Yeah my bad, idk why I was thinking 3 lol.

  • Wings2fly8

    My eevee, dig, flareon and I am team mystic.

  • Nicholas Fernandez

    All three I evolved have been jolteons and it sucks I want flareon. But I have also caught vaporeon. My theory is that you can only get one of them by evolution, but then after you will be able to catch them. I’ve already found two vaporeons. And I just want to throw out there that I caught a kabutops!!

    • Nonono!

      I have a friend who’s evolved eevee into all 3.

  • Alex

    I evolved an Eevee with swift and I got a Flareon. All 4 Eevee’s that I’ve evolved so far were all Flareons. I hate life.

    • Same here, evolved 5 got, got three Flareons.

    • Wings2fly8

      The more I see the more I think random or based on team/cp# my valareons (2) evolved at 600 cps, my flareon close to 800.

  • Lor Bruh Cuh

    I got all three finally. 3 Jolteon, 1 Vaporeon & Flareon. I wasn’t paying attention to their moves but I evolved them all at home so I’m sure location has nothing to do with it

    • Kevin Falk

      at what time did you evolve them?

      • Lor Bruh Cuh

        It was some time between Noon & 3pm

  • Crystal Joy Reagan

    Just tested evolving an Eevee with Body Slam and got a Jolteon unlike the article said that many people predicted. Pretty sure Eevee evolutions are random like other commenters have said as well.

  • bagit airlangga

    my eevee with swift evolved into jolteon

  • Jeramiah McNeill

    my eevee with swift evolved into vaporeon soo i think its random

  • ok waw it sooooo good

  • TbagosarousRex

    It’s not random


    The simple answer is that it is completely random.

  • TbagosarousRex

    I hear it depends on your location when he’s evolved near a gas station gives u flareon. Near water gives vaporeon which is how it worked for me and a friend but don’t know about the other one

    • Doug

      I evolved 2 in the exact same place (my home) and I got a Jolteon and Flareon… if location was the key, then I should have got 2 of the same evolutions.

      • TbagosarousRex

        Well that’s true I guess. But I’m pretty sure it’s not completely random

        • happyhour8891

          If it was a particularly hot day then fire type has the advantage. Hence Flareon. Your location might be a Jolteon loaction that was too hot that day and you got a Flareon instead. Need more data, keep evolving!

          • Doug

            There was already a statement releasted that the weather does not effect the game. So being a hot day would make no difference. Location does make a huge difference in a lot of ways, but in this case it was the exact same location both times (my chair in front of my computer at home). It would not have been because it was a hot day, and it would not be because of my location since I got 2 different ones at my location. If it is location based, it would just be slightly location based… not guaranteed. It is very possible that if you are near water, it might increase your chance of getting a vaporean… but not up to 100%. So instead of a 33.33% of anything, you might have a 50% at a vaporean and a 25% for each of the other two, or something like that… if there is even anything location based at all. The point of my original response is that it is not 100% based on location based on what happened with my evolutions.

      • Kevin Falk

        Maybe different time you evolved them?

    • That would require a lot of information on the developer’s part.

    • Will shine

      I live in a city. No water near me for miles. Got vaporeon so pretty sure its just random.

  • TbagosarousRex

    I hear it depends on your location when he’s evolved near a gas station gives u flareon. Near water gives vaporeon which is how it worked for me and a friend but don’t know about the other one

  • Alastorchang

    The title should be; How to evolve eevee. I have no idea

    • Jarnunvosk

      Except they know HOW to evolve Eevee, they just don’t know how to choose what it evolves into.

  • Vmace

    I think it has to do with the last team gym you fought at or are near. I got my flareon after supporting my home team Valor and Jolteon right after I battled a gym controlled by team instinct. Each gym acting like an evolutionary stone

    • Jessica

      Last gym I battled was Mystic and I got a Jolteon…

      • Wavy

        I need a Jolteon so badly

  • Vmace

    I think it has to do with the last team gym you fought at or are near. I got my flareon after supporting my home team Valor and Jolteon right after I battled a gym controlled by team instinct

  • Tao

    I got jolteon with a swift eevee and a body slam eevee. So it’s wrong

  • AnotherVet

    Strange, I got Vaporean from an Eevee with Dig as its secondary and a Jolteon from an Eevee with Body Slam as its secondary. Still waiting on that Flareon.

    • Kyle Knapp

      So annoyed with flareon. First one flareon then jolteon, then 7 more flareons…

      • AnotherVet

        Don’t worry, when they implement trading I’m sure those Flareons will come in handy! Waiting for this to happen.

        • Kyle Knapp

          That makes me feel a lot better