PS Plus June 2016 To Include NBA 2K16 And Gone Home For PS4? [Update]

Sony has yet to officially announce the PS Plus lineup for the month of June 2016. According to a Tweet made by SCEE PS Plus Community Manager, the full list of games will be announced next week.

Even if Sony hasn’t officially announced the games, they might have been accidentally leaked through the weekly PlayStation newsletter that Sony sends to every PlayStation Network user. This time, the weekly newsletter could have accidentally leaked the PlayStation Plus games for the month of June 2016. Since Sony only lists the PS4 games in this newsletter, there is no doubt that these are the PS4 games for the month of June 2016.

Update: This leak has turned out to be true. You can check out the full PS Plus lineup from here.

The games that were listed in the weekly newsletter include NBA 2K16 and Gone Home for the PS4. Take a look at the images below which reveal the name of these games hidden in the source code.


While there is a good chance that the above list of games could be a simple mistake in the email, it is also possible that the list is true and these are the games that we will getting for the PS4 in the coming month. In any case, the official reveal should be next week which will drop the curtain on the upcoming month for PS+ users.

Let us know what you think about this rumored list of games in the comments below.


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  • SlugDC

    Man, people really like to complain about free stuff, eh?

  • PrimeMover

    Helldivers was a great PS+ release that still gets lots of love on the ps4 and psVita. Sometimes you find great content in an overall cesspool of mediocrity.

  • Martin Heartwreck

    All i see from post below is im a self entitled spoiled brat. Psn sucks because they dont give me the games i demand of them boo hoo want a tissue

  • Mendozis

    A crappy NBA game and thats whats considered a AAA TITLE smh thanks again for the crap

  • FlyKicks23

    I wouldn’t be surprised, 2k knows they can make money with micro-transactions.

  • NBA 2k16 sounds great but I hope we don’t get that walking simulator.

  • Dr.Crack

    nba 2k16 wow whats next? Overwatch? HAHAHAHA youre really dumb m8

  • Bens Mcgee

    Pewp dic

  • Alex Marlatt

    Unlike some other comments, I am a UFC/NBA game fan and I buy the almost yearly. I agree that most sports games fans will buy the game when it releases for a very clear reason: it’s the beginning of the season and these types of games die out right after the NBA finals, except for the children that get out of high school and finally have time to play them more. Also the developers cease to care as they start copy, pasting, and adding a few updates and changes to the next game releasing in a few months. I don’t want to see this free just for the fact is that 2k is just trying to maximize profits on a finished and soon to be defunct product with 2k17 releasing in October. Instead, give us some really good but underbought game or undervalued by the triple AAA audience like Party Hard, Walking Dead Escapists, N++, or Sheltered. Just please, don’t give us an almost defunct AAA game, please. I like destroying noobs, but not that much.

  • They almost never put EA or 2K sports games on PS+, this is fake news.

    • NegativeFeedback

      NBA 2K14 was on PS+.

  • Priest015

    I hope that’s true, that’d be a damn good month. Been wanting to pick up one of the 2k basketball games for a while so this would save me the trouble. And been wanting to pick up Gone Home for quite some time too as I love games like that. Got my fingers crossed.

  • Perhaps we should ask Ian Betteridge?

    Personally I’m beginning to suspect these monthly rumours have more to do with clickbait and advertising than truth.

  • Cerberus Batista

    I hope not, i would prefer watchdogs way more then this, and its really a small group of people who like sports games, and we already have nba2k15, we don’t need the 16….

  • boychik0830

    I don’t they should offer a sports game on ps plus as I don’t think it will have mass appeal at all. they need to pick games that everybody will like and not everyone likes sport games and the people that do have already bought them already.

    • El_R5

      -__- , Why shouldn’t they? Every month their is going to be games that some like and some don’t. Even if they picked a game like Watch Dogs or any other people will still complain. Almost no chance that 90% of the ps plus users will enjoy the games unless it’s Uncharted 4.

      • boychik0830

        I would not be happy with uncharted or watch dogs. I would much rather have games like tropic 5 which are games are decent games that went under peoples radar that people would not want to pay for but are a nice game to get for free. I think we deserve some great games that are not super old and not ones that everyone has played by now with games like dragon age and mass effect.

  • Marius Henriksen

    Alright! Gone Home is supposed to be amazing.

    • ckpinkham

      Funny how I’m pretty sure that was in one of the Vote-To-Play things and people didn’t choose it. I think they chose Broforce instead. I think you’re right though, I only remember hearing good things about it.

      • Aaron Bush

        No it wasnt it was broforce, action hank and android Cactus

        • ckpinkham

          Turns out it was Grow Home not Gone Home lol. My bad.

