Pokemon GO Loses 15 Million Users In A Month

Pokemon GO has been one of the most talked about games this year. The game came out on July 6th and has since become the most popular game in the U.S. The game also broke the AppStore record for having the highest number of downloads in its first week of release, and users spent more time on the augmented reality app than popular social media apps such as Facebook and Snapchat.

The Pokemon GO hype has since died down. The game is still played by millions, however, the daily active users are rapidly decreasing. Pokemon GO has reported to have lost 15 million daily active users in the month of August. Apptopia confirmed that the game has lost almost half of its daily active users in a month. The number of daily active Pokemon GO users has gone from 45 million to less then 30 million in August.

Pokemon GO Daily active users

Apptopia also confirmed that Pokemon GO engagement has gone down by 50 percent. That is a huge amount considering how popular the game became after its release back in July.

Pokemon GO Engagement

The decline in the popularity of the app started when Niantic Labs released an update for the game. The update added a few new features to the app, however, it removed the three step Pokemon tracking system that helped players locate and catch Pokemon in their vicinity. This made catching Pokemon a lot harder and made the game less fun to play. Niantic Labs released a new patch afterwards, which added a Nearby Pokemon feature that help users catch Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO is still a very popular app, entertaining almost 30 million users every day. What do you think caused Pokemon GO’s decline? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Kee Marii

    Forcing the stop of pokevision (and other sites/apps like it) really made a lot of people less interested since they also took away the 3 step thing. Making a game harder makes it less fun, when it is meant to get you up and out of the house walking around. Walking around aimlessly hoping to find a pokemon, vs having an idea of where you are going makes a huge difference. Also not really engaging with the players by making post on updates, or future changes also hurts the fan base in my opinion. Not to mention everything kind of being a “figure it out yourself” style game seems lame for a novice user.

  • Edonus

    Pokemon GO is a trendy game and like all trends they start hot and cool off. The drop off was inevitable. The next big update that will bring back tons of players will be being able to battle each other without having to go to a gym.