PS Plus Lineup For July 2015 To Be Revealed This Week

Sony still hasn’t announced their PS Plus lineup for the month of July but if you were wondering about the announcement, it is apparently coming this week.

PlayStation Plus is a monthly service that also offers free games for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 each month. Sony usually announces the games lineup for PS+ at the end of each month but this time around, the lineup has been delayed as usual. Microsoft, meanwhile, has announced their Games with Gold lineup for July 2015 and it is a strong lineup featuring 2 games for Xbox One.

In case you were waiting for an official announcement, it is coming this week as confirmed by PS Blog Community Manager on Twitter.


In term of the lineup, we don’t really have any clue since most of it is kept under wrap, but games have leaked ahead of the announcement in the past, and expect rumors to start again once the time of the official announcement draws near.

If you want to take a look at the previous month’s games lineup, you can check out our article covering them from here. Hopefully Sony takes a lesson from Microsoft and finally announces an AAA game for the PS Plus lineup in July. We did get DriveClub PlayStation Plus version this week but it was announced a long time ago, and as such, it is not really a surprise announcement.

Let us know what your predictions are regarding July’s PS Plus lineup in the comments below.

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  • How are the games being “delayed” it’s been changed to everyone on Tuesday now and this Tuesday will not be July….Clueless articles.
    Also the games aren’t free, they’re given to us at “no extra cost” please learn how to write accurate articles.

  • James

    Xbox get both AC IV and GOW3. Really hope Sony step up for this month.

    • peter

      I bet you waited a long time to say that

    • Corey

      have you seen the games sony gives? lmao… sony gave away their biggest franchises ages ago

      • disqus_yHvGW3Su8x

        AC IV isn’t a microsoft franchise.
        Also no, they haven’t put their big games at all, even their launch games, on ps4.

  • Saito

    Give me rocket league or ultra street fighter 4 and im good

  • Matthew Lowery

    Heed my warning people. They did two Triple A games this month, with the Driveclub not being inthe actual list so expect perhaps 6 indies next month.

    “Guys. I just got a very scary thought (to those who will complain about indies on Ps4 and systems). Dricveclub Ps Plus Edition has been released today, and that isn’t part of July’s games, but since it took Sony alot of money to do so and everything, we might be promised indies for sure now next month and maybe a few other months, and maybe not only that, but maybe Sony might cut back on triple A support on Ps Plus to compensate.”

    It is what I expect to see happening.

    • JoakimLindell

      Well, I love the indies so I wont complain at least.