          • Priest015

            Grow Home was offered but it wasn’t in any vote much less with Broforce (which I played for the first time last night, goddamned awesome game). It was offered in September last year (main reason I know is that was when I first got my PS4 and that was one of the first titles I downloaded)

          • Russell Nash

            Grow Home was offered in a vote a few months back. The broforce, action henk and android cactus games were the most recent but it wasn’t the first time PS Plus did that. Grow Home was the first that I had seen, though I didn’t vote for that one.It was Armello, Grow Home and Zombie Vikings.

  • W Van Landingham III

    These speculations are wrong about 99% of the time.

  • disqus_1S1GyNUnq5

    the best thing about plus is that i don’t have to care about it. i’m not playing online or downloading many of the plus games. i am merely supporting the service as a thank you sony for all the efforts. otherwise i would have cancelled plus years ago. the only thing that sits not very well with me is the fact that they are turning my financial input into bullshit almost every month and people who may be dependent on these ‘free’ games are feeling they are being mocked by sony. but with these sales figures for the ps4 i guess they just don’t care. after all, plus and this equivalent xbox thingy service is just a stab at the second hand market, not an idea to make gamers happy.

    • ckpinkham

      Honestly not sure why you’d have it if you don’t really use it. You know there are quite a few decent multiplayer games, right? Battlefield 4, Warframe (though PS+ isn’t needed for that), Smite (again not needed), Dragon Age Inquisition has okay MP, Sniper Elite 3 has okay MP too… etc.

      I realize you just explained that you’re supporting Sony, but they get plenty of money from people actually using the service or buying the console/games through the PlayStation Store. IMO, if you aren’t playing multiplayer, it’s a waste of money. Still, you don’t have to agree with me 😛

  • ckpinkham

    Anyone who wants a stupid sports game would’ve already bought it. I’m so disappointed with 95% of the Plus titles since I bought the PS4. I honestly feel like Games With Gold has been better almost every month. At least the PS4 has more power, more of my friends on it, the better controller for me, better exclusives IMO, and the better internet service apparently now, because otherwise I’d be sorely disappointed that I switched from 360 to PS4 this gen.

    • Ryo Shenmue

      Stupid sports game? No, only stupid people like you. NBA 2K16 is one of the best games of 2015, PERIOD. And if this is true it’d be, finally, a SPECTACULAR month for the PS Plus. Games with Gold has only had shit older than a T-Rex and stuff that you can find at very low prices, unlike NBA 2K16. Gone Home is great and hasn’t been on the PSN for long.

      • W Van Landingham III

        OK there fanboi. Anywho I have both systems and the XB1 consistently gets much better games. As for NBA2K16 it’s probably the first decent title they’ve had on PS+ in a year – and of course it’s the one game I own. As the original poster said if you want the sports game you most likely already bought it, he’s right. It’s a great game, but people that wanted it have picked it up before the NBA finals.

        • Jeremy K

          They kind of have to give away better games since they’re failing at just about everything else.

          • Mechamania

            You mean like selling nearly three times as many systems than X-Bone, or just PSN and the discounts upon discounts that save well over ther the cost of the service, sometimes in just a few months. Oh yeah, and they gave away Rocket League, which never would have been “a thing”–despite being a “stupid sports game–if not for that. Supersonic Acrobatic, from 8 years ago, went nowhere, and RL wouldn’t have half its deserved hype, without that. There have been disappointing months, but I’ll even pick up 2K16, for free, despite not being the biggest basketball fan — and I despise Bryant. It’s a newer AAA title, at the height of the ’16-’17 season, and there are still plenty of whiners who will be ecstatic when a boring-a$$, AAA turn-based RPG comes out, which only people who like THAT genre (which far fewer people than those who are sports fans) comes out. That will happen, before X-mas, and I won’t cry.

          • PrimeMover

            Rocket league, a great free psplus title that is played one the reg by most of my fellow ps4 users.

          • ckpinkham

            Just want to point out the absurdity of one part of your comment. Rocket League is NOT a sports game, really, because we don’t drive around in rocket powered cars in real life while trying to play soccer. I also quite enjoyed Super Mario Strikers, because it (and RL) are about as far away from soccer as you can get while still playing a soccer game. Different, broader appeal, IMO. To sports fans, and non sports fans, who like games. Whereas an NBA game mostly only appeals to sports fan gamers. I did also like NBA Street Vol 2 or something for GameCube… but again, 3v3 with a flaming ball and super meter for unblock able trick shots where you bounce the ball off someone’s head and stuff… broader appeal.

            Anyway, the rest of your stuff was rather valid. I’m tired of the arguing though. Also, I don’t know of any AAA turn-based RPGs… unless you count XCOM. Anyway, I’m done now. I have my opinion, you have yours.

