PS Plus Lineup For January 2016 Won’t Be Announced Until Next Week

PS Plus games for January 2016 won’t be announced until next week, as confirmed by Sony. This news was delivered by SCEE PS Blog Manager Fred Dutton, who replied to a user saying that the announcement is “likely next week”.

PS+ is a monthly subscription service that offers free games to users for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita and it is also required for online multiplayer on the PS4. Each month, the users are given atleast 2 free games for each of the platform and the games are available free of cost to them as long as they remain subscribed to PS Plus.


For the month of December 2015, PlayStation Plus subscribers had access to King’s Quest Episode 1, Gauntlet and Freedom Wars among others. The full list of games for December 2015 can be seen from here. This year, we had inFamous: First Light as part of the January 2015 PS Plus lineup so it should be interesting to see what Sony gives as a free game for the upcoming month.

Microsoft has already announced their free Games with Gold for December 2015 and the games on offer include Killer Instinct Season 1, Zheroes, Dirt Showdown and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The last two games are for the Xbox 360 but will be playable on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

Let us know what you are anticipating for the PS Plus games in January 2016 in the comments below.

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  • Ami .

    probably we’ll get more trash no one actually buys or plays

  • Draaz

    Binding of Issac was already given free and cross buy so I don’t think the chances of that ever coming back are good also Valient Hearts, Rouge Legacy, Unfinished Swan Hell most of those games you mentioned have been given away from plus did you just join?

    • No Mans Sky Fan

      Nah, I just never got a chance to play these awesome and individual type games. Rocket League is one of my all time favorite games, so the fact that only a few coders and artists made it makes it that much cooler in my eyes. I never woulda played most of these probably, And ps plus changed that. . Been a mement since Last November : ]

      • Draaz

        yeah I loved super meat boy recently currently obsessed with muramasa rebirth I want to get all the swords now good stuff both plus games and so many others I love plus easiest 50$ I give up evrey year

        • No Mans Sky Fan

          Hell yeah dude. Same here, best $50 I spent all year : ]

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