Pokémon Sun and Moon: All Z-Crystal Locations

One of the most prominent features advertised with this new iteration of Pokemon games has been the inclusion of Z-Moves. But what you may not know is how to use them.

For a Pokemon to be able to use it’s Z-Move, players need to be in possession of an item known as a Z-Ring, as well as Z-Crystals that match the type of move itself.  For example, a Water oriented Z-Crystal for a Water type move. As also seen from the numerous trailers, there are also crystals only usable by specific Pokemon like Snorlax and Pikachu.


The full list of Z-Crystals and their locations can be found below:

Noramlium Z

  • Reward for completing Ilima’s trial

Firium Z

  • Reward for completing Kiawe’s trial

Grassium Z

  • Reward for completing Mallow’s trial

Fightinium Z

  • Reward for completing Hau’s trial

Waterium Z

  • Reward for completing Lana’s trial

Rockium Z

  • Reward for completing Olivia’s trial

Electrium Z

  • Reward for completing Sophocles’s trial

Steelium Z

  • Complete Hokulani Observatory trial

Darkinium Z

  • Reward for completing Nanu’s trial

Groundium Z

  • Reward for completing Hapu’s trial

Poisonium Z

  • Gifted by Plumeria on Poni Island

Fairium Z

  • Gifted by Mina at Vast Poni Canyon

Ghostium Z

  • Reward for completing Acerola’s trial

Buginium Z

  • Found in a briefcase at Guzma’s hideout

Dragonium Z

  • Complete Seventh trial

Icium Z

  • Found on Mount Lanakila

Flyinium Z

  • Behind boulder in Ten Carat Hill

Pokemon Specific Z-Crystals:

Pikanium Z

  • Talk to the girl with the three Pikachu in Konikoni City

Incineroar Z

  • Gifted by Kukui after defeating Guzma for first time (if Litten is your starter)

Primarina Z

  • Gifted by Kukui after defeating Guzma for first time (if Popplio is your starter)

Decidueye Z

  • Gifted by Kukui after defeating Guzma for first time (if Rowlet is your starter)

Tapunium Z

  • After becoming Champion and defeating Tapu Koko

Aloraichium Z

  • Talk to woman in Seafolk Village and have an Alola Raichu in your party

Eevee Z

  • Talk to the Man in the Thirfty Megamart and defeat the 8 Eevee trainers.

Snorlaxium Z

  • Download special Munchlax

The list will constantly be updated as new Z-Crystals are found.

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Pokémon Sun and Moon is out now and is available for the Nintendo 3DS.