Pokemon GO: Trainer Level Cap Set At 40, Requires 25 Million Experience Points

Pokemon GO appears to have been datamined by users and thanks to this, we have now an idea of what to expect from the game including the confirmation of a trainer level cap that is set at 40.

While there are some users out there which have already reached level 30, majority of the Pokemon GO players are probably stuck with a level below 20 considering the experience points and grinding that is required to level up.


If you were wondering about the max level cap for a trainer in Pokemon GO, it appears to be set at 40. Going from Level 39 to Level 40 will require around 5 million experience points, which is a rather insane amount of experience points. Moreover, to level up to 39, the user will have to gain around 20 million experience points.

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There is a certain trick that can be used to power level to 15 in a short amount of time but looking at the experience requirements, even the trick won’t really do much for players who are aiming to hit the level cap.

Egg level cap is also set at 20 and any egg that is obtained after passing level 20 will have the same quality as a level 20 egg. Meanwhile for Wild Pokemon, the level cap is set at 30 meaning once you reach level 30, you will have to power level your Pokemon as their CP points won’t increase with your level.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android. It was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo.

  • Dom P

    Niantic needs to add xp benefits to higher levels. The game will (has) become monotonous due to the small xp gains. An Elite Four or some type of high challenge high xp reward situation needs to be implemented.

  • Jarrod Chiplin

    SO GLAD TO FIND THIS INFO!!! Seriously thanks to all the players that contribute to finding all the secrets to this game. Im relieved there seems to be a level cap or else I feel all new players would be constantly behind in relation to the more experienced ones. Great info. Keep it up. And thanks to Khurram for posting this.

    • Raufi Abrar

      question, is there a benefit going past 30 then?

      • eugenikos angel

        i wonder

      • MangAnimeFan aka Kieran Jueby

        Yes, cause I’m guessing once they release Gen 2.
        They increase the cap once more 🙂

        40 Is just the start.
        + The higher your level, the better you’ll be off during World events
        (Mewtwo boss fight, where he’ll spawn, and dozens / hundreds of players will fight him. And if they can kill it they’ll recieve one, dno If every1 gets it, or certain % of dmg dealt to him is required, or If only faction members of the Faction that kills him first recieve, but that’ll all be explained next month when I’m guessing next update is coming 😀 )