Pokemon GO Update Tweaks PokeStop Frequency And More

Niantic just released the biggest Pokemon GO update ever. This is the third update that has come out for Android users, and includes more then just “Minor Text Fixes”. The update will be available for the iOS within a few days. The new patch includes changes to both, the Pokemon GO environment as well as the Pokemon.

Quick moves have been changed, this means that the super popular, Vaporeon, is not longer as overpowered as it used to be, however, it is still one of the strongest Pokemon in the game. The Quick Move DPS(damage per second) has been changed from 3-26 to 7-13, which means that Quick Moves are not longer as powerful as they used to be and charge moves are no longer useless.


Niantic has also removed a number of PokeStops. PokeStops that are around public working areas, or any inaccessible/dangerous locations have been removed to keep Pokemon GO players safe.

Players can now customize their Pokemon GO character. Users can now change their character’s appearance through the Pokemon trainer profile page in the app. Another change that the update introduced is that now, players can not transfer Pokemon that are marked as favorites.

The step tracker feature has been removed, so catching Pokemon is a bit harder now. Changes have been made to Pokemon spawns, as now multiple Pokemon will not spawn in the same locations anymore and will be more spread out.

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The Pokemon encounter animation has also been changed, so now players can no longer use the quick toss glitch to catch Pokemon. The curveball now reward users with experience, while the bonus throws no longer give any experience. One of the most important changes that the update introduced is the reduction in battery usable when using the app.

The update is now out for Android users and will be available for iOS within a few days.

  • Adrian

    I’m just grateful I don’t care about leveling up and I only need to catch a few more pokemon to complete my pokedex. If I was a new or mid level player, I’d be pretty annoyed.

    I am much more annoyed about no method to track.

    • Abdullah Raza

      They will be adding a new Pokemon tracking system. Only a matter of time.

  • Erik Kristiansen

    Yea I’m noting that pokemon are a LOT harder to catch now. Easily needing 3-5 more balls than normal. green/yellow ring pokemon escaping after one attempt. Even seems that throwing the balls has become harder. Guess they tasted success and want more of it… they don’t realise that this will kill the game. The change is a blatant cash grab and gamers won’t stand for it. I won’t even catch Zubat now as they’re such ball wasters.

  • Joshua “Nytemare” Pierce

    “The throw bonuses, as well as the curveball, now reward you with experience”

    This part is incorrect, the bonus have been removed, and only curveball bonus remains. Also none of the bonus increase catch rate anymore.

    As what Jenny and Phantom said, either its a bug, or they have decrease the catch rate for all pokemon by alot. I had one pokemon kick out instantly 5 times with a berry + ultra with great throws despite being yellow. I just had a cp 10 pkm waste 10 pokeballs before I finally caught it. I started with 500 pokeball, 30 greatball, and 10 ultra this morning. after 12hrs of playing I left (and many pokestop in between), I am left with 50 pokeball, 5 great, and 2 ultra. Sure I got lot of pokemon today, found 5 snorlax, even found my 1st muk, but amount of balls I had to use on these pokemon today were insane, and I also out of berrys and started with 100 of them.

    • Abdullah Raza

      Thank you for reporting the bonus change, I’ll correct the article accordingly.

  • Omar Nabeel

    Am not gonna update 😛

  • Jenny Lynn Innis

    I just updated a few hours ago and since I have noticed it is far more difficult to catch Pokémon. They ate escaping multiple times during spawns, causing me to use more pokeballs, and then after 2 or so attempts they just run away. I thought it was just bad luck but after the 4th time I don’t think it’s coincidence. If this update is pushing for users to use more pokeballs in a spawn to try and force purchases that’s incredibly frustrating. I’ve had those encounters happen here and there but NEVER had a Pokémon escape after EVERY catch. I mean, I even tested my theory with a CP20 Pidgey. I caught it 3 times then it just ran away. Ridiculous.

    • Abdullah Raza

      They removed the previous three step method because it glitched out for people, but this is far worse. Catching Pokemon has gotten harder, and I’ve seen other people complain about Pokemon running away. Hopefully Niantic does something about it soon.

    • phantom_white

      Having the same issue. I’ve had low CP pokemon blow through balls and berries (regular and great balls) all day today. Wasted half my supplies on trash pokemon just to make sure it wasn’t me. And came across a Seadra that wasted around 20 balls and 10 berries before it ran. If Niantic plans to force people to pay to play this “free” game, I’m deleting. It’s going to become like Jurassic World (which I deleted after getting to level 62 and evolving a bunch of hybrids) where people who have disposable income can throw their money at the game and buy high level monsters then beat the daylights out of the rest of us. There’s no skill or fun in that.

      • Christopher Bicksler

        It’s sooo frustrating. The game has literally became just hatching eggs for me.