PS Plus Games For January 2016 Confirmed, Includes Grim Fandango Remastered And More

PS Plus games for January 2016 have been officially confirmed through an email by Sony that lists Grim Fandango Remastered and Hardware Rivals for the PS4. While Sony still hasn’t shared the full lineup for the PlayStation Plus games in January 2016, we do know that PS4 users will get Grim Fandango Remastered and Hardware Rivals judging from the official email sent by Sony to all the PlayStation Plus subscribers.

You can check out a screenshot from the email below, confirming the games for the PS4.

ps-plus-january-2016Keep in mind that this is not the full list of games as we still don’t know the games for the PS3 and Vita. They will be confirmed shortly afterwards by Sony on the official PlayStation Blog.

Grim Fandango Remastered is a HD Remake of the original Grim Fandango for the PS4, PC and Vita. Since the game is cross-buy, we can expect to get the game on the Vita along with the PS4.

Hardware Rivals is a multiplayer game where players can enjoy shooting each other in various vehicles. It is essentially a vehicular combat game like Twisted Metal with the addition of online multiplayer. It will be released on January 5th and PS+ subscribers can play the game for free at launch.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming PS+ lineup in the comments below.

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  • Scott Neil

    Trash,ps4 bloody sucks,terrible ui,pitiful selection of games and now the one thing that swayed me to jump ship from microsoft,ps+,is tragic,I realise they are free(ish) and we shouldn’t complain but they are supposedly making us pay for the ‘privilege’ of gaming online as part of the subscription,sony’s online service is crap,not a patch on microsoft’s and I can’t stand online play anyway.Where is our money actually going?,it’s certainly not been put into their infrastructure.I’m out,35 years of gaming and this is what we get,mediocre remakes and rehashes,pay to play,microtransactions,on disc dlc and the myriad of other disgusting business practices in this failed console generation have driven me off.

  • Josh dx

    N just to add 1 more fact iv been a long time supporter of plus iv been a member since it began n have only ever got the entire yr of it cause it used to b a damn good deal now u guys force all ur gamers to buy it n order to game online n for some reason the games have gone out the damn window wut happen did u guys all of sudden think we were getting to much or something somehow ripping u off idk I don’t understand it all I know now is plus is the worst fn shit ever it’s ridiculous why do u guys feel we don’t deserve better shit hell I can name several games that would have been 3000 times better than the garbage we’re getting. N I’m definitely done supporting ur bs plus I will no longer support it maybe 1 day it will return to wut it once was

  • Josh dx

    Every gamer out there we seriously need to band together n put a stop to ps screwing us all every month with these sry excuses for games they give us every month it was 1 thing when it was optional to buy plus now we’re all forced too n this is wut they seem to think we deserve every month for our hard earned money this is bs n only way it will change is if we band together n make them!!! Come on fellow gamers let’s put all stop to this bs

  • Josh dx

    Sony u guys r fn cheap ass holes wow I can’t believe u guys keep ripping us off every month well il tell u this when my yr of plus ends this time I will NOT b renewing it again until u sry fucks find it that we deserve better games than this.this is garbage ps4 has been out damn near 2 yrs n we’re still getting gd mini’s n indies u can take all those bs lame ass games n choke on um ur selves cause I’m tired of u guys doing it to us maybe il just go back to getting Xbox live at least there getting there money’s worth every month as for Playstation plus I will b getting on every social media site n letting everyone I know that Playstation plus is a fking joke n it’s not a funny one at all Playstation has lost all my respect ever since releasing ps4 u guys have done nothing but screw u customers fn sad ps3 continues to get triple A titles wut about ps4 iv been done with ps3 for damn near 2 yrs n only triple a title ps4 has seen n this time is sry ass injustice wow really gd u guys r sry, oh by the way have a happy fn new yr cause I know all u customers won’t b with the garbage u guys continue to give us

  • Mr Xrat

    Another potential Rocket League, a classic and two AAA PS3 games. Makes the Xcucks gloating about getting part of an unfinished mediocre fighting game look like jokes!

    • Truth™

      This is all I can picture you if you weren’t a rat nosed loser from Grimsby, Shane 🙂

  • Corey

    still find it hilarious that people are expecting AAA games with ps+. ps3 was out for years before ps+ came along. if you dont play online just get rid of the service if it sucks so much. ps3 and vita still get good games.

  • YallHatinBad

    For these trash ass games they give u free each month. PSplus should be $20 for the year.

