Pokemon GO: How To Best Use Incense, Pokemon Spawn Rate Formula Revealed

Pokemon GO features an Incense like item that can be used to lure Pokemon to the player’s location. This item starts a timer limit once used and then the player will be able to attract various Pokemon after a specific time. This duration was unknown in the past but appears to have been discovered by some Pokemon GO users who looked through the source code of the game.

According to the discovery made by these users, Incense spawns 1 Pokemon after every 5 minutes if the player is stationary. The formula changes if the player is walking as the Pokemon spawn rate increases to 1 Pokemon per minute or after every 200 meters covered by the player.


This should come in handy for the players who have limited use of Incense as the timer count downs to 30 minute and hence it is best to walk after using an incense to utilize its full potential. If the player is standing still after using incense, it will result in just 6 Pokemon being lured by the incense compared to potential 30 Pokemon that can be lured when walking around the world map.

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Pokemon GO is available now for the iOS and Android.

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  • Shawna Vineyard

    I used an incense last night at home and saw only 3 Pokemon, not 6.

  • Joshua “Nytemare” Pierce

    Nice, how about Lure Modules? is there some secret for them? I placed one at a pokestop one I know that consider a rare one, and barley gotten any pokemon to spawn, and items and amounts didn’t change either.

    • Xantores

      Lure modules attract pokemon every few minutes and have no effect on items. They mostly attract trash pokemon in my experience (Rattata, Doduo, Pidgey etc.) but there’s a small chance for something less common. I don’t believe it has anything to do with what’s normally found in the area. If you’re lucky enough to find a spot where there’s multiple poke stops very close together, that’s the best place to use lures to best effect. I’ve found a spot where there’s 3 poke stops that you can just sit in the center and not even have to move to collect items and if they all have lures, a pokemon will pop up like every minute.

      • Joshua “Nytemare” Pierce

        So overall do you feel they are worth the money? Or do you just recommend spending that on Incense if you were going to buy one or the other? Assuming with Incense you going to take full advantage and do the walking. Also can you drive with the Incense to trigger the increase? Like Use it then drive to Pokestop that 1000 meter away and sit there and have increase your pokemon to 6 spawn now while sitting at the pokestop? all while doing it cheaper then a Module?

        • Xantores

          I haven’t spent any money on Pokemon Go yet, just used the lures and incense I got from leveling up. The poke stop cluster I go to usually has people already there using lures as well. But if you can get incense to spawn 1 pokemon per minute it sounds more cost efficient.

          As for driving, I imagine it would work as long as you don’t drive too fast like how there’s a speed limit for hatching eggs.

          • Joshua “Nytemare” Pierce

            I am level 15 and have yet to spend a dime, I only used one of the modules they given me so far to try it out, thanks to calc I not wasted using any eggs yet. If they get the game working I could see myself spending money, but as long as server can go down any minute and cost me, not willing to. When they go down it usually for hr+. Also if being off the game would pause the item if server are offline that would be a different story as well.

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