Possible Fix For Xbox One’s Green Screen of Death

Did you receive your Xbox One all happily only to face a non-bootable Xbox One with Green Screen of Death? Trying to contact Microsoft support for hours to get your Xbox One replaced with a working model? Apparently you can fix the issue yourself and get the Xbox One running again.

This possible fix for the Green Screen of Death comes from a user named A. Sauer who posted this possible fix on Amazon’s German based forums. For this fix you will need a file that was uploaded by Microsoft under the name of “Emergency Offline Update” or EOU but quickly took it down for uncertain reasons. You can view the information about them on Microsoft’s website here. Luckily, the files were uploaded to a mirror. You can follow the steps below to fix the issue.

CAUTION: GearNuke or the author are not liable for any damages made to the hardware when the steps mentioned are acted upon. Proceed at your own discretion.

Preparing For Emergency Online Update

You’ll need:

  • A flash drive/thumb drive/USB with at least 2GB of free space and NTFS format of the drive.
  • Flash file (download link below).
  • A Green Scree of Death (GSoD) Xbox One.
  • Patience and luck.

Fixing The Issue

  1. Download this file from the mirror link: Download File. The size of the file is 1.2GB. Be worry free as the file came directly from the Microsoft servers. This is not the LAUNCH DAY update but the FACTORY RESTORE IMAGE that will return the console to the factory loaded update.
  2. Plug in your USB drive on your computer. If your USB drive is not formatted to NTFS file system format, kindly perform a format first to get the USB to NTFS format. You can find the instructions for your preferred OS easily on the internet. Do note that formatting a USB drive will erase all the data present on the USB drive.
  3. Find your downloaded file, it will bear the name: 6.2.9781.0(xb_rel_flash1307.130829-1800).zip. Extract the contents of this .zip file onto your plugged USB drive.
  4. When the extracting is completed successfully, you will end up with a folder with files inside it. You can remove the USB drive at this point.
  5. Power off your Xbox One (if it was switched on) and wait for 20 seconds.
  6. Insert the USB drive on the left side of the Xbox One.xbox-one-left-side
  7. Now the tricky part; You need to press and hold a combination of two buttons, BIND button and disc EJECT button.
  8. BIND button is found on the left side, above the USB slot where you just plugged the USB drive. EJECT button is found on the front, right of the disc loading tray. Refer to the image below:Xbox-One1
  9. Now with these two buttons pressed and hold, you now need to power on the console by holding the Power On button (Xbox Logo) for a very short amount of time.
  10. Keep holding on the BIND and EJECT buttons for around 10-15 seconds until you hear the power on melody two times. The two melodies will have a few seconds in between them. Once you hear the melodies, you can release the BIND and EJECT buttons.
  11. You will soon see on the screen that the Xbox One will be accessing the USB drive plugged in. It will continue to do so and will eventually reboot. Soon you will see a green line on the screen filling/progressing on the screen. This means that the update is being applied.
  12. Wait a while and after some reboots later, you will see a picture of the controller on the screen.
  13. Congratulations! You have successfully revived your Xbox One from Green Screen of Death. Now give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the jump to next-generation.

So you have finally revived your Xbox One without awaiting days for the replacement console to appear at your door step.

Did the above steps help you solve your problem? Lets us know in the comments below.

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  • Emiliano Wells

    i have the no signal problem…
    is this part of the GSoD?

  • Noah LaMonda

    does this work in 2016?

  • mjed Gamer

    I worked the same way and does not move update ؟؟؟

  • greg duclos

    thank U guy IT’s work

  • aangel7

    I don’t get it, so after the 2nd melody I let go of all three buttons?

    But after I did let go all three, my screen goes to a error screen and says contact xbox customer service.
    Help please

  • cgulley21

    i just downloaded the files. how do i get them into the usb. I’ve tried just dragging them over but that won’t work and i made sure i formatted it right. i have a mac if that helps

  • shuoyuan

    I really thank you for this solution, it does work and work well

  • Michael

    OMG thank you so much. I thought I would have to get another xbox. For those people out there who think this doesn’t work, it DOES. Thanks guys 🙂

  • Bob Otting

    I saw about moving the console to a different tv and that actually worked. Console turned right on.checked all the setting then moved it back to the original tv.

  • t dog

    it made the sart up sound once and then it made the turn off noise and turned off?

  • gabe0406

    I did everything in the instructions but when I press the bind and eject buttons nothing happens. If someone knows something about this let me know

  • gloomandglow

    Maybe they withdrew the image because they discovered a security hole in it? Could someone perhaps hack the box using it? :))

  • Creston Gould

    I did this on the 2nd night and did work for me I had the green boot of death now working great

  • loin


  • Seppiri

    Thank you soooo much! Got the box on Friday! Preorderes since June 11th.
    Already ordered new Box on friday @ micrsoft support.
    It runs without problem after your mentioned restore.

    Now i´m able to play some hours (ryse, dead rising)

    P.S. Be patient after some reboots and wait till the green screen changes to the controller screen!!!

    • luvxbox


  • jacobpederson

    I suffered from the GSOD after a Dead Rising crash . . . am trying the 6.2.10210.0(xb_rel_launch 131118-1159 version first, since I was able to update the console before it crashed. Seems to be stuck, I see what might be a progress bar, but it hasn’t moved in ten minutes. Will try 6.2.9781.0(xb_rel_flash1307.130829-1800) next.

  • Vision

    Thanks for posting this. Iam on my second Xbox One and it bricked straight out of the box. First one wouldn’t get past 76% on the update download. So far it is working, just hope it doesn’t stall on the update like the first one.

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