    • Corey

      ps+ gives access to online too dummy

    • Josh dx

      Hell whole shit shld just b free with fn absolute garbage like this every fn month for oh about 2 yrs now gd SONY sucks fat **** n to think I used to tell everyone that plus kicked the shit outta live ha not anymore nor has it ever since ps4 release

  • Clabo

    This wouldnt be such a kick in the balls if I didnt already own Grim when it came out

  • Zach weyrauch

    im kinda sick of these unoriginal online multiplayer titles.

  • Christ, stop complaining about the quality of free games and buy ones you want! Fuck me sideways. They are FREE! Talk about first world problems.

    • BluElement

      They are not free and you do not even own them since you lose every single ps+ game ever offered if you stop paying for ps+. People have a right to complain about a service that they’re paying for if they aren’t happy with it.

      • You only lose access to them if you stop paying for PS Plus, you get them back if you carry on paying again at a later date. The freebies are a perk, they don’t have to do them at all.

  • FCSupreme

    lame this month, lame last month, hoping for a better next month

    • YallHatinBad

      thatll never happen

  • Anon

    Whine whine whine…. Not saying this games are the best PSN has to offer but they are a bonus to your PS+ account. PSN is for the online features mainly. Settle down children and maybe go outside and do something this January.

    • BluElement

      Oh man. People have grievances with a service that they’re paying for and you call them children and insinuate that they don’t leave their houses. You’re totally not a cliche. I hope to see more original comments from you in the future!

      • Anon

        Grievances for free games. What are they expecting? What games would you want? Fallout 4, Battlefront, new release AAA games? Not for what the service costs. Plus, its a bonus to the online services. And they have to deal with customers who’ve already been given all the past free games. You’d complain if they give us those again too.
        This is the problem with giving free stuff to people they start complaining about the free stuff eventually. So yes, they are acting like entitled children in some of these posts. If you don’t like the games this month there is always next month. Eventually something will come along that you’ll like. I promise it will be okay bro. Hang in there.

  • Gary Gilbert

    We’ll at least thay did not give away any of there games on flash sale. Thay burned once before like that. Offered mgs on sale gave them $8 just to see them offer it for free 2 weeks later

  • megablast16

    Starting the year as they mean to go on by the looks of it.

  • omarcominyo

    A game that’s already free and a dodgy remaster! Yet another month where I don’t even bother to download anything! They’re on a roll here, at this rate it could be a full year with nothing of interest!!

  • Zack Grutza

    Idk why they picked hardwar rivals wasnt that in beta and it said it was free to play? lol why give us a already free game? lmao plus i already tried it and it sucked

    • Blazesaber

      Hardware rivals will be $20, and just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean others won’t. I pay for plus for the online features. The games are just extra since i usually buy better ones, but having a back log of so many diffent types of games is always a plus especially when most AAA games are underwhelming (batman, mad max, battlefront, rainbow six) or full of glitches and bugs ( witcher, fallout). More variety is always good imo.

  • Micha

    Grim Fandango is an alltime classic yet all the children complain. 😀

    • Cedric Mamo

      For a very simple reason. I did not buy a Playstation to play games I already have… on my freaking phone.

    • omarcominyo

      ‘All time classic’?, as in played by most people already you mean? Maybe that’s the issue huh? People want something FRESH!

  • parrotcam

    i hope this is just a rumor, and there’s a few better games left for PS4.

    • Asimb0mb

      Nope, this is no rumor. Got an official mail from Playstation saying these are the PS4 games. Sorry.

      • omarcominyo

        Please tell me you live in Japan then?

        • Asimb0mb

          You actually expected something better? The IGC has been a disaster since the release of the PS4. That’s not going to change.

          • omarcominyo

            I expected a bit better than this yes, it is xmas after all

      • omarcominyo

        Please tell me you live in Japan then?

  • parrotcam

    these games are pretty lame.. PS plus free games have been terrible since PS4’s launch.

  • Always get crap, i swear if the online was free i’d never be paying for this junk…

    • boychik0830

      Grim fandago sounds fun. Hope they don’t give away dark souls or batman as I have played them and I am sure most people gave played them too.

  • Godabove09

    Grim Fandango?

    • MrLobsterwood

      Yeah what a piece of shit, right -_- Way to start a new year, cheap ass Sony!

      • Mr.BloodSeeker

        I can see myself becoming an xbox one fan by abandoning my ps4 and vita

        • Micha

          I can see you staing with PS4 forever because thats what complaining bitches do. 😉

  • cbone99

    wow do the plus games suck ass every month

    • Adam Bale

      Yes, yes the plus games do suck ass every month now.. Used to be good games during the ps3 days, they had to entice you with something then as online play was free! such crap nowadays!!

    • Joshua Pirog

      They need actual games on their console to be able to give some away. Considering how just about everything gets delayed 15 times these days…

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