          • PrimeMover

            Let’s play NBA Jam then. That was some great fun for even those that didn’t like sports games!

        • Jeremy K

          I do already have NBA though. They did the same thing last year it was a free game around season end. If you think about it though they’re not obligated to give us free games and i’m sure 2K doesn’t want them giving away their game during peak buying times so they wait until the end of the season/near it.

        • Jonathon Tsamantanis


      • ckpinkham

        Only people who like sports games would have ANY interest in it. Whereas with basically anything that isn’t sports, racing, or fighting (MKX, Injustice) you’ll have a game that should interest most gamers because it’s free and has a story or whatever. Thus, it’s a stupid pick. Also, like probably most gamers, I don’t like sports games. I find them stupid. I’d rather go play an actual sport, and I hate the outdoors.

        Also, GWG has been getting tons of non-indie titles, which is way better than all this bs we’ve gotten from PS+. Or, 95% like I said earlier. At least Transistor and Injustice (one of like 2 AAA-ish titles offered so far) were among the freebies. Still, for my tastes (non-indie, non-sports/racing/fighting) GWG has been far better.

        • K1ckasser

          I like Real Sports and Sports games. How strange!

          • ckpinkham

            I never said nobody liked both. I said I believe the majority doesn’t crossover. You realize that 49% is still the minority, right? And 49% of a million people or whatever would still be a whole bunch of people. But I think the crossover is even less than that. Again, I don’t have the actual numbers… but I also don’t know many people over 30ish who play games often. Whereas plenty of like 40-80+ year olds at least watch basketball or baseball or something on tv. Among people like 10-30, where the number of people who game is probably significantly higher, the crossover may also be higher. Idk. *shrugs* and I really don’t care anymore.

            ~ I – think a sports game is a dumb choice for PS+ and ~ I ~ haven’t been happy with the vast majority of their offerings since I got my PS4. That’s just me. Feel free to disagree. The world would be boring if everyone was exactly like me. But that’s MY thoughts on it, and I’m done arguing about it. The arguing is getting old, when all I did was present MY opinion.

        • Russell Nash

          Yeah, I disagree with your generalization. I like sports and sports games. I also like racing, fighting, action/adventure, role-playing and puzzle games. If it’s a game worth my time, I’ll usually at least try it. And also, what was wrong with Tropico last month? I had actually already bought that game, but I didn’t think it was a bad game. It’s not going to blow your socks off, but if you like civ-building you could do much worse than Tropico. Helldivers, Guacamelee, Infamous: First Light, Lara Croft and TTOO, MGSV: Ground Zeroes, Oddworld, Resogun and Rogue Legacy are all awesome games that I have now because of PS Plus and if they want to give me arguably one of the best sports games ever made along with what’s supposed to be one of the best stories in video games in Gone Home, then I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Stop complaining and expand your horizons man!

          • ckpinkham

            I don’t really like a lot of things… for example, anything 2D. So something like The Swapper or Shovel Knight, or for a slightly unrelated example, Stardew Valley, doesn’t interest me. No matter how well received they are. I have my likes and dislikes, as do you. I’ll happily try new IPs in the forms I like. For example, MGSV (Ground Zeroes technically, but sort of both) was my first Metal Gear game. I quite liked TPP. I played Dishonored however, and wasn’t impressed.

            A generalization would only require 51% to fit it, for it to be true. So the people who don’t fit the general obviously exist. I just don’t believe they’re the majority.

            I don’t personally like the vast majority of what PS+ has offered. You don’t have to feel the same. I’m tired of the arguing though, so you enjoy your stuff and I’ll go back to enjoying mine.

          • Russell Nash

            I’m not trying to argue necessarily. I’m just saying that it isn’t fair to generalize. I’m not exactly sure where you are pulling the 51% number from as a generalization is a statement made that is lumping an entire group of people together that isn’t necessarily accurate. It’s like saying all Asians are good at math or any other number of racial stereotypes I could throw out there. If you don’t like those types of games, that’s totally cool. Games are entertainment and if you don’t like or don’t want to play something, I 100% support your decisions. It’s going to be impossible for them to please everyone, though. There are a lot of months where I am disappointed in the lineup, but then I move on with my life.

      • RobLoPR

        Did anybody else think of Ark when he said TRex?

      • jakub

        everyone is allowed an opinion mr Donald Trump of sport games

        • PrimeMover

          If I could spit in your face for bringing politics into a gaming conversation, via mail, I would 24 hour post it, pay %300 more than the required postage, and wire an extra $500 to the individual that drives your route. Just so the route driver would be obligated to smack you in the face with said 24hr package of my spit. We are talking about a “possible leak” for June 2016 PS+ games… not Bernie or Hildawg or Trump. Get wrecked.

