Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter final evolution types supposedly leaked

We got the first gameplay trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon a couple of days ago where the game’s starters were revealed along with the two titular legendaries. The types for the final evolutions of the starters have been supposedly leaked out due to a blunder on the Official Japanese Pokemon website.

The website has biography pages listed for the three stars namely Rowlet, Litten and Popplio which also show off their types. In the trailer and information released so far we know that Rowlet is Grass/Flying, Litten is Fire and Popplio is Water. Like in previous games evolutions of Pokemon can add a second type to their existing ones.

pokemon sun and moon

The website has images showing types of the starter Pokemon uploaded in advanced which can be viewed by anyone right now. Check out the video below for the full inspection:

Ignoring the mistake made in the video above (pdwinnall messed up the order), according to the icons Rowlet will evolve into Grass/Ground, Litten will stay Fire and Popplio’s evolution will be Water/Fighting.

pokemon sun and moon

What do you think of the rumored typing for the Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter final evolutions? Personally, since I was going with Rowlet for my playthough, I would’ve liked Grass/Flying instead of Grass/Ground. Litten doesn’t have a second type which is a missed opportunity I think, Dark would’ve been great as a second type.

Pokemon Sun and Moon releases for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18.

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  • HawaiianDread

    Wow I won’t lie if those are the final evolution, then I’m pretty disappointed. I seen better fan arts from a facebook artist name JamsinoSoup.

    • NL37

      wow that looks good,fire poison

      • HawaiianDread

        Right. If Nintendo is running out creative ideas, I say hire some of these artist online.

  • Gabrianne Domingos

    Damn those evolutions are ugly. I liked the little cat so much =/
    Hope its a fake

  • Blazic

    1.) As far as I know, no pokemon has ever changed their typing. They can gain a type, never lose a type, and never change their typing (Discluding mega Evolution/cosplay pikachu)

    2.) as far as I can remember, Every starter pokemon gains a type by second evolution or later.

    • brodie smith

      not true e.g Gloom (grass poison) to bellossom (grass)
      or azurill ( normal fairy) to marill (water fairy)

      • Isashi

        i think the change from normal to anything else shouldnt count.

      • Along with Surskit changing from bug/water to bug/flying, and Eevee changing into a bunch of stuff. Plus there’s Bulbasaur, who’s a starter that starts with two types. (grass/poison)

    • lionstaring

      Nincada (Bug/Ground) evolves into Shedinja (Bug/Ghost) or Ninjask (Bug/Flying)

    • drawingsofpokemon

      1) Gloom (grass/poison) loses its poison type is it evolves into Belossom (grass), and Eevee’s normal type is replaced by 7 different possible types when it evolves. Lots of other Pokemon, such as Pupitar, have one of their two types replaced when they evolve. Also, cosplay Pikachu doesn’t change from electric type, it just learns new moves.

      2) Squirtle, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Snivy and Oshawott are all examples of starter Pokemon that are a single type and never gain an additional type through standard evolution.

  • Mauricio Quintero


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