      • PrimeMover

        Fanboy for real… Pick up an actual basketball or something! Or watch apes fling poop at a lexan panel at your local zoo, same entertainment value.

      • Nope

        And PS Plus for PS4 only has a never-ending parade of indie-trash no one wants, and when they finally give us a AAA title it’s possibly a nearly year old sports game. Vomit.

      • Pil1010

        You forgot “Hold up, I’mma let you finish, but…”

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      You do know America and the world watches sports? if sports were so stupid as you put it. Basketball, Baseball and football would not make any money annually and it would go out of business. You know what is stupid? Your comment is stupid. You may not like it cool your opinion but your opinion isn’t law. That is not an indie game but is a major title iconic greatly loved sports game that sells very well. I was shocked when I read it. I love all games and had that game before. i will gladly downloaded it for free. I didn’t have the money for it. Xbox hates indie games they don’t push them at all. They have some indie games but not much. ps4 has the best and most indie games period. Now ps2 games are steadily coming to ps4. They have the best and most exclusives period. Gold doesn’t offer the deals ps4 has.

      • ckpinkham

        The fact remains that the vast majority of people who want to play sports games, would have already bought it. It’s a stupid pick (in my opinion) for that reason. Also, I don’t have the numbers to prove it, but I’m pretty sure that there’s not a hell of a lot of overlap between sports watchers and gamers who want sports games.

        Plenty of gamers like indie titles, sure, but I’ve seen tons and tons of comments of people who sick of NOTHING BUT indie titles. There’s a reason why AAA titles are more popular, they’re more wanted and typically higher quality. Sony should offer a few AAA titles a year (meaning like 1 every 4 months or something at least).

        Sure, my opinion isn’t law. Neither is yours. I think you’re in the minority though, of people who are happy with an NBA title being offered. Then again, that’s only my opinion. Feel free to think that’s also stupid.

        • kris

          “people already bought it” if people already bought it why do 5+ copies sell on ebay every day lol.

    • boychik0830

      not last month with peggle and they also gave out dead space a couple of months ago. they are giving out super meat boy and xcom. I think dead space, super meat boy and xcom are so old that if people have wanted to have played those games they would have easily bought them by now. I don’t think peggle is the kind of game that should be apart of games for gold. gold used to be better a few months ago but now I think the selection is going down to sony quality now.

      • ckpinkham

        Dead Space is AAA, XCOM I think also qualifies, and Super Meat Boy is regarded as one of the best Arcade titles they’ve had, I believe. That’s still better quality. I agree that most people who wanted to play those probably did, but less so than with a sports game. Especially with XCOM which was poorly marketed. I honestly hadn’t heard of it at launch and just happened to see it at my local Wal*mart and asked I think I checked the PC version’s box (since the rest are in locked cases) and was like, “Oh, this sounds pretty cool!” and went and bought the 360 version for like $40 at the time. Then I bought Enemy Within which I think I only heard about cuz I got the newsletter for EU after registering with my e-mail or something. That’s probably half the reason it sold so poorly on consoles. I imagine now that XCOM 2 is out and had some marketing, some Xbox players might try EU for free. I’m just guessing, though.

      • Priest015

        I can’t deny that Peggle is pretty awesome. There are plenty of people who may not have wanted to drop the cash on XCOM due to the type of game it is so this may give some better exposure.

    • Summit-Fi HeadphonesMasterRace

      Good thing that PS plus free game aren’t really important to me. 😛

      • ckpinkham

        They aren’t the only reason I have + of course… but I’m just annoyed that it’s been almost entirely indie. I have no interest in indie games, personally. I just want them to offer a few AAA titles a year… like 1 every 4 months at least. Basically, just give me something. But yeah, it’s nice that it’s just a bonus for a lot of people. Some of us are kind of poor and then offering even 4 AAA a year could double the amount we get to play in a year.

    • fatalhck

      I think you didn’t saw Games With Gold June kkkkkkk

      • ckpinkham

        I’m saying that in the last 2-3 years, GWG has been better the majority of the time. At least for my tastes. And if I didn’t already own XCOM EU/EW, I’d definitely get the free one in June. It’s still a better offering than the PS4 options, as far as I’m concerned. They’ve been doing lots of AAA stuff, whereas Sony has been doing almost all indie. I prefer what Microsoft has been doing, personally. Not everyone does, though.

    • Nope

      Couldn’t agree more. If this is true, I’m just cancelling my subscription. Fuck basketball, if you wanted this you’d have bought it when it came out to play through the season.